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  1. That was a solid drive. So far we look a lot better than the end of last season. Or maybe I don't remember last season anymore.
  2. Maybe frost had to punt because that was the next scripted play
  3. I never understand scripting more than the first play. Why not just have a handful that you work on so in case the 1st snap has disaster and you lose yards, you're not running a terrible play for 2nd and long.
  4. So after a great opening drive on the ground we throw 3 times....do we script our plays?
  5. They should boo that crap. Fans pay to watch football, not be preached at. People are fed up with the phony outrage over phony injustice. This country is so incredible and so many are being manipulated by our politicians. That said. Play some football BIG 10...ya fat babies.
  6. This, I agree with. I'm fine with slowing to build therapies for those that do have complications. I just think the mask creates problems too...like breathing in bacterial growth because people don't wash them or use disposables. We also don't have unlimited time to stay shut down. We have to live life and keep our country afloat. As far as the heard immunity, I think the time is now. We have enough therapies is we could keep big pharma away from hydroxychloriquine...
  7. Apples to oranges. The population in ww2 for example, was much lower than what it is now. More people, more deaths. So 131 million and 100k deaths is 7.5%. But we have to consider the fact that only 12 million were actually in the military fighting is now 0.8%...so less than a percent. Now covid. Us population 328 million. 165k deaths. 0.05%....not even a 10th of a percent. So when we get to 2.6 million deaths...then we're at 0.8% equivalent to ww2. Again...this is not going to magically disappear. I'm simply making the argument that the responsible thing to do for
  8. I'm not arguing the spread...I'm arguing this silly notion that we can make it disappear by wearing masks long enough to develop a vaccine...we have a built in cure. And studies have demonstrated time after time that the natural exposure to illness creates a stronger and longer lasting defense against a disease than an artificially created response (hence the need for booster shots). So I would say that is the science we should be focused on.
  9. or you could thank him for leading the herd immunity charge to protect the immunocompromised. Seriously people...we never shut the county down to eradicate the disease. It was to flatten the curve to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed because that was the worst case scenario. Now we see the complications and death toll extremely low. Back to normal life. Or we can ruin our financial futures and not build up our natural immunity and keep chasing an evolving virus with a vaccine...but ho ahead. Wear your masks that have holes too big to stop this tiny virus.
  10. Unless the team came out the other side with no major health issues (which is quite likely based on the even inflated numbers).
  11. I'm thinking win either way. The mass outbreak would create mass antibody response and we'd be ready to play when other schools are all getting their turn.
  12. irafreak

    NFL 2019

    You just knew this was another kapernic publicity stunt. Guy loves being the victim. He has no interest in playing football or he would have been playing in another league. I think the NFL has done more than enough to appease this cry baby. ...and it's really hard to defend the nfl on anything these days.
  13. Yeah we couldn't beat Purdue. Maryland is probably a loss but it's all good. Finish out the season with losses to better our draft position.
  14. I just can't get over the cutback. The constant overpursuit by the defense and not staying disciplined...I mean I get that chinander wants an attacking defense but that doesn't mean a mindless one. Felt like watching 01 Colorado...
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