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  1. I get tired of the referencing posters as Debbie downers and insinuating it is harmful to the program. Feed and drink the koolaid which is borderline making crap up and you are a great fan. Be a realist and somehow the front row church worshipers call you a Debbie downer. I get it. New year anything could happen. The good fans tell us to wait and see how they perform to b!^@h. Ok…wait until they perform to pass the koolaid
  2. Just to put things in perspective. 2 points. The first being recognizing how pressure affects the quarterback. We have AM pungents complaining that he needs to handle the pressure better. Those same pungents demand we find a pass rush ends to apply pressure to the opposing quarterback. Hard to separate understanding that need for our defense but then complain about our quarterback not handling it when statistically we had the worst line in FBS for pass protection. 2nd point in regards to turnovers. Statistically CT had more interceptions per attempt than AM and more fumbles per rushing attempt than AM. Perspective can be eye awakening at times.
  3. He was under a lot of pressure for all those plays.
  4. We have already had more talent that our opponents and look what it’s gotten us. We have lacked development.
  5. Why because he left out half the facts to make his koolaid point? Calling AMs performance sub par while quoting his passing td/interception ratio and his three fumbles while not mentioning the 13 rushing tds and team leading rushing performance. AM had the 28th highest quarterback ranking with a line that was rated one of the worst in the nation and one of the worst running back games in the nation. If he had the support game to match there is a good chance he could have been top 10. If SF doesn’t get Casey Thompson some support around him he won’t look any better than he did at Texas where he was surrounded by 4 & 5 star athletes in a league where defense is optional.
  6. Yep. I didn’t see a big deal. Looked like the same as last year.
  7. You are absolutely correct. I have been disappointed with the results of this group for a long time. We haven’t had possession receivers since Morgan, bell and westy. They need to be taught to “own” the ball when it’s in the air.
  8. This is pretty good guess.
  9. Technically you could say late august is after spring but……gebbia left in the middle off fall practice after Frost announced Martinez as the starter. He didn’t have to read the writing on the wall as it was easily explained to him directly
  10. Ok well simply put they don’t need to expand beyond 4 either.
  11. Well that is a whole nother story. It could be done but it would require a shorter regular season and giving up conference championship games. Bowls could still take place by incorporating the name into first and second round games but all the player activities that take place around them would cease.
  12. And I understand you wanting regional concepts because it’s similar to pro sports. However they set the teams for each region/division and the schedules to try and equal it out. Even high school football does that by putting teams into different divisions based on enrollment. But they keep conferences separate. here’s the deal. If a P5 conference winner takes care of business in a 8-12 team scenario they WILL NOT need an automatic qualification. If they didn’t take care of business and snuck in with 3 or 4 losses they don’t need to be kicking out teams that only had 2 losses and ranked higher who did do a better job on the field. the bottom line is automatic qualifiers will do more to get the wrong teams in then it will do to get a deserving team in. Automatic qualifying exemption is a committee putting a rule in place for the future that restricts fairness. No P5 champion with 2 losses will ever be left out.
  13. The eye test is much better. 99.9% of the world knew the second best SEC team was better than conference champs Pitt and Utah State this year. For that matter……if Utah State was that good why did they lose 3 regular season games including one to perineal power Oregon State? But we want to put an administrative clause into the selection process that “automatically” puts a lower team in? I don’t understand that logic. Evidently some are dismissing the reality of how badly we are tieing the hands of the selection committee. I can’t imagine the outrage of a seventh ranked Nebraska team missing a playoff because teams like Utah State got in automatically with 3 losses.
  14. Ok two points in your statement. Let’s assume you are correct that the conference championship game winner is the best in the conference. That still doesn’t make them one of the best teams for the playoff. In the case of this year there were two P5 conference winners that wouldn’t have met the eye test for a 8 team playoff. Why would you want some rules committee tying our hands on the selection that we by pass teams that showing themselves as better teams on the field. Now as to your argument of the conference winner being the best? I agree that they won, they get the trophy and they get to claim themselves as conference champion for a full year. But the CFP was always designed to match up the best. It started with the top 2 and went to 4. Now they are talking 8 or 12. I really don’t care but take the top 8 or 12. Stop trying to add in automatic qualifiers because they do it in basketball. Which by the way is stupid. We have seen basketball teams get in that are barely over .500 while 22 win teams from a conference as tough as the B1G stay home. That was Nebraska back in 2018.
  15. You have conference championships to declare a conference champion. That should in no way qualify you for a playoff. Not with a limited field of 8 or even 12. If your conference is bad enough that the winner isn’t ranked in the top 10 you shouldn’t be in it. And if we have to give special treatment to a P5 champion over a Non P5 school what message does that send?
  16. I think there are some in favor of automatic qualifiers because they are used to seeing divisions in the NFL and think the same can be accomplished in the ncaa. It can’t with the huge discrepancies of the conferences. Others want it because it takes the human selection process out of it and it’s decided on the field instead of a committee. I can tell you that’s exactly opposite. Now you have a committee setting the field through protocols without ever seeing the quality of the teams being selected. This isn’t basketball where you can afford to put in 10-15 automatic qualifiers in and thus kicking out a half dozen or so of teams ranked in the 60s. Even in P5 we have had….and will continue to have teams participating and even winning conferences championships without being in the top 8.
  17. I read that point and it’s what I was disagreeing with. Again I read that point and it’s what I disagree with. Or read it like this. Winning a conference should have zero bearing on your tournament seeding because the conferences are not created equal. Utah was 9-3 regular season. I should have included their conference championship game that still made them 10-3 with three losses and outside the top 8. Pittsburgh was 10-2 regular season but 11-2 after conference playoff and also ranked outside the top 8. And yet this scenario puts one of these two teams automatically in the semi-finals and top 4. This is the type of crap that happens when you use “automatic qualifiers”. If you are a P5 conference champion and your record is so bad that you can’t make it to the top 8 you shouldn’t be whining about not making the playoff. What you should do is beat Oregon State, San Diego State or BYU to get ranked high enough.
  18. So the first game has 2 teams who share the best record at 12-1 and another first round game with two teams who share the worst record at 9-3 and 10-2 playing for a second round game.
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