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  1. Why do all these news outlets keep calling it the philly special? Everyone knows it's Black 41 Flash Reverse. Dumbheads....
  2. irafreak

    2018 Bowl Season

    The only thing worse than a putrid offensively challenged bowl game like last night's TCU cal game is a putrid defensively inept one. Why did that Baylor safety stand there and watch the ball carrier run by him? He acted like he had help to direct the guy back to him. Ugh...
  3. Well it was also a rematch that year. That tends to take some of the excitement off.
  4. irafreak

    Turner Gill

    Could it be that non heathens need guidance and positive influences too? What an odd comment.
  5. irafreak

    B1G Looking to Change CCG Criteria?

    The bottom line is what I've said from the beginning. Playoffs wouldn't make the system fair, just different. You can't fix sports to make it perfect. Too many variables changing constantly.
  6. irafreak

    All Big 10 Awards

  7. irafreak

    Brohm staying put...

    Wow. I clicked on a thread about Brohm possibly leaving, read a few posts and realized it was hijacked by Hedley's stomach, backed out, saw Brohm was staying, clicked, ended up here. Been that kind of day...
  8. irafreak


    But not in the 80s as the "reciever" was still in bounds. I'll always be bitter.
  9. irafreak

    What Did We Learn? - Michigan State

    Nah. I prefer defensive battles. I enjoyed this game much more than last weeks.
  10. irafreak

    *** Official Michigan State Game Thread ***

    It all worked out but I always hate seeing a corner back 8 yards off the receiver and 3rd and short.
  11. irafreak

    *** Official Michigan State Game Thread ***

    Don't like the screen call. If you're going to risk stopping the clock, be aggressive
  12. irafreak

    *** Official Michigan State Game Thread ***

    I think punting is the right call with these conditions. A turnover or 3 and out with a bad punt. Who knows...
  13. irafreak

    *** Official Michigan State Game Thread ***

    Guys falling down all over