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  1. I was just going to say essentially this; Mizzou is a super hot team right now - also, a super with FSU would be tough. I think we can go toe-to-toe with Okie Light (though they just beat OU in the Big 12 Title Game) - and potentially Clemson in the super. It's not an easy road, but virtually no matter where we would have ended up is not going to be an easy road. There is a ton of parity in softball right now.
  2. Of course it should - and I'm not arguing against Nebraska here since we essentially agree - I think when Nebraska beat Michigan it may have been viewed as an anomaly. The Huskers have definitely proved it belongs in the rankings at the very least. Ahead of Michigan? Also yes. I hope they continue to to do well in preparation for the Big Ten Tournament.
  3. That's a lot of it. Also, Michigan's non-conference schedule included playing a lot of really tough opponents. Nebraska's? Not so much. That said, when a team wins 18 in a row, I don't care who you play - that should get one ranked. And now it has. Took long enough.
  4. She did great! Ya'll should really catch some of the games from the league. Fantastic volleyball. Check your local listings, but the majority are over the weekend on FS1 or Bally's Channel. Over the summer, the softball league will be back - and I believe former Husker Taylor Edwards is signed on to play this season.
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