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  1. I didn't say the search could or would go into January, I said the announcement could go into January. And yes I gave valid reasons. You've already shown me you just keep changing the argument to try to fit your agenda. Now you've shown me you can't even read.
  2. Hahaha so you've moved the goalpost from... 1) Steve Pederson isn't running the search so it won't be into January to 2) There are only 4 coaches coaching in January and we're not getting one of those to 3) NFL guys? And I don't know how college football coaching changes work?
  3. Correct. And IIRC when we hired Pelini, we made the announcement after the regular season, but he stayed on with LSU through the CFP games. So, it could go down a number of ways.
  4. Good call. So, apparently there are no NCAA rules against it. Then I'm guessing it's because most programs feel they owe it to their current team and staff to let them finish their regular season without that distraction? I think we'd owe it to our guys to let them do that. That and the fact that most coaches are currently already coaching somewhere else (Helton wasn't) make it a really rare occurrence.
  5. That plus any assistant from a CFP team plus any head coach or assistant playing in one of a handful of January bowls. Most of those would probably be okay with announcing before they're done playing, but some would insist on keeping it quiet until they finish their season. Either way, it's a pretty big pool and shouldn't just be dismissed out of hand.
  6. He was announced 2 days after the regular season. Then, you're right, the existing staff was left in place through the bowl game while Urban was allowed to get to work, but it was after the regular season.
  7. I don't know all the rules, but I don't think you can announce before the end of the regular season. Just going by how OSU did it with Urban and USC did it with Riley. I can't think of a time it's ever been done but I could be wrong. I think you can probably remove the interim tag from Mickey sooner, but I don't even know about that. If we're doing that, it would be in our best interest to do it as soon as possible.
  8. You do know there are more than just 4 coaches still coaching in January, right?
  9. So, you're taking every coach off the board who may still be coaching in January? Seems smart. Thankfully for us, Trev already said he's not letting timeline dictate this big of a decision. You don't pass on an A coach and settle for a B coach just because you can get him a month earlier.
  10. Just looking at the timeline when Urban went to OSU, there must be some rules against this (he was announced after the regular season despite it having been a done deal for some time). Plus I think we owe it to Mickey and this team to let them have the rest of the regular season.
  11. I don't think there's any way an official announcement comes before the end of the regular season, unless it's Mickey. Outside of that, it depends who the coach is. If it's someone who doesn't have any meaningful games left (conf championships and/or playoffs or not coaching), it'll be 11/26 or 11/27. If it's a head coach who still has meaningful games left, it'll be after said meaningful game(s). Could go into January.
  12. Yeah, I've always thought this way as well. Admittedly, probably somewhat wishful thinking on my part, but changing the narrative to make your next pitch about helping a culture seems like a really easy one to me. In addition to what you mentioned regarding his overall mission, the pitch to get ABC player out of XYZ southern project town to a safe midwest values town like Lincoln is a pretty easy opportunity to sell too.
  13. I think he'll be coaching at a P5 next year for sure. And the P5 that are available so far aren't good enough for him to consider. Realistically, he's probably not coming to Nebraska. But I can say that about a lot of top candidates (Urban, Petersen, Rhule to name a few). That said, I think he is much more qualified and checks a lot more boxes than a lot of people want to give him credit for.
  14. No, we don't agree. By your logic, every positive about a coach is ultimately irrelevant if they don't win. So I guess we should shut this thread down then? That's not true at all. There have been tons of posts by me and several other posters about cultural fit, leader of young men, person of great character, win percentage, work ethic, etc. In fact, very few have been about Deion's celebrity and most of those are people saying things like anyone who likes Deion just likes him because of his celebrity. Sorry, but you're just seeing what you want to see here. Again, if you don't see the value in marketing, promotions, publicity, etc. in today's game, I don't know what to tell you. If everyone in the Nebraska AD thinks that way, no wonder we've sucked for so long. Is it the main ingredient to being successful? No. Does it have value? Hell yes. Your mental gymnastics to try to discredit Deion as a solid candidate are pretty amazing. Most of the football "experts" in American seem to disagree with you.
  15. Well, obviously they're not even close. I think he was just saying they'll probably recruit at similar levels, but Deion doesn't have the morals and ethics question marks that Urban has. Nice avatar by the way. Whenever I see that, it always reminds me of this (NSFW)...
  16. What a flimsy argument. You can literally say that about every positive for any coach...it's only valuable if you're winning. That's literally the point I'm making. He's getting that added publicity because he's Dion. If you think Deion's level of national brand lift and exposure through his name recognition and connections is in line with someone's Excel skills in terms of value to a program, I don't know what to tell you.
  17. More so than Larry the Cable Guy? Yes. I know that was a joke, but I do think kids love that kind of stuff. I don't really consider celebrity connections as that much of a tangible checkmark in the pros column for Deion. But I guess it can't hurt with recruiting. What I do consider a legitimate checkmark is Deion's invaluable connections with the media. The kind of national publicity he brings is priceless. Nick Saban was/is the king of that kind of stuff. Especially early in his career, it was mind blowing how many media appearances Saban was making. He understood the value it brings to a program. Four major national media appearances over the last two weeks at a place like Jackson State is really remarkable.
  18. Kellen Moore turned down (backed out of) becoming Boise States head coach (his alma mater) last year to stay on with the Cowboys. I'm guessing he wants to stay in the NFL.
  19. You do realize that you can plug just about every coaching candidate's name into where you have Mickey right? Minus the ex-husker part which means squat for actual success. And there are a ton of candidates that check all those boxes but actually have some successful experience as a head coach.
  20. Spot on. All this talk about Mickey is the guy and he should keep several members of the staff and try not to lose any players. It's like some of our fans have some sort of weird stockholm syndrome or something.
  21. No offense, but you might want to find a new dealer.
  22. Hahaha I was actually referring more to the crazy media tour he's got going there over the last couple weeks... 60 Minutes interview with Deion Good Morning America interview with Deion, Shedeur Sanders, and Travis Hunter FOX Big Noon Kickoff interview with Shedeur Sanders ESPN College Gameday announcement Having celebrities in attendance for homecoming was just a bonus. Deion has that train rolling full steam ahead right now. And yes, most of today's student athletes prefer Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, and Yella Beezy to Larry the Cable Guy LOL
  23. Yeah, to say he’s using his contacts to bring publicity to that program is an understatement. He’s had more positive national exposure in the last 2 weeks at JSU than Nebraska has had in a decade. Wouldn’t that be nice?
  24. For who? That’s a nice raise for a lot of the guys I’ve seen mentioned. Under market for some others. All depends on who we’re talking about and what they’ve accomplished. Can’t really look at these things in a vacuum here. Can’t say we need to pay $10M and then go pay a Leipold or Mickey that.
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