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  1. Draft Day just got a lot more interesting:  



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    2. Loebarth


      Dang it @Mavric I can't debate that. Thank you for showing everyone my novice knowledge and bias judgement. Grrrr... Putting me in my place. smh

    3. ZRod


      I just saw the other day that they were just ironing out the details to have Rogers around for the foreseeable future...

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      A lot more smoke this morning. Sounds like he wants to be traded to the Broncos or Raiders. Both would/should be highly interested. The 49ers were his other choice but sounds like GB doesn't want him going to another NFC team......prob because he's past his prime :lol:


      Might help explain why the Broncos passed on Fields and Jones?

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