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  1. That’s my biggest fear with this season. Not just the fact the team is inept as a whole but the fear we will start losing some of Stars that we do have. That will be the death of Nebraska football for the immediate future.
  2. Martinez sucks. I’m not better but a large Div I quarterback should be better than this.
  3. Can’t, won’t. He is Frost’s golden boy savior child.
  4. Yet another red zone trip that will yield 3 at most.
  5. Who is willing to offer up a mother, sister, cousin or something as Martinez’s slump buster?
  6. Seriously give Frost an ultimatum. Either Chin goes or you go. At this point I don’t care if Frost chooses the latter of the two. I want a coach that is willing to make the hard choices to better the team and keeping Chin around is not going to better the team.
  7. Think this D could make highschool QB look like world beaters.
  8. Purdue scores here and gets ball back second half?
  9. What do we expect when the head coach feels like he has to apologize for getting a little fiery with the players in a game they pissed down the drain the previous week.
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