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  1. For those that follow recruiting closely I know at one point in time we were choice #2. At this point in time with the season we are having is there even a snowballs chance in hell that Frost and Co pull this off?
  2. No surprise. Won’t be the last I imagine.
  3. I can give Frost 1-2 more years but he needs to make some changes with how things are handled and some coaching staff changes.
  4. Frost post game pressers are always the exact same thing in slightly different variations depending upon on the game went.
  5. Screw this. I’m tired of watching every weekend only to end up in disappointment. Once some major changes happen and the team shows some winning and killer instinct I will never choose watching a Nebraska football game over anything again. This coming from a person that would normally choose watching Nebraska football over almost anything in the past.
  6. Just once it would be nice to bust a long one this season. I don’t recall seeing one yet.
  7. Were are just lucky Petras accuracy is as bad as Martinez/Mcaffrey.
  8. It’s just so frustrating and mind boggling.
  9. Second half collapse coming soon to a stadium near you...
  10. There is the defense we have come to know and hate.
  11. For sure overturned with the way this season has gone on these calls.
  12. Omfg Frost. Take him out already you dumb$s#!t.
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