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  1. Give it time the SEC will beat them down like the big 10 did NU Big 12 is weak
  2. Why hasn't some one picked up Brey walker he has been in the portal a long time
  3. Chuck Filaga could be a game changer for this o line I would take him over a RB
  4. Frost should take over special teams I bet the players would take it more seriously
  5. To run this offense ? Do you know something I don’t I’m pretty sure we have no idea what kind of offense we will run next year
  6. Oops I meant smothers has everyone beat with his runnining ability
  7. You mean like what happened with Martinez his true freshman year frost thinks Torres has elite arm talent and smothers barely beat out haarberg for the second spot I think it will come down to what type of offense we run with new OC Torres has everybody beat with his running ability he can run for sure but will that matter is the question
  8. I don’t know why everyone is talking about Logan he will transfer we are looking for pro style QB haarberg and torres will battle it out with who ever we bring in from the portal I think they feel real good about torres
  9. Unless you can get Sean Snyder from USC you take him
  10. The way the ball comes out of his hand is just ugly but it was for Eli Manning and he won a couple super bowls so what do I know
  11. ST coach is a waste special teams is a personal issue not a coaching issue frost finally ponied up and offered some scholarships for quality st play instead of relying on walk ons
  12. Orgeron and Ahman green would be my choice
  13. How about Tom herman he runs a power spread and can recruit Texas currently an analyst
  14. Mark Helfrich is looking to get back into coaching
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