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  1. Coaching has been an absolute disaster
  2. No we've never been 1-12 and Nebraska is favored. Please shut up
  3. Christ its like arguing with a girlfriend just let it go you obvious dont understand how bad Colorado was last year
  4. No chance on this one hes going to be Oregon bound. Thats ok we are in on a few really good OL
  5. Because Colorado has lost over 50 players. Man this isnt hard.
  6. Probably a WR right? Kids ability to track the ball is great in the videos I watched
  7. Yeah its on us not because the program hasnt been total s#!t the last 6 seasons or anything
  8. They are a 1 win team laat year that lost over 50 players. Its going to take time to get that team going. If you look at their roster its not very good at all
  9. Its wild that MSU's Sr day will be freakin Nov 4th
  10. I agree with you about starting vs Minnesota. @Colorado will basically be a home game and great to start the year off with a road W. If they can start off 3-1 that will be huge for the players confidence something that always seemed to lack under Frost.
  11. Fiddone & Nelson on the field at rhw same time with Bonner would be ALOT of fun to watch
  12. He isn't very good hopefully they keep looking
  13. Wow I don't think I've ever read a more dumb post on here and that's saying something.
  14. Would be kinda funny if he chooses Georgia too
  15. I don't know how you could say this. UGA vs Nebraska seems like a no brainer the fact it's gone on this long says Nebraska still has a chance it's actually amazing we've been in consideration for this long.
  16. Man if we could land 1 or 2 guys on lines from that list...
  17. Hopefully Rhule continues to develop guys like he did at Temple & Baylor because this class so far has been underwhelming and that Spring Game looked alot like the last 6 years. This board is about to find out Nebraska is a very hard place to win at.
  18. If this is why he left then see ya kid. This type of effort seemed to be an issue during Frost's tenure the first few years and all we heard was it was the last coaches fault.
  19. I was responding to this coming down to NIL.
  20. Yeah I saw nothing in that spring game that indicates your wrong. With that said I felt a hell of alot better with either Sims or Thompson as the back up compared to Purdy.
  21. Weird I kept hearing how great our NIL was.
  22. Sims looked great but he does run a bit chances of him getting injured aren't low. Boy we are walking a thin line of anywhere from 2-6 wins this year
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