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  1. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/03/19/reddit-and-the-struggle-to-detoxify-the-internet : Behind the scenes at Reddit. 


    So fascinating. They (and consequently we) are all flying by the seat of our pants.

  2. Extremely excited for the BBC's upcoming adaptation of His Dark Materials (ft. Lin-Manuel Miranda!)

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    2. knapplc


      Tilda Swinton was in that movie. Never saw it. There was a big bear as well.

    3. Moiraine


      I haven't seen it either.

    4. default_28


      knapplc- I think you may be thinking of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Nicole Kidman was in the Golden Compass.

  3. USWNT 1-0 England to take the 2018 #SheBelieves Cup! Way to go! :D 

    1. default_28


      It's a bit ironic that this is the next status after Teach's  status about the possible issues facing a former athlete of the opposite gender of the players they're coaching, with little or no relevant experience, and being scrutinized for it. I know it's too early to tell if Neville is a good hire or not, but it seems to be working out so far.

    2. VectorVictor


      I dunno...yes, they won, and it's great, but the offense has looked more than suspect these past few matches, and I honestly haven't been the biggest fan of Ellis' body of work with the USWNT. 


      I just hope they get stuff together the next year or so, since World Cup is coming up in 2019. 

    3. zoogs


      I think men coaching women's sports is actually really common. I had to look up who you were talking about, though :P


      Hey, I'm just happy to see a W here. Last year they ended up in last place. And there are some really exciting young players coming up for the next generation of stars (Pugh runs so hard!) What can I say, my fandom is pretty uncritical.

  4. Coach Pops continues to be such an inspiring voice and model of leadership in sports. Such class!


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    2. zoogs


      Ah, I see. I guess I don't follow the NBA nearly close enough to be aware of anything other than Pop's commentary on broader social issues. 


      Are private role models any better than public role models? I think all that's needed is some realism when it comes to models. They aren't unimpeachable, but there are specific things about them that we can find very admirable. Sometimes they themselves don't live up to the stands they set. Such is human, and we (may) change our views on them accordingly. 


      Something I really appreciate about Pop is how effectively he can reach such a broad spectrum of people. It's his unique position as a powerful figure in sports. He (and Steve Kerr) can say the same things that, say, if it were some young minority journalist penning an op-ed for HuffPo they might be reflexively attacked as some kind of SJW.


      Pop's position commands respect from those same people, and he's using it to provide really valuable leadership. He shows that you can be someone in his shoes and "get it", in what appears to be a thorough and heartfelt way.

    3. RedRedJarvisRedwine


      Pop is a clown. And his best player tim Duncan is a clown also. 

    4. Atbone95


      Pop's (very political) statements on broader social issues are dumb too. 

  5. Does a win tonight mean Coach Smiles & Team are going dancing?

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    2. NUance


      With the win tonight I think we're in.  No matter what happens in NYC.  /jmho

    3. teachercd


      Not yet...keep watching 

    4. VectorVictor


      Considering we had folks from the selection committee in attendance at the Nebraska/Penn State game (and the same folks at the Kansas game), I think as long as we either win or make the Michigan game come down to the wire (assuming they get by the Illinios/Iowa winner), we're in. 

      Honestly, we should already be in as-is. We just don't have the name cache for basketball that other B1G schools have...but here's hoping this wasn't a one-year fluke again, and SMiles can actually build on this success for next year. 

  6. Off-topic: I love 'The Weeds', one of the Vox podcasts. Matt Yglesias is one of my favorite commentators on Twitter, and from his picture I definitely did not expect his voice to be....uh, that high. It's so amusing to listen to him talk, especially when he gets really animated. Smart, funny, excitable dude :P 

    1. teachercd


      He is funny, great sense of humor and does a good job even laughing at himself.  

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I think we got a good coach, you guys!

    1. Scarlet Overkill

      Scarlet Overkill

      Meh.  He'll have to do.  (J/K!!)

  8. Such good editing of this New Hope clip with Obi-Wan: 



    1. JJ Husker
    2. zoogs


      and companion piece...



  9. Woah! Is this the first ever early signing day? Grats to the newest Huskers!

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    2. ladyhawke


      Me either.  I couldn’t figure out how signing could work without a designated sign day?

    3. HuskerInLostWages


      @ladyhawkeThey meant verbal commitment, like the kid a few years ago who committed to USC(to Lane Kiffen) in like 7th grade.  It's getting younger and younger every year even if it means absolutely nothing at the time other than some free publicity.

    4. ladyhawke


      Oh, ok HuskerInLostWages. Thanks. 

  10. Pulisic with the game-winner at 89' today for Dortmund! Yeaaa #USMNT



  11. Predictive algorithm-generated Harry Potter: "You are Hagrid now."


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    2. zoogs


      That's my favorite one! :D

    3. GSG


      "Ron's Ron shirt was just as bad as Ron himself."

    4. VectorVictor


      "The tall Death Eater was wearing a shirt that said 'Hermione Has Forgotten How to Dance', so Hermione dipped his face in the mud"


      "They looked at the door, screaming about how closed it was and asking it to be replaced with a small orb. The password was "BEEF WOMEN", Hermione cried. 



  12. "ticking yore bass" and all other more sensible rhymes non-poet Tim Miles could have come up with for "kicking your ass". C'mon Coach, sticking blur glass? 

  13. 11/18: Nebraska @ Penn St

    11/18: UCF @ Temple


    So clever, Moos man!

    1. TonyStalloni


      The stars aligned so that Philly meeting could happen.

    2. jsneb83


      Philly Philly!!

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      The day that saved Husker football.

  14. B1G CCG is mesmerizing rn

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I particularly liked the carpet repair portion of the broadcast.

  15. How are people going to afford to go get doctorates? :( I completely do not see how it's going to be possible, unless you're already quite wealthy (or have no choice but to be poor)

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    2. NM11046


      Good thing you found yourself a sugar momma Zoo.  I've said jokingly recently that one of the criteria for me and dating would be that a man have health insurance ... not joking about it anymore.  It will be as important as being kind, loving football, having a full mouth of decent teeth and making me laugh.

    3. zoogs


      @jaws, I think that really glosses over how much of a difference this tax bill makes. Taxing people who are living on 10-30k stipends as if they made 40-60k more than that is not "hey just another log on the fire".

    4. Enhance


      My apologies everyone, but it would be best to move this conversation to the Politics & Religion forum. Thank you.

  16. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S1 just got released on Amazon Prime! Promising pilot earlier this year.

  17. Man. Don't do this to Eli.

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    2. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      1) I don't actually feel that (see: emoji). I think it was fairly obvious I was joking.


      2) If I wanted to "score a point for reverse racism", there are thousands of much better (actual) examples  I could find.


      3) The Giants are still dumb for thinking Geno will be better than Eli.

    3. teachercd


      Laugh...just once.  

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      At first I was like, "yeah I could see Eli getting benched".  Then I was all like "Geno Smith?  Aw hell naw".

  18. Welcome, interim HC Trent Bray! :) That's pretty cool.

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    2. zoogs


      I'd take that tbh

    3. C N Red
    4. zoogs


      I mean, if for some reason they strike out on a number of choices, we could do worse than keep Bray around. Obviously I don't expect that to happen. We'll get Frost.

  19. Distance to single-season receiving record:

    Jr - Morgan - 30 yards

    Fr - Spielman - 112 yards

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Sorry, really. I’ve got contagious football depression. Maybe it would help if I got rid of that Squidward pic. Nah, I’ll wait until there is something to be happy about like the announcement shortly following the Iowa game....and then the next one when UCF’s games are finished. Brought a little smile to my face just thinking about it.

    3. ColoradoHusk


      I commend Stanley and Spielman having great statistical seasons, and playing hard throughout the season.  However, if either or both of them break the single season receiving yardage record, it would be an empty record to me.  I know individual records should be commended, but when they are accomplished during such poor team seasons, I find it hard tto celebrate.  I am much more of a team outcome kind of guy.

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      Totally awesome.  Hopefully Stan returns for his Senior season.

  20. What :o "Thousands join independence-day parade organized by youth movement seeking ethnically pure Poland"

    It's a mad, mad world.

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    2. teachercd


      With that said we were told not to post political things here and if I remember it was to result in a ban...soooooo...mods?

    3. Excel


      So when we see something wrong, unjust, or otherwise unethical we shouldn't speak about it until it actually hurts people?


      You can do whatever you like but no, I do not think that we should do anything above speaking on it because "it" isn't much of a thing. 


      What is unjust or unethical? Nothing has been done.


      Conservative and patriotic Poles have marched and joined together in revelry on Independence Day for decades now. These marches have always had a right leaning tilt and this year some Nazis showed up and hijacked it not unlike how anarchists will often hijack left-leaning protests.  Painting this as some kind of "~60,0000 Nazi March" is disingenuous and false. 


      What do you want? These people to stop celebrating because Nazis are around? You want them to assault the Nazis? You want the police to arrest or segregate the Nazis? Those options all sound quite Nazi-ish and would be unjust, wrong, and unethical. In a democracy you have to hear people you disagree with, even when those people have some really outlandish and offensive things to say. You beat them through discourse, not violence or silence so if anything seeing people from a broad spectrum of beliefs duking it out relatively peacefully in Poland is a good thing. 


      Of course the policies these people want are bad. I don't like them, they wouldn't be good but they'll never become a thing because there are very very few of these people - in the hundreds within Poland itself with maybe a few thousand associates and they're mostly dumb eastern kids trying to be edgy. 


      Media in the West and in Russia has a vested interest in smearing Poland and PiS with this Nazi label. The West wants Poland to back off of its anti-refugee stance and Russia wants to paint any Nationalist group (which are almost always anti-Russia) in a former SSR as Fascist as they have done in Ukraine. It's the same brush with which they paint all rebel groups as ISIS or Al-Qaeda in Syria, it's easier for them to sell what they're doing in those countries if they're crusading against the obvious bad guys.






    4. Enhance


      Typing the word 'mod,' 'admin' or some other variation doesn't bring stuff to our attention. :thumbs


      That said, this is probably better served for the P&R forum. Locking.

  21. Aw these rapping kids (@5:30) on Shaqtin'


    1. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Comin' with that "Will Smith" rap!

    2. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      For reference :lol:



  22. Here's a fun sentence: "Syria has decided to sign the Paris agreement on climate change, the world’s final functioning state to do so."

    1. knapplc


      This status update seems vaguely political.

    2. commando


      the worlds final functioning state?   i think there is another country that erased their signature.  or is that state not considered functioning anymore?

    3. zoogs


      Ah, that's right: the US is excluded because it did sign but has not yet withdrawn.


      I do apologize for the vaguely political tweet; it seemed like an extremely notable development and observation, though. US aside, I knew there were "a lot" of signatories to the Paris climate treaty. I didn't know it was literally everybody

  23. Love this from Steve Kerr on Pod Save America: ""Circumstances dictate whether people need to be outspoken or not." 


    He and Popovich set a really strong example. Way to go, NBA coaches!