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  1. This will be a timely thread to reference this year once they cancel the season.
  2. Well damn and I have a minor medical procedure that is scheduled to happen on Thursday were the recommended medication afterwards is Ibuprofen or other anti inflammatory.
  3. Seen that. Any risk of transfer here?
  4. This right here tells me what I need to know. There will be zero QB competition next year barring injury or transfer to Martinez.
  5. With more similar next year I think it will at least force Frost hands on making some changes.
  6. Frost lost this game and Martinez sucks. Point in fact. Frost lost this game with his piss poor calling at the end and Martinez lost that game when he ran out of bounds.
  7. That’s what you get Frost and Co for your piss poor calling at game end.
  8. Frost. This is literally our game of the year. Where is the no fear of failure and playing to win mentality?
  9. Now that is not playing to win the game. Wtf?
  10. There is the defenseless player rule coming to play.
  11. Come on Nebraska staff and players. Do not s#!t the bed on this.
  12. Whelp and no sooner I hit submit and they break one.
  13. I give them credit the D has played better this half but don’t like the feeling leaving this in the D hands.
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