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  1. HuskerFan06

    USC...is coming

  2. HuskerFan06

    What to look for in '07

    Predictions on what his stats offensivly might end up looking like??? 3,500 yrds 35 td's 10 Ints??? Taylor went for 3,200 26 Td's and 8 Int's Is it crazy to think Keller could get around 4G?
  3. HuskerFan06

    What to look for in '07

    Article: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/columns/stor...&id=2776460 Importaint Stuff: 5. Sam Keller will thrive at Nebraska: Keller, another Arizona State transfer, will put up eye-popping numbers as the Cornhuskers' quarterback. Nebraska will lose twice in the regular season -- against Southern Cal on Sept. 15 and at Texas on Oct. 27 -- and will lose to the Longhorns again in the Big 12 title game Thoughts??
  4. HuskerFan06

    New Uniforms

    When they changed the uniforms in the early 2000's it didnt go over well...i wouldnt imagine they will be making any changes any time soon
  5. HuskerFan06

    Husker tidbits

    Keller, Ganz, Lee, Witt, and who else? Beau? What about that Hilldenbrand kid??
  6. HuskerFan06

    Are you satisfied with Callahan?

    How cant you not be satisfied...were not playing for National Championships yet but the man is installing a offense that doesnt and wont be fully developed with out the right kinda of players for another yr or so....i give Callahan a B 3 years into his era
  7. HuskerFan06

    NU/Auburn in the Cotton Bowl

    We saw what Callahan was capable of when givin time to prepare last yr against Michigan..i think we will see much of the same this year....They better play well otherwise the hangover will be that much worse.... 11:30 am kickoff after New Years Eve!!!!! Ouch!
  8. HuskerFan06

    Who wins tonight in KC

    I have a good feeling that we will win..but this will be the most hard fought game the Huskers will have played in all year...i think it will be a defensive battle with the weather conditions...Huskers win a tight one
  9. HuskerFan06

    Fiesta or Cotton

    Sorry if this had been brought up already but Nebraska will be going to the Fiesta or the Cotton for sure with Oklahoma going to the opposite...Both great bowls obviousley we hope were plaing the BCS bowl but considering where we were at this point 2 years ago its safe to say the program has come along way in rebuliding its rep!!! GO BIG RED!!! Article: http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB...p;ATCLID=698097
  10. HuskerFan06

    Purify: "Zero percent chance..."

    With the WR core will have next year Keller could throw for over 3K easily....
  11. HuskerFan06

    Smart CU fans

    The kinda recruits we want at Nebraska arent the type of kids who come here and wonder if they will be "bored" we want kids coming in that enjoy a rich tradition a strong fan base and the chance to win and compete for Championships....anyone who dosent like what Lincoln has to offer feel free to go to boulder or wherever they desire and will take the recruits who want what we want to WIN....Colorado-where sex parties attract recruits...Nebraska-Where 5 Natl Champs attract recruits!!! GO BIG RED!!!
  12. HuskerFan06

    Smart CU fans

    Colorado-Home to the biggest bunch of cry baby bitches EVER
  13. HuskerFan06

    It's official

    OU still has a very capable backfield ask OSU....it helps but they still will run right at us
  14. HuskerFan06

    Caption Contest LXXVIII

    which one of you fellas is joining me and my gal pal for a good time?
  15. Huskers-20 Sooners-14 Rushing-125 passing-175