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  1. Don’t let the sellout streak end!! Are you nuts?
  2. Gs had 429 total yards that is more than a little ouch
  3. I refuse to think Nebraska sucks there hate me
  4. I might just hang around till we play again in four years
  5. UND did their part in beating the university of northern Iowa hoping Nebraska wins by 35 go big red
  6. Maybe UND is a little better than given credit for. Still fcs but not too bad. We had a blast In Section 21. You might have even heard us. The dang 3 and 15 - your receiver made a great play. - must have strong hands. Anyway - Nebraska has players . You may surprise yourself. Thanks for all the great memories and being so welcoming. Memorial stadium is awesome. See you again in four years
  7. Looking forward to a play by play of the 3 rd and fifteen Nebraska had and converted I believe in the third quarter of the North Dakota game. Swung the momentum of the game when it was somewhat still in question. thanks and good job with this!
  8. I had my first real runza at the game and loved it. I was in Section 21 and had a blast. I don’t know if anyone else could hear us but my ears were ringing. Husker fans can also make noise when they want to - probably the loudest I have experienced outdoors. You guys have a great thing going on. Tailgating was awesome. Until four years from now when we return - stay cool and of course beat OU!
  9. Thanks Nebraska fun time good luck the rest of the year special place and atmosphere
  10. It’s here hoping for no injuries today for either team lots of welcoming so far - thanks now let’s find some runzas
  11. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/college/fifty-years-ago-a-grand-forks-red-river-graduate-was-a-key-figure-during-nebraska-footballs-dominant-reign
  12. So you think I can sneak in to memorial stadium tomorrow and look around?
  13. featuring Nebraska natives
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