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  1. My 2 cents, as the esteemed Rawhide pontificates.... What isn't really being discussed here is "question" of why this country has such a high murder rate with guns {compared to most EVERY other country} Canadian citizens own a lot of guns, you don't hear of this happening there much do you? {Or could it be that communist plot of socialized medicine has something to do with that?} There is something obviously wrong with our collective brain pan on this...... And why does the "average Joe" need an AR-15 or AK-47? Not just criminals buy these, I've seen it at gun shows. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in "The Departed" Owning & using weapons like these don't add inches to your d*ck. Again this could be a symptom of the problems we have on this subject that I stated from above. Is it possible that the tragedy at Sandy Hook could have been prevented IF these weapons were properly secured away? Were they just left out in plain sight?
  2. Careful what you wish for..........
  3. I've been thinking about starting up the Whig party again. We won't have any agenda or party planks. But we'll drink lots of beer. Any joiners?? Throw in bourbon, vodka, rum, whiskey, rye and I'll sign up.......
  4. Penn State hands down..... Ever since I've lived in Pennsylvania, I've heard & read the arrogance of this supposed college football power. Never minding the instances where PSUcks and Nebraska have crossed paths, {Like the '81 robbery & the debate in '94 & the mistreatment of fans in '03} PSUcks fans have a persecution complex, any play that goes against them {Like the "fumble" in the end zone} is a crime to humanity on par with the holocaust. Though bring up the time Paterno had a players relative officiating a game while he was playing in it has a conflict of interest and you'd get a look from them like "How dare you disrespect our god"! Which brings me to another point; PSUcks fans {and the national media for that matter} worship of Paterno. Coach Paterno built his legacy on the Temples, Cincinnatis, Marylands and MAC conference teams. His record against top 25 teams is mediocre & his record against top ten teams is atrocious. But Paterno did it the right way, never a sniff wrong doing from the NCAA, well now we know better. I've talked to a lot of other Big Ten fans, of course OSU fans are gonna say the hate Michigan the most, who do they hate a close second? You guessed it, Penn State. Other schools fans rate PSUcks in their top two or three in disgust, for good reason.
  5. A few cars? Here would be my list..... 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish 2013 Jaguar XK-R 2006 Ford GT 2013 Cadillac CTS-V 2013 Porsche GT 2 2013 McLaren MP4 12c 2013 Lamborghini Aventador 2013 BMW M6 And finally a Ford F-150 Raptor SVT
  6. Uh no.... After watching the Eagles play last night I can say their defense is far from "legitimate'........
  7. Played high school ball, played at Ellsworth Community College where we face Nebraska's JV squad one year {and got creamed} and played some semi pro football {Chambersburg Cardinals}.
  8. Don't.... I live right in the middle of ground zero Penn State country, and the vast majority of these "fans" believe they and their university are being persecuted. Reading the statements from those in the local papers & the internet, as well as the Paterno family press releases, I'd be ashamed. These clowns are the same fools who would strut around with their noses in the air & commenting on how Penn State is superior to the Miami's, Oklahomas, & Nebraskas of college football because our program is so clean and our coach sits at the right hand of God. I have no sympathy for Penn State & their fans....
  9. Meh, I did alright in my first one. But I guess good thing we didn't have kids too......
  10. Okay just stop right there. Like it was previously posted the classics SHOULD be left alone, and this all time great should never be messed with. Slim Pickens was a god in this movie, and I think we can all agree that this was Brook's best work ever. Blazing Saddles is one of my top three movies of all time & I'd hate to see it remade in what would be garbage.
  11. I think the difference here is Manning isn't orchestrating his over exposure, this is all on the sports media. I'm more pissed that NBC decided to switch to a nothing golf tournament instead of keeping the glorious Flyers defeat of Pittsburgh in overtime...
  12. Eat my shorts, dirtbag. Forth rate trash talking, please leave it to professionals. Like us Philly fans.
  13. Again I just wanna say how courteous and gracious Penn State alumni and fans were to us and other Husker fans attending the game.
  14. Let me make sure I got this right. OWS: Endorsed by the KKK, Iran, Neo-Nazis. Paricipitants are guilty of assault, rape (special bonus: women and men), illegal drug use and dealing, violence, rioting, and open anti-Semitism. They try to coerce women into not reporting sexual assaults to the police. They want to destroy capitalism, favor socialism, and they also like to destroy property and defecate on those things they do not like. Tea Party: Want lower taxes and smaller Government. And you "despise" the politics of the Tea Party. Talk about over simplification..... I can find plenty of undesirable groups who support tea party policies. Please, find them for us. And don't simplify whatever you do. http://www.democracy...es_tea_party_to There's also a website www.stormfront.org that's just full of real American, real christian folks who got a serious hard on for the tea party. But like I said before, present facts to certain people and it just doesn't matter.... You said you could find "plenty of undesirable groups who support tea party policies" and you post a video with no sound? I clearly asked you to not simplify, and you did that very thing...in mime. Try again. You didn't "present facts to certain people." You posted a video with no sound. Give us those names and plenty of them. Okay?. I guess the last sentence in my previous post proved correct here, but thanks for playing Yossarian. You stated before about being libertarian but it's obvious you have some rather right wing totalitarian philosophy in your thinking.
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