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  1. Yeah i understand that. I think the inability to be effective when it matters was frustrating. Palmer is really the exception compared to the Frost era, although i still think he's not ready for next level.
  2. Never had my face punched. Nice try. if you have beef with me, message me. I sure as hell don't go after posters on here.
  3. Thanks Mickey for going 3-6 and making it easy to realize we need an overhaul
  4. I'm in the minority, but I just don't see where MJ is really needed. I could see us being succesful without him. I don't see it as mandatory like alot of fans do. Nebraska's receivers were bascially the same they were as under Frost. MJ's boy just declared for the draft. I'll be shocked if he is even drafted. If I was an NFL team, i'd ask him in his intervew why his productivity disappeared when his team needed him most during the season.
  5. Was hoping for Luke Fickell, but I guess this is ok. My only worry is he has a very puncheable face. Just wondering if that'll bring us good luck or bad luck.
  6. The football program is the one embarrasing anybody week in and week out. That's not on me. I can call them whatever I want at this point
  7. I'm going to start attacking the program I love at this point. They disgust me at how much they love being embarrassed.
  8. We can put Mickey to bed. No wonder he joined Frost's staff. One loser recruits another to coach with him.
  9. Someone just put this loser football program out of its misery. Hard to support these losers. They love losing. Calling them clowns would be of the highest compliment. They're losers and they deserve to be called as such
  10. Honestly, I've stopped caring. For the first time in my fandom, I just simply don't care. This program feels dead. Trev's gonna botch it anyway
  11. I can't fathom any scenario where Mickey is the best coach to hire. I'm done giving coaches "time." We've all seen good coaches turn garbage into functional football every season. It's time Nebraska as a program realizes this. I gurantee Urban could have started this season with this group of clowns, and would have figured out how to win at least 6 games. I'm just done pretending a quick turnarfound doesn't apply to Nebraska. Good coaches win games in bulk no matter what. They just do. They always do.
  12. I didn't learn anything about the team. I doubt the coaches. I doubt the players. I doubt the admin. I doubt Trev. They all suck. I don't want to hear anymore about Mickey. He's a fraud just like the rest of them. So called elite recruiter. Well it appears to me he's recruited garbage, which is about all this dead and shameful program deserves. Anyone who takes two weeks to prepare and results in that effort. Nah...you're a terrible coach just like the last jacka$$ The hilarious thing is I didn't watch a single snap. I can look just the sacoreline...no box score...and tell exactly how things went. Bad coaches coaching bad players led by bad leaders.
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