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  1. hopefully he can hold his own against Harbaugh and Tomlin.
  2. To clarify: the Seahawks gave the game away not running Lynch at the goal line; Falcons gave it up throwing late and Ryan taking a sack no HS QB would be dumb enough to take to eliminate a game-icing FG attempt; Goff gave it away playing like he did under Jeff Fisher. Holding the ball too long, not taking what was there to move the chains, etc. Rex deserves multiple rings for getting stuck in Cincy for several years
  3. Goff folded under pressure and didn't even see some open receivers, too bad. Foles would have likely shredded them again. Another game where the Patriots didn't so much have to win as the other team just decided to hand it to them
  4. I don't think it can be overstated how much more promising the overall roster management looks so far under this staff. Good lord I hope it pays off on the field like it should
  5. Hell, I'm a 33 year old man and I'd probably lose my effing mind :/
  6. Orlando Pace was the best player on Ohio State, not Eddie George #hottakesfrom1995
  7. No, she quoted her post in response to the people who gave the confused-face response at the bottom.
  8. Well, when Nebraska sends Iowa to the morgue next year, we'll be sure to wave bye bye
  9. The team learned what's expected and what's necessary to succeed. That was the critical accomplishment of this season. Wins will take care of themselves as the roster/depth chart is balanced out.
  10. This should motivate them in the offseason. Getting pushed around sucks, more time in the weight room is one way to make sure that crap doesn't happen again.
  11. I agree. Corner play has gotten better as the year progresses, Jackson is making great plays now as well.
  12. Corner is hard enough to play without all the rule changes to favor the offense. Merely "turning your head" like a lot of fans beg for all the time is an easy way to get burnt. He's playing very well!
  13. Pelini's first team was stacked with untapped defensive talent and a senior QB. This year's team has none of that, so a comparison is a little sketchy.
  14. Hard to compare 2018 to 1962 I'm ok with the progress made this year, hoping up on hope that the defense improves next year with more quality depth + s&c.
  15. For real, I get why people might have some questions, UCF's defense wasn't always pretty at UCF for various reasons. But they get 3 years to prove that it really is just a jimmy/joe thing. Talk is cheap for sure, but I've yet to see anything actually wrong with the scheme, just players that have been running the wrong way for years still lapsing into bad habits.
  16. I'd say they look like they did at the end of last season, when they got shredded by a Minnesota offense that looked like it couldn't move the ball against a grade school team in pretty much every single other game they played. Point being, our only hope is that removing that element will get us back to, at least, qualifying for bowl games.
  17. Heck yeah, can't have a good rant without going nuts.
  18. Good point! But they played mostly under the Riley/Cavanaugh system, years of bad habits still lingering like a bad fart (or maybe a good one depending on your perspective).
  19. You may have missed the boat on copyrighting Stan the Man but there's still time for Eatery Martinez. I say go for it.
  20. This is an important insight. You hate to see it as ugly as it has been after the offseason vibes, but yeah, it would not have done Frost any good to tell the media "They were 4-8 because they're a bunch of poorly-coached, untalented turds."
  21. Bad players recruited by a bad staff failing to execute, just like they did under the previous, failed staff? SHOCKER! This isn't a rebuild, it's a scorched earth reboot.
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