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  1. irafreak

    NFL 2019

    You just knew this was another kapernic publicity stunt. Guy loves being the victim. He has no interest in playing football or he would have been playing in another league. I think the NFL has done more than enough to appease this cry baby. ...and it's really hard to defend the nfl on anything these days.
  2. Yeah we couldn't beat Purdue. Maryland is probably a loss but it's all good. Finish out the season with losses to better our draft position.
  3. I just can't get over the cutback. The constant overpursuit by the defense and not staying disciplined...I mean I get that chinander wants an attacking defense but that doesn't mean a mindless one. Felt like watching 01 Colorado...
  4. What an embarrassment. Defense struggles to stop basic cutbacks...no discipline.
  5. We still need two more wins. Who do we beat? This team got the win today but yuck...oh well. A win is a win.
  6. Ah there's karma rebalancing things with a penalty...
  7. Wait...what is that? We're allowed to throw deep?
  8. Damnit Lamar. You got tackled. Now we'll never score
  9. Am I a bad fan if I would prefer to lose in regulation instead of dragging this loss out to overtime?
  10. Which is odd. You'd think by now they'd be well conditioned. They're on the field all game week after week...lol
  11. You kidding me. 3rd and 11 and that's the call. Ugh. Nothing to lose Frost. Nothing. This team is going nowhere. We need to complete a deep pass...an intermediate pass even.
  12. I'd like to see us take a deep shot once in a while
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