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  1. On 1/17/2023 at 10:52 AM, BigRedBuster said:

    I could see Rhule saying, "Look, you're obviously very talented. But, I need to know you are committed to making this work.  Currently, you are not academically eligible.  So, show my you're committed to this by working hard and getting eligible.  If you do that, I'll accept you back."

    Yea this is prosthesis way but I’d probably take a harder stance. I’d probably just flat out say “you aren’t academically eligible”. If he says “I will be” then I’d say “prove it”. A coach shouldn’t be responsible for motivating a player to get academically eligible. 

    I go back to the movie “Rudy”. We need more players hungry enough to do the things to succeed here on their own. Then add in the support system. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, gobiggergoredder said:

    An arrest based upon an accusation is not cause.  An arrest that has info like a blood alcohol level or something like leaked audio or video may be cause.


    Comparing your ‘contractural employee’ experience to a six figure public university employee isn’t even apples to oranges.  It’s like apples to potatoes.  I’ve done plenty of work with employees under contract.  They are all different.  In nearly all my experiences with “contract employees” I can walk them at any point.  It’s doesn’t matter because it’s irrelevant to this discussion.


    Nebraska is a right to work state.  In general, the employer (non contract) can do whatever they want.  The problem in non contract lawsuits in inconsistencies in how firings/discipline are handled.  I have been in those discussions as the result of a lawsuit multiple times.


    Mickey may very well be guilty.  But no one is firing him as a result of the information that we currently have.  Lawyers would beat his door down.

    But isn’t he a contract employee?  You said yourself you can walk him at any point. 

  3. 12 minutes ago, lo country said:

    I can't disagree at all.  Need to be that "wow hire" that NU isn't messing around.  To get a quick(er) turn around.  Name recognition could get guys in ASAP that have been alluding NU for years.  I would assume, that Aranda would keep MJ and BB (I think D has improved under BB considering the hand he was dealt)  *Still would like Chadwell, but his build would be slower as he'd have to win to get guys "N".


     Be interesting to see who we get.  Reading the board, since Frost was fired, I think there will be some division and WTH's depending on what "tribe" you are currently with.   Frost was the universal feel good hire that few if any didn't like.  This hire, IMHO, will not be like this at all. 

    Unfortunately I think you are correct on the head coach being a split with the fans. No fault of MJs but a split really developed around his interim position. I wish Trev had put someone in there that was not going to be a candidate. 

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  4. On 11/5/2022 at 8:59 PM, mwj98 said:

    Oh, and just for the record. Frost drove this program way more into the ground than Riley did. This team quit on Frost. MJ got them to at least compete. We have no depth at all. Purdy trash. Smothers garbage. Go ahead and get those so called “experienced” coaches. Good luck. 

    Hey I was one of the biggest critics of SF but I fail to see where the players quit on him. I can’t honestly say MJ has them competing anymore than frost did. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

    What were Rick Nueheisal ESPNU comments?  Also by reading Adam Carriker post why would anybody believe that it is Chris Petersen? Is anybody giving MJ a fair shot before the season is over to still become the coach? I listened to a 247 podcast today and all three guys on the show think, MJ still has a shot to prove to the university he should be the full time head cosch.

    Don’t listen to podcasts on 247 or for that matter any other media. Keep in mind these were the same guys pumping the SF hype train the last couple of years knowing there were issues. They will pump the MJ train too because he is part of Nebraska. 

    I have said forever use your own eyes. We were not good under SF and we are not good under MJ. Yes he was handed a mess. That is a good thing for him because the low hanging fruit. They still haven’t improved effort and technique at blocking or tackling and we have had some of our sloppiest play in the form of penalties, missed assignments and turnovers in the last part of this season. 

    I sure hope Trev isn’t making decisions the way it seems our fans are. 

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  6. On 10/17/2022 at 4:58 PM, Farms said:

    The natural natural progression for a coach to move from position coach-coordinator- Head Coach and it always has been but this is a much different game then even 10-20 years ago.  Just because a guy is good at drawing up schemes and calling plays really has little to do with them being a successful HC, which is why you see so many of them fail.  Being a good head coach is more about things like organization, accountability of both players and staff, and like @sho said, managing players and managing the game. If Trev understands this, which I believe he does, I think Mickey is a serious candidate for the job.  So far it seems like Mickey can do these things and with Trev's help we could get some top notch coordinators and assistants.


    If you think they can get top notch coordinators and assistants why not get a top notch head coach?  

  7. 5 hours ago, Red Silk Smoking Jacket said:

    Ignore him. He’s claiming Campbell’s agent officially reached out to NU and told them he has no interest. Only hole in his little story is Matt Campbell doesn’t have an agent. Soooooo, yeah.


    Maybe his wife officially reached out to NU for him :D

    You will be another one b!^@hing because the media never tells you the full story. Well this is the story. He has been ruled out at Nebraska by Matt’s choice. But heck …..wait for the official announcement if you want. Just giving you heads up so you can stop speculating on him but heck do it if you want. 

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  8. 13 minutes ago, Red Silk Smoking Jacket said:


    Where are you getting this? Link?

    No link. As you should know by now…..links from the media are the least likely and slowest mode of gaining the truth. Not explaining my way so you can choose to believe or not. But it is true. He made direct contact with the university saying he wasn’t interested. 

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  9. On 9/12/2022 at 8:35 AM, The Dude said:


    I'm surprised people are still so dazzled by the allure of a "splash hire" after how the last one worked out.


    Someone like Matt Campbell or Mickey Joseph could end up being a good fit and end up running a respectable program here.

    Matt Campbell is officially out. And not in coach speak. He OFFICIALLY turned us down as a candidate. 

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  10. On 9/12/2022 at 6:58 AM, gorp512 said:

    How can people go from only someone like Urban Meyer to Mickey Joseph if he gets us to a Lawn Mower Dish Soap Bowl? 



    It’s making me sick to my stomach that fans would settle for Mickey. He has never been on any one’s radar as a coordinator yet alone P5 Head Coach. If he wasn’t here our fans wouldn’t have him in their top 100. 

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  11. 4 hours ago, runningblind said:

    MJ or Applewhite may not fit what the new coach wants.  They may have someone better they can hire.  Suggesting they must keep someone is just silly.  If it works great, but we need a fresh start. 

    Absolutely. Quite frankly I think fans are being irrational on the Mj hire. Right now he has one game and it was ugly. I’m not even sure what they think he brings in the big picture compared to experienced head coaches other than he has Nebraska ties and they like his podium statements. Been down that road too much. 

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  12. On 9/20/2022 at 10:52 PM, admo said:

    I'm sorry, but Bill o'brien sucks as head coach running a program and has not shown any loyalty.  Why would you have faith in him and give him the keys, especially to Nebraska?


    Don't be dumb or fooled.


    BOB coaching history :hmmph  (Maybe we do need to get burned again)


    1993    Brown (TE)
    1994    Brown (ILB)
    1995–1997    Georgia Tech (GA)
    1998–2000    Georgia Tech (RB)
    2001–2002    Georgia Tech (OC/QB)
    2003–2004    Maryland (RB)
    2005–2006    Duke (OC/QB)
    2007    New England Patriots (OA)
    2008    New England Patriots (WR)
    2009–2010    New England Patriots (QB)
    2011    New England Patriots (OC/QB)
    2012–2013    Penn State (HC)
    2014–2020    Houston Texans (HC)
    2021–present    Alabama (OC/QB)

    And yet when we hired whipple with a longer and less successful resume we had fans drooling over him. 

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  13. 10 hours ago, Nebhawk said:

    Recruiting a 5 star player is one thing.  Getting them to buy into what your doing is another.  We do have talent gaps in this program.  Bo could not compete against Wisky, Ohio St and Michigan.  Those games show you the talent gap.  

    Bo was 1-3 against whisky, 2-1 against Michigan and 1-1 against Ohio State. This after having freshly moved into the B1G. Hard to understand the couldn’t compete statement. 

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  14. 16 hours ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


    There is tons of room for argument in Dennis Crawford's opinion. 


    There were off-the-field reasons for firing Frank Solich, backed by significant donor support for the move. We can agree or not in hindsight, but it's silly to keep ignoring that fact. 


    Steve Pederson was a slam-dunk hire as athletic director; a Nebraska guy who earned a national reputation elsewhere, returning home to steer the Nebraska ship into modern college football. We all loved the hire at the time. There is no reason to pretend it was either stupid or Machiavellian by Perlman. 


    As I recall 2002, us fans assumed Nebraska was a preferred destination in college football, and even Solich supporters were curious which big name coach we were going to land. Bill Callahan was a big name but a desperation move, and we all knew it. Kind of a wake-up call for everybody. 


    Perlman had a toxic relationship with Bo Pelini? No kidding? We have two tape recordings of what it might be like to work with Bo Pelini, and 8 post-Nebraska seasons of Bo Pelini wearing out his welcome at other schools. Even then, prior to 2014, Eichorst gave Pelini a contract extension, bigger budget, and an extra recruiting plane, plus a PR initiative from the athletic department to warm up Bo's image. By the end of the season, Bo had still divided the fanbase. Many people didn't want him fired. Many people did. The rest demanded some kind of change. Bo's firing wasn't a reckless over-reach by Perlman or Eichorst. Neither was firing Eichorst. 


    Did Harvy Perlman resent that his reputation as the head of the most revered institution and largest employer in Nebraska would be determined by the success of the football coach? No doubt.


    Perlman is gone. Eichorst is gone. Bo is gone. Riley is gone. Moos is gone.


    We landed our dream coach and another Husker great as our AD. P5 schools turn flailing and toxic programs around all the time. Four seasons is a pretty big window for change, and the program has actually gotten worse. Blaming Harvey Perlman is the exact opposite of what we need to do moving forward. 


    Talk about tons of room for argument. 

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  15. 8 hours ago, Lorewarn said:

    If Frost gets fired, with time the animosity and frustration will cede ground to sympathy as people realize he gave it every ounce he possibly could and was more disappointed in the outcome than any of us.


    Plus, I have a suspicion that he'll go on and have a lot of success elsewhere which will hopefully show us all that the problem wasn't Frost, it was Frost at Nebraska that didn't work for whatever spooky reason.

    Giving it every ounce could come into question. I suspect some things will come out after he’s gone that are gonna stun the average fan. 

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  16. 9 hours ago, irafreak said:

    The decision to retain frost may kill the sellout streak. Honestly that's the only issue I would have if it happened. I thought frost should have been gone last year but I can't get too upset about how Alberts handled it. I mean he went middle of the road and there were probably more reasons than we know.

    Bingo. You nailed it. The Trev haters won’t like this but there is a reason this happened. I’m not gonna say my sources tell me because that sets it up for half the posters to roll their eyes at me but here is how it went down. 

    Trev wanted to fire SF last year. A couple of significant boosters and some people weighed in with their concerns. Those concerns were no different from many fans concerns. I.e.  message being sent, native son, payout and so forth. Who initiated the middle line decision I’m not sure of in the small group but they agreed to offer Scott a chance to resign and take full payment or agree to the settlement deal of the one year with a second…..or should I say fifth chance. This included the reduced buyout. 

    SF to his credit wanted the second chance. There wasn’t any additional requirements put on Trev regarding what SF has to do to get a sixth year so it is in Trevs hands this time around. What Trev decides is probably still going to be run through Ronnie Green but even the boosters….the two involved…..are on board with what Trev decides this year. They all feel the original 5 year commitment was then honored. 

    have at it attacking me. 

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  17. 2 hours ago, GSG said:


    You were crying about being called a debbie downer but then s#!tting on anyone with any positivity. Two sides of the same coin. Sorry your fee-fees got hurt 



    I guess the difference is being right or wrong. Being called a Debbie downer when you are accurately stating the present situation is a little different than needing a tissue because your feelings are hurt because someone is stating the facts you don’t like so…..tissue up sir. 

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  18. It’s really pretty simple. We weren’t that good last year. Yes we kept the scoring down as our opponents had as bad of luck in the red zone as we did. (They had more missed field goals as we did). But the truth of the matter is we were ranked 42nd in total defense last. We couldn’t get off the field last year. 

    Now add to that the loss of some super seniors and it all becomes too realistic. The fact that we focused so much on replacing most of our offensive staff when we were ranked 20th in total offense should be a little head scratcher. 

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