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  1. I think USC is in a weird place with the coaching change rumors and subsequent retaining of Helton, with a lot of backlash that followed. But that's not to take away too much from Iowa.
  2. I now have diabetes but who cares? More Kool-Aid!
  3. Which is just about how it would have been with Miles anyway. Maybe marginally better this season, but we all saw what the ceiling was after 7 years (1 NIT win ). But no moral victories, this year is going to blow chunks record-wise. Oh well, scorched earth rebuilds are our thing as a university now.
  4. In the first year of the BCS (1998), A&M won the Big 12 and lost to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. But all in all I agree, they're a middle-class P5 program at best.
  5. Milt Tenopir called Frost the best QB he saw in terms of understanding and implementing T.O.'s offense on the field. Frost knows what to do, and the priorities now are fixing the OL depth chart (no offense to the starting 5 but they need to be pushed in practice by guys who could actually get PT), getting the right mix of WRs (one or two reliable big-bodied threats, cross your fingers that Betts and Manning qualify), and having 3+ running backs to rely on. None of those things were there in 2019, all look better on paper for 2020 (for what that's worth). Frost is limited only by his roster.
  6. Nice hard-fought win, Hawai'i played tough.
  7. I'm sure he has said the word "put" at least once in his life, don't worry.
  8. It's a throwaway year unfortunately, it will be interesting to see what a full recruiting cycle or two looks like. The scrambling roster overhaul (largely necessary) obviously didn't work out great.
  9. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/jaquez-yant-206666 Has some interest from Ole Miss, So Miss, UAB, and maybe Florida (well, it says HE'S interested in them anyway).
  10. He went for 102 receiving against them last year including a 28-yard TD. He was a home-run threat.
  11. What if Maurice Washington didn't go full idiot and get himself kicked off the team? Could have made a big difference today, and in a few other games down the stretch. Would have given Nebraska a deep receiving threat. Also note Kade Warner was injured most of the year.
  12. False, play-by-play is available here https://huskers.com/sports/football/stats/2019/iowa/boxscore/12380 Nebraska scored on back-to-back drives. Starting the drives at the 9 and 2 yard line in the 4th quarter were more informative to Nebraska's lack of success. Doubt McCaffrey would have been called to take any crazy risks, either. The next drive that started at the 20 was immediately boned by a false start by Austin Allen.
  13. Well that was pretty much the point that was made: the crowd was "groaning" when Martinez came back in. And Nebraska scored, so it's completely moot. No guarantees McCaffrey does much better later on given the field position given in the 4th quarter, kind of hard to justify putting your freshman in against a top 5 defense nationally inside your own ten yard line. If they didn't call a bogus blindside block penalty, it's quite possible McCaffrey was left in the game, but we'll never know. Martinez did screw up on that play, but leaving McCaffrey in if you're not playing to win is not that egregious an error IMO.
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