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  1. Understandable. He was a lot better. But that is not the bar for measuring what a good punter should do, if he wants to be a top 3-5 guy in conference. The previous was so awful there wasn't much ground needed to become better than what it was. So I am saying, moving forward, let's be better. Let's be among the conference's elite guys and help our team out when punting the ball and playing field position. That is B1G's most helpful play for many football teams when you wonder what contributed to winning a game. Great punting, winning the field position battle, and knocking down field goals. Over and over again.
  2. Yes and a local kid. Wishing him all the success he needs to compete. If he wins out, it will be deserved and I would probably feel better about the place-kicking game.
  3. NBA game entertainment RANT coming ..... Dee-Fense.... Dee-Fense... !!! I may have to put tonights Lakers at GS game on mute to enjoy it lol. The generated crowd-chant of "Dee-Fence" over and over that you hear is simulated and fake, and it comes through the home team's sound system from the MC with a push of a button. Sure, some fans might join in, but they are not shouting "dee-fense" for 100 possessions a night. Nobody who buys tickets wants to do that as their playoff experience. Just ridiculous sound-system noise. Unfortunately, you will be hearing that fake chant tonight after the first few possessions of the game (DeeFense! DeeFense!)..... until the end of the game..... unless it is not a close game anymore. If it is semi-close, ......Dee-Fense... Dee-Fense! And also, when the "dee-fense" chant stops playing.... and the visiting team has the ball on offense.... you will hear from the overhead speaker system some musical noise that sounds like "Clank, Clank, Brick"......."Clank, Clank....." Putting more emphasis and stress on the visiting team shooting the ball. Also wondering how all those loud cheering fans can instantly stop shouting Dee-Fense in unison.... right when the whistle blows? Wouldn't there be some still saying it ? Wouldn't you hear that? I really hate this part of the NBA entertainment value. Oh and pay attention to when the home team has the ball too..... it's peppy, happy positive rap playing. The sound system sounds positive and upbeat for the home team........... And then, suddenly.....the sound system churns out negativity sounds when the visitors have the ball. It is ridiculous to enjoy a game this way. Can we just them play a game without all that HI/LO bulls#!t blaring through the speakers to create an impact? Does the home team really need the MC/Overhead sound system to create chants of "Dee-Fense" and sounds of "Brick, Clank, Clank" ? Or rapid heart racing sounds as the shot clock winds down? Pay attention to it tonight or not, and that's fine. But I feel better getting this off my chest, and will probably keep volume super low - like it was not intended lol.....
  4. Pulling for GS tonight. The sad part is that they opened as 8 point favorites immediately after last game vs Lakers. Which tells me (the sad part) is that if they start rolling, the Lakers will wave the white flag, sit their players - to rest them - until next game at home. That strategy is not good for NBA fans watching on a friday night. So we shall see..... As for Phoenix, we heard for one month how this team is so good since acquiring Durant and immediately championship contenders. Nobody is walking those strong opinions back (media). In the last 3 games, Durant started the games off shooting 1-9 (lost), 1-7 (won), 1-10 (lost). Good thing the officials put him on the line to find his shooting rhythm to help out. CP3 is on the back 9 of his career, like the final hole IMO. Wouldn't have made a difference. They had no answer for Jokic, or Denver's inside-out game and how the Nuggets play together. Looks like Denver vs LA, but if GS (the champs) can win a road game 7 (so strange how bad they played on the road this year), that would also be a fun series. I say game 7 because GS will win game 6 tonight. The only way they don't is if this comes down to the final 2-3 minutes of the game, and the Lakers take over.
  5. When I watch the GS/Lakers series, it is a series that I would actually like to see it go 7 games. So still slightly pulling for Warriors next game. Even though I was all for Sacramento. Game 7 might slightly pull for Lakers (old school roots). I like Denver Nuggets in the West the most. They have a team that really plays well together, with depth, have a super-star, and this team has showed up in the win column all season long. And I don't remember the old SA teams or Laker teams as the #1 seed being casually looked over like the Nuggets. This is a first that I recall.
  6. I know we all really like the guy, but if we are going to play field-position battles like the rest of the conference and help our team out, our punting has to better than this. He definitely has room for lots of improvement.... 2022 Big Ten Punters: Nebraska Buschini: Avg Yards per Punt: 7th best out 14 teams * Net punting: 9th worse out of 14 * Most Punts returned: 4th! (most returned punts) out of 14 teams * Most punt returned yards: 3rd (most returned yards) out of 14 * Fewest Punts downed inside 20 yard line: 12th (fewest) out of 14 * Most punts that ended up touchbacks: 3rd (most) out of 14 Punting is practiced skill. Obviously needs to work on hang time so our special team players can make it more difficult for opposing teams to return punts. But also, punting the ball inside the 20 can make a lot of difference for your defense too (and shifting momentum). Some of these stats are really, really bad, but can be improved upon this year.
  7. I have no confidence in FG kicker Bleekrode. I also think Boomshini isn't that good, because he kicks his farthest punts when the Huskers are around the 50 yard line - when you just need to pin them within the 15 yard line. Instead his punts land inside the 10 and goes into the endzone. Seen it nearly every time. But also, when he punts from his own 5-10-15-20 yard line.... the time you really want to boot a punt ... it carries 34-42 yards with no hang time... and sets up good returns. The boom from midfield helps his punting average, but doesn't help the team with field position. Sounds brutal, but it happens a lot when you rewatch these games.
  8. That's right, and I saw him on podcast trying to say he didn't. But he was totally lying because I never heard someone need 5-8 minutes trying to explain truth.
  9. I've seen fighters get beat up, punched out and knocked out by Mike Tyson - and never need a wheelchair back to the locker rooms. In case you missed it..... Years ago Dwyane Wade got wheeled off the court with a shoulder injury... And now Anthony Davis... I don't understand how and why Charles Barkley and Shaq have received heavy criticism for their reaction to Davis getting wheeled off. I agree with them. Anthony Davis left the Los Angeles Lakers' 121-106 loss to the Warriors in Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals in a wheelchair due to a head injury. Davis sustained the injury with 7:34 remaining in the fourth quarter when Warriors center Kevon Looney's left arm made contact with Davis' face while the players battled for a rebound off a missed D'Angelo Russell layup. He sat on the Lakers' bench for most of the fourth quarter before being wheeled into the locker room.
  10. Evan knows... this is absolutely unreal
  11. We have 2 All-American candidates on this year's team (Although I firmly believe they are without question) Brice Matthews & Max Anderson Here are they are among NCAA stat rankings as of 5/10/23 B.Matthews (wow) Runs - rank 38th - but 14th among players on P5 teams (and just 6 runs away from being in top 10. RBI - rank 19th - but 8th among players on P5 teams (and just 4 ribbies away from being in top 10. Home runs - rank 16th - but 11th among players on P5 teams Batting Avg - rank 56th - but ranked 17th among players on P5 teams Stolen Bases - rank 89th - but 15th among players on P5 teams Total Bases - rank 12th - but 10th among players on P5 teams OnBase % - rank 45th - but 18th among players on P5 teams Walks/BaseOnBalls - ranks 60th - but 27th among players on P5 teams Slugging % - ranks 18th - but 9th among players on P5 teams Hits - ranks 50th - but 20th among players on P5 teams Also amazing is Max Anderson (just didn't have time to do in depth) but he is also up there among P5 leaders (top 20ish) ... Total Bases (4th), Batting AVG (9th), Home Runs (11th), RBI, Slugging %, Hits (3rd) - among players on P5 teams.
  12. I don't think fans of the game dislike Steph Curry. I think most fans of the game appreciate his outside skill shooting - as among the best ever to do it, including me. I think he has two mannerisms that are annoying. Dropping his head down when he is walking... avoiding eye contact.... with his chin close to his chest.... and also... seeing Curry chew on a mouthpiece like a boy sucking on a pacifier..... and missing his binkie. Those things make a lot of NBA fans cringe, regardless how good he is. It's annoying. But also, I think his outside shooting ability is among the top 5 that I have ever seen. He is that incredible, and for 10-12 years or so, everybody knows it and has given Curry full adulation for it. In fact, I would say the best I've seen for long range - outside shooting ability, in its purest form, is Curry, Durant, Bird, Reggie Miller, and Ray Allen. If the game was on the line, I would gladly take Bird, Reggie Miller or Ray Allen, and sleep well with that decision. If I wanted to see someone flick up 27 footers for 3 1/2 quarters, Steph Curry. And by the way, Steve Nash was the first NBA player to coin the term "Dagger". He used that word when hitting game killing shots with Phoenix during his back-to-back MVP seasons. I even recalled him mentioning it during his last season with the Mavericks. Of course Curry has hit big time shots. @Mavric did nothing wrong here other than inserting a tweet from someone else who pointed out that Curry hasn't been automatic as fans and media might think. In fact, as I rooted for Golden State last game, I was so disappointed that Curry flung up a 29 footer like hero ball.... with a time out in his back pocket and good players around him, and Anthony Davis guarding him. It was an awfully stupid shot. But then he flipped the ball behind his head from the jump ball and I could not believe how dumb that was. He deserves praise when he makes buckets, and Curry deserves criticism when he does something so stupid as that. He blew it and didn't have to.
  13. In real life, none. On a Husker message board across the internet, as often as I want. I don't make it personal towards members. I'd rather vent on an internet cloud and keep the "you" out of it. I am blunt. I speak my mind on this board, but I don't make my comments personal towards anyone. And I rarely act snarky directly to someone or regarding someone's thoughts. Throw stones all you want, judge me all you want, make fun at my expense all you want. I don't give a f#&%. Just be yourself and I will be me.
  14. This is the NBA League. Flopping... carrying the ball... and officials (refs) calling phantom fouls to help out the superstar. League fined Jokic $25, 000 dollars... Obviously the former back-to-back MVP is still not deemed a superstar in NBA & Official's eyes. f#&% you NBA crooks and f#&% you Officials with bulls#!t whistles. Stop calling phony fouls when the league's superstar misses shots (Anthony Davis, Curry, Embiid, Tatum, Durant, Harden, Morant, etc, etc).... The league I used to love gets worse and worse every few years, for 20 years now. (Although I do love how the game has evolved into so many 3 point shots)
  15. Really not surprised. Also not surprised his swag and mouthpiece stays in when he misses big shots. But when he do make a shot.... The pacifier is on full display
  16. My apologies brother. It's all good Yep, understandable. No worries
  17. Had a bad day brother. Acted out some frustration. It's all good fam.
  18. How rude I have concerns about the future of our offense, with questions for 2023, and if that's too harsh............
  19. Of course Tell me what "Not even UTSA" means Sounded like smack thrown at Torres, so let me know if I misunderstood you
  20. A little bit. Why not, he would have been great to have. Since he is gone though, I understand. Please tell me about Sims, Chubba and Haarberg leading the way in 2023. This should be good. And if Sims gets dinged up or hurt.... oof
  21. Run the ball, throw a little bit, punt and play field position. Wondering why nobody mentions what the Huskers are going to do on 2nd and 9 3rd and 8 2nd and 15 3rd and 12 1st and 15 2nd and 8 3rd and 7 2nd and 12 2nd and 13 3rd and 6 3rd and 20 QB draw?! Hand off to fullback?! Play action to TE ?!!! ZOMG Bubble screen ? Option football ! Power football ! Throw a duck pass or INT I get this offense is being built for certain football plays, but when we are down by 10-13 points in the 1st quarter (no defense)...... that super power football playbook will get snuffed in the box. And QB1 will get sacked no matter how much he scrambles to get back to the LOS. Lets hope we can actually move the ball downfield with that super consistency passing game that people think will just fall from the sky and happen in 2023.
  22. The room is Sims or bust, plus Chubba Purdy and Haarberg. Yeah, let's see how that goes. Cross your fingers and toes that Sims is super awesome and doesn't get hurt.
  23. No offense, but there is a big difference between SA Texas and Nebraska. Food, weather, diversity, culture. And this is where he grew up. Nebraska wanted him, got him, sat him, bypassed him. So he went back home. Maybe he will enjoy playing college football at Incarnate Word, be close to home, with friends and fam at the games. Sure the competition won't be the same as the Big Ten in the midwest, but this is college football regardless. And Cameron Ward did pretty good there too. Wishing R Torres all the best and lots of success!
  24. Oh heck yeah !!! Great decision !!! Wishing Torres all the best !!!
  25. This NBA is so hard to watch. Really difficult with how the officiating is called. Been like this since 2006 and each year it becomes more obvious as the years pass on. The game is entertainment purposes with League directions + Officiating. The playoff product has been awful. I don't know how many times I see a struggling team with it's best shooter receiving officiating favors..... for bogus fouls..... to put him on the line. Sometimes the whistle is blown before the shooting motion... sometimes late after the shooting motion. It bails out the league's "SuperStar" and puts him on the freethrow line. Ridiculous. And also, please stop the hesitation dribble..... this carrying the ball (double dribble) is so backyard schoolyard playground style.... and nobody cares to mention it. I say it is hard to watch, but when I watch and pause, rewind... you see the bulls#!t on the court. And it is always telling when the officials are giving freebies to a player when the replays are not shown. I am venting my frustration. Because the game was not meant for Durant or anyone else in the league to dribble... pause their dribble... take a 6 foot step and continue dribbling. It's not a game. It is schoolyard basketball for rich "entertainment" with officials calling the fouls to go a certain way. I will never end this vent.
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