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  1. ? Ohio State wasn't pushed out of the playoff. And Warren was and is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the presidents and ADs, as mentioned.
  2. My sister talked to a doctor of some sort who recommended dry needling for neck pain. This of course is just a new name for acupuncture which, regardless of what anyone claims about research, seems to rely entirely on the placebo effect at best, and is based on eastern mysticism regarding non-existent "chi" energy, "meridians" and other bulls***. My point is if you look hard enough you can find a doctor who believes in stupid crap, and is probably friendly.
  3. It's too bad we couldn't give him a made-up title like Head Coach Hirer Emeritus and kept him through his contract just in case :p
  4. In that case the only solution is to kidnap Steve Pederson and feed him to a volcano in sacrifice to satiate the football gods. Do we have any volunte--oh god there are 500 people already with their hands up :|
  5. Again that would only reinforce their belief that they are right, because the bible tells them the world will hate them and the government/courts will want to silence them, but, and sorry to those people for being mean: they're too stupid to realize the bible is talking about being silenced for talking strictly about Jesus Christ. Not spreading disinformation about nonexistent voter fraud, lies about vaccines, and slander about Tom Hanks raping babies and drinking their blood for precious "adrenochrome" (which supposedly is a concept lifted from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and not practic
  6. I'm pretty sure that certain weights and controls are used. It's not perfect but that's why we have "confidence intervals" and stuff.
  7. Doesn't matter to the Qultists, this is probably just the "cabal" making up fake charges while taking a break from raping babies and drinking their blood for "adrenochrome"
  8. Interesting, Ben McLaughlin responded with another gif (the Grinch smiling), hopefully he knows something is up. Or they're just being weird. Guess we'll know eventually.
  9. "TDS" is another cliché that allows them to terminate their critical thinking mechanisms.
  10. It doesn't matter. They could have audio/video evidence of Trump acting like he has for decades behind the scenes (an incompetent, whiny, belligerent boob) as corroborated by practically everyone who has ever worked with him, and they will just say it's fake, or all those people were paid by George Soros to lie about Trump the Great and Powerful, or they said those things under duress from ANTIFA oOoOoH scary. Trump himself knows he literally could shoot a person in broad daylight and the qult won't care.
  11. Don't forget that, despite the fact that covid would disappear the day after the election, Biden was also going to lock down America immediately after inauguration because of the covid that disappeared. As a conservative, this obvious paradox confused even me, I must admit. And neither happened, to boot. But politics seems to give people goldfish-brains. Also, I was guaranteed by family members that Biden will be forcibly removed by Democrats and replaced by Kamala Harris within 6 months. Tomorrow marks 6 months from the inauguration, so prepare for President Harris' debut! j/k my
  12. May and Alberts' "arguments" were for show, much like how Herbstriet was directed to really ratchet up the indignation on the greatest teams special. I don't know why people pay attention to any of it.
  13. Except Nebraska was one or two pieces from beating Arkansas and playing in a super this year, or if the Big 10 had allowed non-con, Nebraska may have hosted their own regional instead. Erstad had made regionals 3 out of his last 4 years (going 1-6 in those games, 2-8 in regional play for his 7 years as head coach), but Bolt is an objectively better coach, especially at player development and is recruiting better, while the transfer market allegedly has dudes begging for a chance to play here after the no-fear-of-#1 display on ESPN in June. Adding Rob Childress to an admin role, even if it is o
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