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  1. Disclaimer: In no way am I comparing a one win Mickey Joseph with the "Great" Dabo Swinney, but if you are looking for a successful comp for Mickey I found the irony of the start of Dabo's career as a HC eerily similar to what Mickey has the potential to accomplish this season. If this has been shared already my apologies I don't get to hit up this board as often as I would like. Below taken from Wikipedia: Clemson[edit] In 2002, Tommy Bowden—Swinney's former position coach at Alabama— offered him the position of wide receivers coach at Clemson, and Swinney joined in 2003. He also took over as recruiting coordinator from popular longtime coordinator Rick Stockstill. Swinney proved to be both an excellent wide receivers coach as well as recruiting coordinator, coaching ACC-leading receivers and being named one of the nation's top 25 recruiters in 2007 by Rivals.com.[6] 2008 season[edit] See also: 2008 Clemson Tigers football team Swinney was named the interim head football coach on October 13, 2008, after head coach Tommy Bowden resigned six games into the season.[7] The Tigers had started the year ranked #9 in the preseason polls, but then went 3–3 (1–2 ACC) in their first six games.[8] At the time he was informed of his promotion, he was working with the wide receivers on their upcoming game.[9] With a reputation as a top-notch recruiter, Swinney was chosen over Clemson defensive coordinator Vic Koenning (former head coach of Wyoming), and associate head coach Brad Scott (former head coach of South Carolina).[10] Swinney's first actions as interim head coach were to fire offensive coordinator Rob Spence and introduce a new tradition, the "Tiger Walk", where all players and coaches walk through the parking lot outside Memorial Stadium about two hours before a game as they head inside for final game preparations.[11] On October 18, in his first game as interim Head Coach, the team lost to Georgia Tech 21–17.[12] On November 1, 2008, Swinney claimed his first victory as the Tigers' head coach by defeating Boston College, breaking Clemson's six-game losing streak against the Eagles. On November 29, 2008, Swinney coached Clemson to a 31–14 win over South Carolina in the annual rivalry game, after which Clemson became bowl eligible. After a vote of confidence from athletic director Terry Don Phillips, Swinney was formally named as Clemson's 27th head coach on December 1, 2008. In his first game as the full-time head coach, he lost the 2009 Gator Bowl to the Nebraska Cornhuskers 26–21. Swinney's recruiting reputation became evident when he produced five top-20 ESPN recruiting classes in a row, including top 10 classes in 2011 and 2012.[13] As a result, Clemson was one of only 10 schools to be ranked in the top 20 of recruiting five years in a row (along with LSU, Alabama, Texas, USC, Florida, Georgia, Florida State, Ohio State, and Oklahoma), and as of 2014 Swinney was one of only four active head coaches at the time to accomplish the feat (along with Nick Saban, Les Miles, and Bob Stoops).[13] Despite his recruiting reputation, Swinney was an unpopular hire among some Clemson fans. Some fans and pundits noted that he had never been more than a position coach. Others were skeptical that Clemson had opted to retain one of Bowden's assistants.[14][15]
  2. 100% accurate. This defeatist attitude shows more on the individual speaking than the situation at hand. Georgia is a great example and I would throw in Michigan last season. They went from zero to hero in a similar situation to ours. Like you mentioned it takes leadership and the right players to make things click. Every good CEO learns from their mistakes and moves on to improve their product. Look at the revamped recruiting methods we are utilizing this offseason. We are attacking the portal for direct needs and have put an emphasis on recruiting the 500 mile radius again. Mickey is in Omaha again today visiting schools where we have let players get away. No one should have anything negative to say, as this offseason has been extremely positive for progression both on the field and in football recruiting relationships.
  3. Speaking of…when will Nebraska follow suit? I am sure Ron Brown will be kept on as an analyst, but not too many other names come to mind like you see in the SEC. I think Sean Snyder would be a good add as an analyst if he doesn’t get a new gig .
  4. I think that is why Raiola was brought in to develop what we have. I think the talent is there and we added two nice pieces and would bet we add another one after spring ball. I am happy you mentioned better QB options as I feel Martinez deserves just as much of the blame as people are putting on the O-line.
  5. What's the latest on Nesta Jade Silvera? If he is coming to Lincoln, isn't today the day we will find out?
  6. 100% agree. That’s why Raiola is here. We have talented lineman who need to develop. I think the staff sees that. Sure, It would have been nice to get Shorts, but maybe they get someone after the spring portal entries.
  7. NM Lincoln Journal Star reported he is going to LSU instead.
  8. Evan Bland posted that Shorts is still coming. I thought I read he called off the visit. Any clarity? That would be gigantic if he is coming this weekend.
  9. Has anyone found the list of visitors this weekend?
  10. How is this an upgrade to Held?
  11. Yes they did. He de-committed from UCLA for them
  12. I think the thing we have going for us is that Oklahoma is very much in the mix for Dart.
  13. Awesome. Hopefully we get some traction there.
  14. Sad if that's the best they can do after all this time is land Bryan Applewhite. I hope this is not the case.
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