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  1. that’s always been a topic of debate at OU games, and the school has tried to get people to stop doing it but to no avail. The KC chiefs do that also, I’ve never been a fan of it personally.
  2. From an OU fan that was at the game. Thoroughly enjoyed the first trip back to Lincoln in years, really wished it could have been a little better game, but OU fans know what bad football feels like from the dark years of the 90s. Most of us have a lot of respect for Nebraska, always enjoy winning in this rivalry, but hate seeing them so far down. Nebraska will get it figured out, the facilities and fanbase are top notch, no reason Nebraska can’t be a competitor in the big 10. Hope you guys win out
  3. OU fan here, this is going to get ugly I think, but we all wish you guys the best. Most of us would like to see Nebraska get back to national relevance.
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