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  1. Stillwater is an hour away. That'd be like calling the B1G tournament neutral.
  2. Michigan's non-con SOS is ranked 222nd (yes, that's three 2s), Nebraska's is 5th. 41 wins may do it, but they're being projected as either one of the last ones in, or as d1baseball put it, "in but not comfortably."
  3. Never mind that as of 5/24 Nebraska ranked 201st in the nation in team batting average (.259), 213th in slugging % (.367), 179th in runs, etc. etc.
  4. Probably "too close" to be comfortably overturned. The ump missed a strike 3 two batters before, so arguably it shouldn't have gotten to that point anyway
  5. Erstad definitely schedules tough enough that as long as they finish above .500, they'll be in more often than not (2015 was an exception, I think Texas tanked that year, go figure and screw them). Not to dump in the middle of a successful conference tourney run, but better play from the end of March to beginning of May, and this team might have had a shot at hosting a regional. But they're definitely in somewheres.
  6. Yyyeaah, f*** that guy. He talked way too much last weekend, also
  7. I wonder if Waldron felt snubbed by the All-Conference selections, hmmm. Proved his point if so.
  8. Hopefully he keeps the grades steady, as well.
  9. Yes. Because possibly winning your league when you lost half of your series is a mark of a very good conference. Woulda-coulda-shoulda ran away with it with 3 senior starting pitchers, but spent about 2 months piddlyfarting at the plate.
  10. Obviously games like this show they're capable. I (and I'm sure others) have wanted Erstad to do himself a favor and replace Mike Kirby and get somebody who can squeeze more out of the bats (bunting, baserunning, everything is more hit or miss than even "that's baseball " will usually allow), but he said last year replacing an assistant would be "taking the easy way out", so it's pretty hard to expect much other than continued inconsistency I expect Michigan to play dead in the nightcap, also.
  11. Great job by Waldron in his last start at HP.
  12. If Nebraska weren't hitting .255 and slugging in the .300s THIS LATE in the year, it'd be easier to give them the benefit of the doubt. Either that, or they've wasted a lot of the last month or two, which is frustrating. Meanwhile, Silva's guys are maniacs.
  13. ASU has walked at least 8, maybe 9, and hit a batter. They're falling behind 2 or 3 balls in every count and forcing themselves to hang balls over the plate.
  14. Superhuman pitching effort by Fisher and Palkert today. Possibly Gomes (in progress) too.
  15. Erstad somehow managed to pull the #16 recruiting class in the nation. Looks to me like the average B1G temperature today outside of Minnesota and PA/NJ ranged from the 50s-70s. And same with that argument in football: good luck if you want to play MLB for New York, the Twins, Boston, et al this time of year. You might have to play a month or two in the 40s-50s.
  16. That might make sense if we weren't talking about getting demolished in a series-loss-clinching game against a Northwestern team that came into this series in 11th place in the conference. "The Big 10 is so bad, we shouldn't even expect to beat the teams in it" And you play more non-conference games than B1G games, so there are plenty of opportunities to play teams from the south and western US. Erstad's scheduling is very astute, almost too tough at times.
  17. I've seen enough wild comebacks not to call this one over yet, but the fact that the odds of pulling this one out are so low should give Bill Moos pause Northwestern is not good.
  18. I don't feel like they were ever doing that great. Even in the much hyped wins over Texas Tech and Baylor, 2 of those 3 wins were by scores of 2-0 and 2-1. With Northwestern being 11th in the conference, and that being the average ranking of the 3 series wins Nebraska has in conference play, I figured 4 or 5 runs would be doable in each game at least. But oh boy, did I overestimate this coaching staff's ability to keep a team mentally focused
  19. Never in my weirdest dreams would I have predicted that kind of game 1. Still a winnable series, obviously, but man, the excuses are wearing real thin.
  20. Altavilla is just one example of a lack of development/progression, I can't really blame him. By my count, Illinois issued 29 walks this weekend? Oy. edit: miscounted walks. And for the heck of it: 4 HBP by Illinois pitchers as well. 33 free baserunners.
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