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  1. Yeah understandable bc of location. We don't have Notre Dame yet or does it look like they are going to join. Imho they are dancing around actually joining.
  2. Does he have a commitment date pick?? I know Ashley Williams date is today. I know we are in his top three but hopefully we don't have to wait long for him to decide.
  3. And which Husker football players are involved. Be nice to know.
  4. That's understandable. We have wrs that just need Mj to bring out their greatness thats's all which he will. I believe at least one of his wr's make all conference. Who could it be Manning or Palmer? Thats a great debate of it self bc i could see both of them get all conference but if i had to pick one definitely Palmer. When MJ fully develops him watch out America. He will be fun to watch!!!!
  5. Exactly but what also hasn't helped was having a oline coach put players in positions that they don't belong in. Too many times i see former oline players from NU not be in the best position to develop like say Trent Hixson for example not to take anything away from him being a former walk on a guard position can't remember which one and he is as stiff as a board not being able to slide his feet or bend his knees so he doesn't get beat on the play and that's just not him throughout the years. I don't know why Nebraska coaches like playing i will experiment on a kid.
  6. Sure wish he played better for us. Maybe it was the system he was in heck i don't know. All i know is i hear former Nebraska basketball players doing well and i think sure would have been nice if he would have averaged remotely close to 19 points here. Just saying!!!
  7. Anybody think he commits today? Better option would be BC probably get more playing time. Not saying i don't wish for him to be here but high profile kids don't have the patient to sit and wait their so called turn anymore. Usually its the other way around now usually will go to a college with more opportunity to start.
  8. Honestly i feel that Trent Hixson shouldn't be on the list. Not a big fan of his play through out the years but can understand why they put him on the list. Best so called option at center. Has to play better in order for the oline to succeed in my book. The qb of the oline. Line checks, call out certain blitzes there's alot of responsibility that comes with playing a center.
  9. Yeah me either but what do i know ....... All i know is Mickey has a eye for talent and developing them into all americans. One can only hope he does that here especially want to see Trey Palmer succeed and develop into full potential.
  10. If that is true Arizona State has a lot of issues with their program rn don't know about Arizona and Colorado well they ditched the big 12 bc they thought the grass was greener in the pac 12. That isn't the case rn. Pac 12 is in the same boat as big 12. Both conferences have no weight.
  11. Why do you think Ameer Abdullah NFL career didn't turn out better? He was a second round pick. Yes i know he had fumble issues but can't say thats the only reason why things haven't went his way. I know he is still playing but nobody here would think that he was bc you barely see him or even hear his named called during a game. I know he will go down as one of our better running backs in recent history just wish his NFL career was different then what it is now.
  12. And how do they decide the punishment for whatever offense you did? You don't hear often that a player gets suspended for a whole year for doing some kind of drug. Usually you hear about if from the coach saying here's the punishment that i feel is justified for whatever the situation is. Not to often do you hear the NCAA get involved.
  13. Do all college football player's have to take drug test or do they just do random ones?
  14. I woukd hope we take him but we are stacked. Not saying he couldn't come in and play right away but be prepared to sit and learn bc I don't think that Nebraska is looking for immediate help next season. If he isn't ok sitting and wants to play right away good luck to him at BC or whatever college he decides to choose.
  15. Auto correct sorry Nebraska football could and should have its own reality show. You never would be bored bc you always would have something to talk about. Just saying, i know im not the only one that thinks that.
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