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  1. HuskerMan

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Come on kick off return!
  2. HuskerMan

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Does the D have one more stop, preferably a turnover in them? Would be a GREAT time for a scoop and score or pick six.
  3. HuskerMan

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Going captain obvious here but need at least three on this drive to have a chance left in his game.
  4. HuskerMan

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    Nice missed hold there.
  5. Going with what I could see/tell on the tv I would tend to agree with him. To me it just didn’t seem like a good portion of the players wanted to be there. Even the announcers made comments around such.
  6. They won't lock in any game until the West is for sure out of reach. What message does that send the team if you lock in a Dec 1 game at this point.
  7. HuskerMan


    I believe if in first half its that game only. If in second half its the rest of that game and the first half of the next game.
  8. I say don’t play AM regardless at Troy unless the game becomes in question with your other options.
  9. Wouldn’t he have to sit out a year regardless if he left now or after this season? Even if he dropped down could he really come into a school and win the starting job after the season has already started? Just trying to make sense of this thought process.
  10. Anyone think Frost might come out with a first offensive play from his playing days?
  11. Will be having lots of drinks and food. Unfortunately this will be at my buddies wedding reception and not in front of the tv at my house.
  12. HuskerMan

    Winchester Husker commemorative Rifle

    It brought $4200
  13. HuskerMan

    Winchester Husker commemorative Rifle

    Can you give me details about time, place and company putting on auction?
  14. HuskerMan

    Tre Bryant back?

    I would believe that. Just look at the picture above. Maybe its the angle but the knee to me just doesn't look like a "healthy" knee for someone of his age. Even now when he is supposedly full go for practice.
  15. HuskerMan

    2018 TV Schedule Predictions

    For my own selfish reasons and don’t kill me for saying this. I hope the Akron game is at 11. Good buddy’s reception is that day.