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  1. Best post I've ever read on here. Keep crushing it man!
  2. Riley will leave town before he has to coach in the B1G that guys a pu&&y
  3. Because Johnson is really a safety who wants to be a CB. It was the same thing with McCaffery wanting to play QB when he's a WR
  4. GA eon 15 last year if we can sign half the team that's atleast 7 wins next year baby!
  5. No and we should be iffy about Arik sounds like he's got some issues off the football field
  6. Sure but alot of recruiting is about relationships
  7. Yup but maybe Monken gets a HC job not sure if that would even be enough for him to switch but you never know
  8. Probably some leveraging that's done behind the scenes with NIL
  9. UGA prioritized recruiting him over Will Anderson. Has had shoulder and knee injuries IIRC
  10. Mahomes week 1 5 TDs 0 INT PFF gave him a 71.5 grade. Thats 1 of many examples of PFF being utter garbage. They use some guess work while grading Oline play.
  11. So your whole argument is PFF knows what they are talking about and to back it up you post some fluff piece.
  12. At the end of the day we're just going to have to win games. Will we get guys like Riaola? I don't know but if this program had a winning record in some of the last 6 years you probably land kids like Mazzccua.
  13. Wait til nephew goes to Georgia
  14. Nebraska will look like paradise compared to that dump. He's N boys!
  15. If I recall his dad and Prime are friends
  16. I'm fine with it the defense wasn't good last year we need a reset anyway
  17. I wish him well. This is probably the best outcome for all involved as a leader from the old regime it will be nice to move on with new voices.
  18. I hope I'm wrong but Nelson said he was looking at all options and hasn't said anything else since. We've signed alot of ends kinda seems like we would have heard something by now if he was coming back.
  19. Should be a bowl team if this o-line is even average
  20. The only thing more embarrassing than Colorados rented cars for croots to take pics with is these adults who give this kid s#!t.
  21. I like Casey thought he was a good QB. Arm was meh I know he had the elbow injury before coming here and now the shoulder. Thats my only reservation about him thankfully we have Sims behind him.
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