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  1. Long time follower, but first time poster. Been a few years since I’ve attended a game. Heading to the South Alabama game. Staying in Omaha Friday night and driving over early Saturday. Where is best to park? I don’t mind walking a few miles to stadium. Thanks.
  2. I was at the game on Saturday and liked one of the songs they played when the defense came out. Problem is I don't know who the artist is or the song title. I will try and describe it. words were "here comes the boom" and it sounded like Nelly. Can anybody help?
  3. I need 4 tickets to the Colorado game. All seats beside each other Thanks
  4. WE just got hosed by the ACC officiating crew. Suh got flagged for a late hit. It was not a late hit, Suh got pushed into the play. VT punts after that stop.
  5. I have tickets for Section 23, Row D. Can anybody give me an idea of what my seats are like?
  6. I know I'm going to take some Heat for this, but here is goes. This is how I see things. We have a week to prepare for Okie State. Lets focus on that. I'm not one to put down the Huskers for what happened last night. I'm not happy about it at all, but we still have a huge part of the season left. I don't see any reason, we can't win out the rest of the games. Everybody on this board is doubting the Huskers and the feeling I get is that nobody thinks we will another game. I think this butt whipping is exactly what the team needed. A bad taste in our mouth, will make us more focused on
  7. Is the ISU game not on TV at all? Pay per view not picking it up? anybody know?
  8. This is crazy, we might as well bench everybody and just play the 2nd string. I can't stand it when we have a close game and barely win, everybody throws the entire team under the bus. we are 3-1 with plenty of games to play yet. A true fan, says yes we got lucky...but wins are wins. Support your team don't try and fire every coordinator and bench the staters. Plain crazy.
  9. I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and you see a mix of fans around here. Of course you have your bandwagon fans. But I would say it is split between the Iowa Schools and the Huskers. I myself am a Huge Husker fan, born in raised in O'Neill. Champps Bar and Grill is an awesome place to catch a Husker game on Saturday. The place is packed with RED!!! Hope this provides some insight.
  10. I'm not sure what everybody's big problem is. WE are Nebraska fans and yes we would love to win every game. The feeling i get from this board is that even if Nebraska Won every game this year, you would still not be satisfied. WE would still find a way to same something about Coz or Cally. Last night, sucked. We got beat on national tv........but they are the #1 team in the country and we put up 31 points on them. Lets give some people credit, cally has a hype around Nebraska football. this isn't 1995 anymore. Now days teams are more evenly balanced with talent. When we look
  11. Sioux Falls, South Dakota Red N Flag is out Husker shirt is on, the dogs have the husker shirts on Beer in fridge and wings are on order.
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