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  1. Wouldn't expect any less. I always hope for no injuries both ways. Good luck the rest of the way except for next Sat.
  2. Absolute shock. Many were thinking 7 wins.any are still waiting for the other shoe to drop but the boys are passing test after test. Every game someone was saying yeah but wait until and when that until came we seemed to do better than the last wait until.
  3. I think we feel pretty confident about the game based off the past few. Based off your Purdue game, most feel we should be able to do what we want on offense. We are getting our 2nd best RB, McCray, back and he is our thunder to Chase's lightning. DeVito looked like the real deal against Minnesota, who I feel like were selling out to stop Chase and DeVito made them pay. Our biggest concern is redzone offense. Coming away with 3 too often. Many believe getting McCray back will help there. Play calling seems odd down there too. Have done a good job of ball protection other than Indiana when we had 4 TOs. That Minnesota game didn't seem that close while watching it. Felt like we dominated the game start to finish. They had one offensive drive that defeated our defense, the other TD came off a long KO return to the 1. Your QB will need to get the ball out of his hands QUICK if our past games are any indication. I feel like the Indiana game woke up our defense. They struggled some in the 1st half, dominated the 2nd half, gave up a 75 yard drive to lose the game when we backed off of our pressure coverage, we haven't backed off since, it feels like. I think it showed them they can dominate a game and pissed them off. Sorry for the long post. Came just to see how others view us and I enjoy reading others message boards. If you are the same I would suggest Illinoisloyalty.com
  4. He is ranked 16th in the country according to: https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/individual/38 He also was selected as a Sporting News Mid-Season All-American.
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