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  1. I think Michigan is overrated also, but they’re better than OU. It’s a wild card outside the top 3.
  2. Amongst other things as well. Incompetence at its finest. And all that talk?? He looks silly nationally. I hope all that cash was worth what once was, a solid reputation, because that’s blown up. It wouldn’t be to me.
  3. Scott Frost was just, well, lazy. He thought it would be easy. He is the one who has to look in the mirror everyday. The mirror will be looking back. Promise you. No amount of money will make that stop. I’m sure many of the things we have heard are true. Nebraska was in incompetent hands. It shows. Dude should be utterly embarrassed.
  4. But hey, if he was someone they wanted, throw a bunch of money at him and make him say no? Never hurts to ask. He’s definitely a good coach. He isn’t, a great recruiter though, which is probably why OSU is mostly in that second tier of teams. They haven’t even recruited as well as Nebraska has. Not very close either.
  5. No chance. Gundy isn’t leaving OSU. He now has an AD and adm he likes. He will be a lifer there.
  6. Not very smart ones, that’s for sure!
  7. Yeah, I agree. Obviously, it’s clear, Nebraska still has a culture issue. They don’t have one, except of losing games.
  8. I don’t know what’s been said in this thread. IMO, KSU has had the reigns on their offense to unveil in this game. They thought, I’m sure, that they’d have enough vanilla offense against Tulane to win the game. It backfired. Tonight, they fired all their weapons. To me, having watched them several times already, they have only themselves to blame for their lone loss.
  9. IMO, he was a desperate hire, not even a fit for what Scott was doing. Mixing a spread offense with the WCO is laughable. I was pretty disappointed with the hire. I felt like it was throwing darts and hoping you hit something good. Nothing personal towards Whipple, just not really a good fit at all.
  10. That’s it. I remember it well. I just guessed 100, but figured it was more than that. I met this gal there once, it was a fun day to say the least. A Cornhusker win and a lucky day indeed. Alcohol always makes things a bit more chillax. Lol
  11. I used to go watch those game several years back with the Oklahoma Cornhusker club. It was at a hotel. Usually about 100 people or so. I haven’t been since Pelini. Used to be a fun time. Usually drank a bit more that I usually would, but always had fun.
  12. I saw a poll on Twitter today. 87% of Alabama fans are begging Nebraska, or some else to hire him. This dude has a boring style of football. He’s also very rich. Not sure what his motivation would be. I’d take almost anyone else. His upside is 8-4 at best. No thanks. I can’t stand the guy.
  13. I have similar thoughts. His NFL flameout, could have damaged his reputation with young people. I’m not sure he’d be able to recruit like he has previously. While I’m down with giving him a shot, if so, I’d make the contract heavily incentive laden. I’m not sure he wouldn’t be here just to collect 50 mm over 5 years. Flame out after two, get fired, and walk away loaded. I’m just not sure it would be the same Urban Meyer NU would be getting.
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