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  1. More and more I have to wonder if we even can rebuild. Does anyone rebuild 22 years of stink?
  2. How did we find a way to lose? We got their best defender kicked out of the game, then managed to get him ejected from the field and their defense got even better??? Only Nebraska can manage that.
  3. Wisconsin should go Longest Yard with Mertz and let him handle QB and Head Coach duties...he's that good!
  4. Trophy game and pride on the line. mostly pride. let's do this
  5. which is why I said dress like their home unis. That was very much intended. Mertz can't tell the difference between Iowa shirts and Wisky shirts...he will have no chance in Lincoln.
  6. maybe, but was he a freshman when Wisky was still an adidas school? uniform similarity might really mess him up! I would focus on that. Dress Big Red as close to UWs home unis as possible. we can do that. he won't figure out who to throw it to.
  7. Petras is bad at QB. former 5* Mertz managed to look far worse. Put some free Runza in the visitor locker room before the game and key on the tailback. DO that and it won't matter who plays QB for us. We win easily.
  8. Watched a little of the Wisconsin-Iowa game. We will beat Wisconsin if we key on their running back #0. Stop him and force their QB to throw...he cannot. Iowa is not good and destroyed them today.
  9. whip still trying to call plays from the locker room...there's a delay so he's a few plays behind and yet nothing has changed
  10. MJ ought to dedicate the 2d half to ALante's nutz...a win one for the gipper-esque speech.
  11. Purdue giving Illinois all they have, trying to jam up the top of the West and become bowl eligible at the same time
  12. No starter named on Thursday. MJ being coy to throw UM off the scent to give us the advantage we need to beat a top-5 opponent for first time in 21 years. I like it.
  13. the snow will help us, we cover easily and might pull off the biggest upset in over a decade, i just hope there aren't any Spartans hiding in MI Stadium waiting to bash us with their helmets
  14. seems like you made my point. Nebraska has no status as a top brand now.
  15. they are losses unless one or more of our opponents forfeit. this team is lost.
  16. maybe we can beat them in Volleyball today! GBR
  17. in my humble opinion, our success was due to the confluence of many things. mostly, we had a vision and implemented it and did things that nobody else did, right place, right time. facilities, strength and conditioning, coached to our strengths...strength, nutrition and an emphasis on a massive walk-on effort. we were doing that before anyone else and won a bunch of titles because we "won the race" we were first. recruiting changes, scholarship limitations and the "arms race" for facilities all caught up to us and so did other programs. We didn't keep up. Now we have to play catch-up in the new era. it's evolving and we are devolving. that's what I think anyway
  18. Umm. Nike can't fix this dumpster fire. all the flashy uniforms and uni combos in the world (see, eg. Oregon) won't make a difference. Not the problem.
  19. I learned we are a heckuva lot farther away from being relevant, or even merely competitive than we ever thought we were. a coach isn't going to fix this easily.
  20. Put Smothers and Purdy in the backfield together. Let 'em fight for the snap
  21. PJ seems to be struggling with control. interesting
  22. where was the ball when his back touched?
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