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  1. melscott62

    DB Jamel Starks

    Who knows if this kid has a good male role model in his life......there are a lot of factors here.
  2. melscott62

    DB Jamel Starks

    I wish these recruits would stop acting like 17-18 year olds!
  3. melscott62

    McGriff Leaves Program

    I know... It's pretty extreme. I'll try to contain myself better next time lol
  4. melscott62

    McGriff Leaves Program

    This really sucks
  5. melscott62

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    yep. looking good for us.
  6. melscott62

    B10: East vs West Disparity?

    The east teams have no one to blame but themselves. You can't get blown out by average teams. The simple fact of the matter is that was not a great Ohio State team. Even their fans admit so. The big 10s top end teams were all very disappointing this year. They don't need to worry about the West... they will have their hands full soon enough.
  7. melscott62

    B10: East vs West Disparity?

    We are a bit of a media darling as well
  8. melscott62

    B10: East vs West Disparity?

    Things can change quickly. Look at our tenure in the big 12.
  9. melscott62

    LB Brian Ugwu

  10. melscott62

    DE Brant Banks

    I think if Mick could have stayed healthy and at DE he'd be considered a late round draft pick... Maybe better.
  11. melscott62

    DE Ty Robinson

    It was an honest question. I can't think of a kid that was labeled a "silent commit" on this board that turned out. I feel like 90 % end up not elsewhere. But I am far from a Nebraska recruiting expert.
  12. melscott62

    DE Ty Robinson

    I'm not criticizing you..... But I cringe every time I see "silent commit". Has there ever been a silent commit that came to Nebraska and ended up being a decent Player?
  13. melscott62

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    Well we finally got to use those pictures.
  14. melscott62

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    If this kid does Switch his commit I hope some of our fans learn from it. There was a lot said out in public that was unfortunate and we lucky it didn't cost us. It's a credit to this kid that he was able to look past that nonsense and at least consider us again.
  15. I feel it's unlikely that you don't at least to small step back. Urban is a once in a generation type coach that happens to be overshadowed by Saban. He's the Phil Mickelson of coaches. You don't just replace him. Stoops is a great coach..... But he's not in the same category as Meyer Imo.