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  1. Why? Seen enough micromanagement of our coaches. Let rhule stand or fall on his choices. I do like mickey though.
  2. What is this nonsense? I was promised Urban Meyer with Deion Sanders coaching the dbs. Boo #fireeveryone #killthestreak I understand it's a business but I kinda wish Mickey and the seniors had the weekend to just enjoy their win.
  3. I've learned that fans will demand the sellout streak to end in a desperate hope to feel some kind of control. The team sucks and has sucked for years...you know who hasn't sucked? The fans. Give up the sellout streak? Yeah let's suck too. That'll show em.
  4. Just think of it like waiting for Christmas as a kid...except you're probably getting underwear and a new toothbrush...
  5. I watched up until Thompson got hurt then was in and out as Purdy has been horrible every time I've seen him play. So I may have missed it but did we do anything to try to get the ball into Palmer's hands in space? Jail break screen, quick out, end around?
  6. Hmmm. Maybe I'll buy a ticket to help.
  7. So the rutgers oline is allowed to bearhug now
  8. No Davison, no 97 title. Don't care about anything else. Nothing can ruin that mizzou game memory for me.
  9. Odd. Who agrees to take less to be fired? What is going on?
  10. The refs were bad both ways with just way too many penalties. It felt evenly called, just should have let the kids play a little more.
  11. 200k for winning the big ten. Should have made it a billion dollars.
  12. You're assuming Nebraska gets better and Indiana doesn't. Right now, I imagine we'd be underdogs in that game. We'll see what happens going forward with some actually tackling at practice and on offense that slows down to try to keep the game in reach. Who knows. Currently this team is awful.
  13. Will we actually improve? Cause I bet the rest of our competition will. Iowa may figure out a few things and their oline may overpower our dline. If the team doesn't get better...which could happen with all the turmoil...we lose out. If they improve a little, we can steal a couple of games. Anything can happen in football but man this team is just bad for so many reasons. I don't envy mickey Joseph. Where does he even start?
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