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  1. I struggle getting too upset with an 18-20 year old for being wishy washy on school…esp if they don’t have parents/strong adult figures to steady them. My father was a college basketball coach and over his 20+ year career I cant tell you how many times he had kids come in and were quite flakey (and almost certainly would have transferred in todays climate) who by the end of their college career had matured immensely and went on to have wildly successful professional(not pro basketball) careers. An 18 y/o may be an adult but they are very rarely mature.
  2. I feel like 6 wins can be had simply by addressing turnovers and special teams. I don’t feel like that’s asking too much
  3. I dont feel like it makes sense to put too much stock in last years results. Covid messed up everything and you were seeing pretty bizarre and unexpected results across all sports including college football.
  4. I have no problem with the idea transfer portal but it needs to be tweaked. There needs to be some drawback to a transfer. 3 games? 6 games? There needs to be something.
  5. Gonna be interesting to see how he does. IMO his pro prospects are not great. He’s a slower deanthony Thomas. He is a good but not great college player. Maybe he will prove me wrong at Kentucky..... but I doubt it.
  6. The difference with frost is he wouldn’t use this as a means to a better job. I think many coaches would
  7. I get that it has been a long season.... but It would strike me as weird that the school that pushed so hard to play and said they would play anywhere would turn down a game.
  8. As much money as there = is in this conference.... how is this acceptable?
  9. Frost and crouch also had one of the best running attacks in the country that the other team was solely focused on.
  10. The difference in the games come down to the fumbles... esp the one by AM.
  11. does wisc have a wr that could crack the OSU rotation? not sure last week matters much going forward.
  12. it was so ridiculous it honestly didn't deserve a response.
  13. i wonder if this is looking at past recruiting classes or current rosters.
  14. Without seeing anyone play, I feel like the big10 has 6 top 25 teams. OSU is a top 3 team. PSU is a top 10. Michigan and Wisconsin are 10-15 and Iowa and Minnesota are top 25 teams. We have 5 of 6 on the schedule. I feel like a .500 would be quite an accomplishment and a huge step in the right direction.
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