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  1. Yeah no. Not going anywhere. Not with this.
  2. Kids these days..."no adversity please! I like my character soft"
  3. I think we get two wins, perhaps we eek out a third. just reality. not reflective of long term aspirations.
  4. Long term goals aside - next season is going to be goat ugly. could very well be a 0-3 win season. sucks but it's just reality after yesterday's events. We're all going to have to hang on a couple years before we can get hyped again. Hyped about becoming bowl eligible, that is.
  5. For some reason, Mickey's wife always seemed a bit odd to me...weird vibes. But this is a serious matter and noone deserves to be a victim if this is the case. Everyone must do their job in this case, the truth will be revealed, and those accountable will need to carry the consequences but also put in personal work. This whole situation has me thinking, are we sure Scott isn't drunk and lying in a ditch somwhere? I think someone should go check on him and make sure he is ok.
  6. I mean...is the news of Mickey supposed to have raised the mood of all fans? I feel like I'm not really the Debbie Downer in this scenario. I'm not sure how I can lower the mood of anyone beyond what this news has already done.
  7. Sounds like we're continuing to go down. We must have really never deserved those championships in the 90s
  8. hmmm...well dang - sounds like we're cursed for eternity.
  9. It feels like a hammer blow simply because we have been a dumpster fire since Riley. So that is the explanation. I like that others in here are trying to show another way to look at it. I like their confidence and hope things will be good.
  10. i'll admit, since our program has been a joke for about 9 years now I'm analyzing this through snake-bitten skin. It's hard for me to imagine us getting anything right these days. The Wisconsin news just has me feeling "oh no we've bottled it" yet again. Would like to be wrong. We will find out in time.
  11. yeah, we'll see for sure. Hell, we may get our first "did we make a mistake?" moment just two games in against Deion.
  12. I think Rhule is an easier target. The first mishap and we'll be clowned yet again by the national takes. Fickell just appears to be dialed in, razor focused, clean cut, and likeable.
  13. With Wisconsin dropping the hammer on us today, gotta say Trev and Nebraska were outclassed yet again. You can't feel good about our hire now with the Fickell revelation.
  14. welp...we're screwed. Trev outdone. Hard to believe, but it's just who we are at this point
  15. Yeah i understand that. I think the inability to be effective when it matters was frustrating. Palmer is really the exception compared to the Frost era, although i still think he's not ready for next level.
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