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  1. You can lead a horse to water but horses are not eligible to play football so my analogy is already falling apart. I think better players would probably make him look smarter, but if Frost makes a change I also won't be sad
  2. Yeah, something like that. I think it'll happen gradually and there won't necessarily be a watershed moment. But we'll know it if/when we see it.
  3. 3 sets to 1, good win over a ranked B1G team.
  4. I can't read the article, but. . .talk is cheap. At the same time, press conference quotes are meaningless and shouldn't have much read into them. Coach Frost said some nice things about his team, he also declared them a 4-8 team until they themselves prove otherwise. Who gives a crap? I missed where he declared the team "back and here to stay". I'm not saying anything Earth-shattering here, I know :|
  5. Good call on that Northwestern blow out. Keep it up.
  6. Poor Cindy, she didn't stand a chance. Also, good for those teams. One week doesn't impact another in CFB.
  7. Nobody Beats the Cornhuskers Cornhuskers Beat Suckeyes BECAUSE THEY'RE THE WRONG ****ING NETWORK INITIALS, I SWEAR IT'S FUNNY YOU GUYS. OK fine it's not.
  8. 17-3 in 2010. 59-20 in 2013 with freshman Tommy Armstrong starting his first game. Neither of those outcomes really means much in the context of 2019 of course. Minny looked average. Just 1 game, but. . .we'll see.
  9. There is also no E in lightning. But it does sound like cloud cover will be lightening by kickoff. So calm down Edit: Missed Capo's post! +1s for you sir!
  10. Bowman on the left, Craver on a knee.
  11. Here's a recap of the 2007 defense in re: how the blackshirts were surrendered/lost. I only vaguely remembered Zack Bowman giving up his.
  12. Cheatham, Burke Lift Huskers to Victory in Italy
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