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  1. Damn….does anything make you people happy?
  2. Gotta be Kiffin after he just pulled a Lincoln Riley and stated he was not going to Auburn. That means for sure he is leaving Ole Miss.
  3. Why don’t we just go to the Nick Saben school of god awful great coaches. Heck, even his water boy would do better then Frost
  4. Or maybe it’s because all the quality coaches are like “hell no, I ain’t touching that train wreck”
  5. Lotta wasted money just to reduce capacity. If that’s the goal repaint the numbers on the benches so I can put both a$$ cheeks in the seat for a change
  6. I learned that Okies have much better fan gear then the big N
  7. Bo knows football! Remember that? Yea that’s when the excitement left! I knew deep down that Frost was not our savior and he proved me right for 4 years and 3 games! Next!
  8. I stopped having expectations years ago. My hope for the near future is to be able to tell people I’m a Husker and once again be proud of it
  9. The real question we should ask is who would want to take on this dumpster fire.
  10. If Frost had been fired last year we could have had Chris Klieman! Might as well go for Saben
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