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  1. TCU didn't look as aggressive as they usually do. I think they knew they knew they were outgunned and it showed in the way they played. Regardless of the Defensive front we run - we CANNOT be outsized/outmanned on the LOS. Just can't win like that; but thankfully Rhule seems to be aware of this... He even mentioned he likes quick, athletic lineman; but ultimately, we need big scary guys up front. big, scary, AND athletic is the ideal tho
  2. Considering where we were at, and the pieces he has added thus far, I want to give an A... However; Colorado was in an ever worse spot, and Deion has put together a class that is almost unbelievable with all things considered. Since Deion is the standard for an A thus far, Coach Rhule gets a solid B... However, we are only a portion into the "semester", and "final grades" can't be made out until mid/late 2023 football season, in all honesty
  3. Hearing rumors that Peyton Manning loves Omaha so much he's (potentially) willing to be QB coach at Lincoln, just to be close to his favorite city. Just a rumor
  4. Not gonna lie... I'm going to be pissed if Colorado overhauls their lines in 1 season
  5. The transfer portal makes it waaaaay, WAY easier to snatch talent... Our NIL stuff makes us an attractive spot (I've heard, but IDK, tbh)... AND, our new S&C coach is Jacked to the gills, so I expect major turn around in trench play (specifically, endurance... energy seemed to be zapped by the second half EVERY game); this should significantly improve, and significantly improve second half play. I would be disappointed with anything less than 5 wins, Expect 6 wins Realistically Hopeful for 8 win season
  6. Something to think about... Rhule has implied we need to get better/tougher in the trenches; Hires two young, energetic, but relatively inexperienced guys to coach the trenches... I got a feeling Rhule, OC, and future DC will have a big hand in coaching the lines; meanwhile, Dom & Pot Roast are groomed into the line coaches that Rhule invisions them to be. just a thought tho
  7. Considering we gots a 4-8 football team, I actually think Rhule would have a harder time NOT upgrading this team through the portal. Minimal effort from the staff (which has a history of solid recruiting, I think) should see an immediate upgrade in talent.
  8. Once an admin locks this thread... until then; can't move on
  9. Yeah, but he beat Iowa at the end, remember?
  10. orange chicken with chow mein... That's what Trev has decided on. Overheard him at Panda ... He's not Rhuling out the Beef-n-Broccoli, tho
  11. Like in a fight? Saban's a pretty small guy... I think Prime Dr. Tom TROUNCES Nick. Flying knee KO in the 1st is my prediction
  12. The Rhule rumors got me thinking it's him... Rumors haven't been this hot for anyone else. However, a week ago I was 60% sure it would be Kiffin... If he beat Alabama, it would have went down to nearly 0%; but since he lost (and will likely not win the SEC West) I felt there was a better chance that he dips.
  13. He's actually built some monster O-Lines in the NFL good (O-line ) coach not a good HEAD coach
  14. I remember when we were told our defense would 'gang tackle' and swarm to the football/ball-carrier... LOL
  15. It seems we are entering the 'acceptance' stage of our grief... The suffering is almost over
  16. Maybe Trev already spoke with a bunch of different coaches... maybe those four were the only one's showing true interest; while the other names said "I'll get back to 'ya"
  17. It's better than the coliseum (USC) or the Rose Bowl (UCLA). There is A TON of literal sitting around during T.V. breaks at these stadiums (I live in LA, and have been to both); and these stadiums typically don't draw the same crowds unless Oregon, Utah, Notre Dame (big names) are in town. UCLA is interesting because the Rose Bowl is NOWHERE NEAR the actual campus. This takes a major toll on their attendance. I wonder how they will fare in B1G, in terms of attendance. I am ecstatic about the move, as Nebraska will come to LA WAAAAY more often, now, and I hope this opens up West-Coast recruiting for Nebraska (perhaps a new thread)
  18. Is that really the only way to get Urban to Lincoln?
  19. it was a joke, really... all the names kinda are (I doubt Peterson takes an OC job, anywhere; but maybe... Orgeron may be looking for a HC position, as well... I'd highly consider both if they'd be willing to be coordinators; but again, I doubt it) Richie is known to have anger management/mental health 'questions'... however, I do want an 'aggressive' personality coaching up our lines; just not someone who might go off the rails, again. I'd def. take a risk on an inexperienced Suh as DL coach, tho... I just got a sense he'd make a solid DL coach. I like the thought better than I felt about Raiola taking over the o-line (who wasn't exactly proven, either; and the Bears oline wasn't exactly stellar during his time there)
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