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  1. I am not sure why people think this is a good fit. He might have a good idea of the play calling but he has a good idea of the play calling anywhere in the league. Billy C didn't steal Grudens playbook so he doesn't know that word for word. Tayler has to be better than one of the below, which is it? Chris Simms 6-4 220 Tim Rattay 6-0 200 Luke McCown 6-3 212 Bruce Gradkowski 6-1 222 Wouldn't he have been better off on a team with no QB's? To me it just seems he has a tough road to hoe.
  2. holy sh#t Batman. you already got him as uncertain for next season and we don't even know what happened?? slow down, let's get the facts first. Facts? We're talkin' 'bout facts? This is a message board not a newspaper we don't need no facts. We're talkin' 'bout facts? Not a newspaper, not a newspaper. (should be read like Allen Iverson in a press conference)
  3. ok so it might not have been a couple of dudes (I don't have first hand knowledge) but I think it is safe to say his status is uncertain with the team next year. Is it too late to get into the supplemental draft? Sorry there are no links at this time. Don't you have connections to the brothers in blue in lincoln?
  4. Maybe not. Not after tonight. Sounds like he got into it with some frat retards. He didn't want to go to jail so the cops added resisting arrest on to 2x simple assault.... At least, that's the word on the street.
  5. OK, easy there killer. I "hate" ksu as much as the next N alum but just because a small minority of people type some stuff doesn't mean, all of a sudden, their entire university is crap. So it is the popular thing to do, hate ksu, prince and freeman. Guess what people they hate billyc, marlon, kw and anyone else affiliated with dear ol' N U. Big whoop, so they posted some classless stuff that is labled as classless in a classless forum, who cares? Get over it. Waaaaaaa! I don't like Oklahoma because they pay their players too much. Waaaaaaa! I don't like Oklahoma lite because they have too much money. Waaaaaaa! I don't like Texas because they have too much talent. Waaaaaaa! I don't like Ksucks because they stole freeman. Waaaaaaa! I don't like sCUm because they are mean people. Waaaaaaa! I don't like Baylor because they suck. Waaaaaaa! I don't like Iowa State because they give the big 12 a bad name. Waaaaaaa! I don't like Missouri because they wear black. Waaaaaaa! I don't like Kansas because they always win in basketball. Waaaaaaa! I don't like Texas Tech because they beat us 70-10 Waaaaaaa! I don't like Texas A&M because they stole our AD Boooohooooo. Art thou holier than thou (or some such crap)..... Let it go people JESUS CHRIST let it go.
  6. Wow another yawner of a thread. Thanks for posting Please come again
  7. We could have taken frank solich's philosophy in db's, and every other position on the football field; if the players are good then they probably won't choose Nebraska and therefore we shouldn't recruit them. Billy C says let's try for the good talent and if we don't get them, then we'll go with Frankie S's philosophy and settle for 1 star athletes. OK I'm an asshat, and sorry for offending everyone I could but that's what liquor will do to ya!
  8. I agree that we should be concerned with him and hope for a full recovery life-wise (as opposed to if he will be playing for us) but the fact of the matter is, it all of a sudden did not become taboo to talk about our team or how they will react or how we will fill gaps. Do you think Nevada no longer has September 1st circled and they are going to wait to see how this turns out before training again? Do you think USC has just breathed a sigh of relief and everyone just went to the beach for the winter? Again, I feel for Lucky and hope he bounces back from this. I hope he has a good support group in Lincoln and in North Hollywood. I hope his family takes good care of him. But do not try to make me feel beneath all you high and mighty people who pray and do whatever it is you do because I want to talk football. Is this not posted in the football thread? So... We lost KW (imo, he has lost too much weight to come back this year) and BJax, Lucky is in limbo right now and that leaves us with Glenn who is hurt right now. Possibilities are: move Major to RB. <- I would like to develop him in defense move Green <- not deep enough at safety Hope Mendoza is good <- he probably is but can he perform as a true freshman? No one else has made that big of an impact in this system as a true freshman. Castille? <- less experience than Mendoza when he comes. Helu? see above I GOT IT, I GOT IT Let's ask Leon Jackson to come back! Who's with me?
  9. I doubt we see him in a Husker uniform again. That makes no sense at all, whats the point of posting if you just completly talk out of your ass... Depending on how serious this is he will most likely be back for spring ball. Terrell Owens OD'd earlier this year and I believe he played that week, Luckys may be more serious but I still cant see him missing spring ball and for sure dont see him no longer being a husker. The only reason he wuoldnt be is if it was a illegal drug of some sort and a violation of team rules that BC would find serious enough to kick him off the team. Another thing it could have been is some sort of supplement. That or medication for his back are the only possiblitys I see it being. Most likely back for spring ball? Now that is completly(sic) talking out of your ass. You have no clue, not even the slightest, to make such a statement.
  10. I doubt we see him in a Husker uniform again.
  11. Harland Gunn didn't pull anything. The staff didn't want him and made it clear to him. You won't see him starting in Miami anytime soon. Yes, officially they offered him but they have offered a lot of people and later evaluated further and decided against accepting that players verbal. I'm calling it now Robinson will pull a "D.J. Jones", "Niles Paul" and "Courtney Grixby" (remember Grixby also seriously considered ND). If the staff want him they will get him. Robinson will eventually come around and be N.
  12. Hmmmmmm Quite curious.... Not KW!
  13. Don't know if it is posted elsewhere but at the bottom of article it talks about revoking his offer. Published Sunday | February 11, 2007 Recruiting 2008: Region's juniors are a gold mine BY MITCH SHERMAN WORLD-HERALD BUREAU LINCOLN - Elkhorn junior Trevor Robinson received a text message on his cell phone last week from Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr. "Please call," it read. Want to guess what Robinson did next? He called, of course, and the Wolverines were the latest to offer a scholarship. It added to an impressive list of college programs in pursuit of Robinson that includes Nebraska, Notre Dame, Boston College, Kansas, Iowa and Texas A&M. The 6-foot-5, 300-pound lineman is on a fast track to become the most highly recruited prospect ever from his Class B school. In fact, the recruiting attention given Robinson has already eclipsed Jay Moore, the former Nebraska defensive end out of Elkhorn set to land this spring in the NFL draft. With signing day '07 barely in the books, Robinson ranks as a preliminary top-100 recruit nationally for the class of 2008 - one of two in the state of Nebraska atop a senior class next fall that appears to rank as the state's best in several years. Lincoln Southwest lineman Baker Steinkuhler was recently named to the rivals.com 24-player junior All-America team and figures to rank among the top five at his position next season. Southwest coach Mark King goes a step further. "He's the best lineman in the country," King said. "As far as the whole package, he is the best football player that I've ever coached. I can just tell you right now, there is no better offensive lineman in the country than him, and I've never said that about anybody. "Nobody's faster, stronger or has a better attitude at his size. You hear about a lot of these kids who work hard, but there's a small percentage who really do it every day and are at the top of that list. Baker is one of those guys." Steinkuhler committed to Nebraska in September, hours after the Huskers offered. His decision surprised few, considering his father, Dean, won the Outland Trophy and Lombardi Award at NU in 1983, and his brother, Ty, is a sophomore defensive lineman in Lincoln. Baker Steinkuhler, at 6-foot-5, has been clocked over 40 yards in 4.9 seconds. He's added about 20 pounds since November, King said, to reach a solid 290. "This kid has got a chance to take all kinds of trips all over the country, but he wants to be here," the coach said. "He's very close to his mother, his whole family, and really down to earth. Traveling and going to all these neat places, I'm pretty sure he'll have time for that down the road." Robinson isn't really into extending his college decision, either. He gained important exposure last summer by traveling to several camps and would like to visit a few schools during spring practice this year. Then, he said, it's probably time for a decision before the start of his senior year. "I'd like to get up to Ann Arbor, (Mich.)," he said. "I've seen a lot of the other places. I really don't see it as that big of a distraction. It's not much of an issue compared to playing more football. I don't want recruiting to be something that will hurt my senior year." Said Elkhorn coach Mark Wortman: "His feet are planted firmly on the ground." No matter how you look at it, Robinson is no lock for the Huskers, who signed three Nebraskans this year, four last year, three in 2005 and five in coach Bill Callahan's first recruiting class. Another top-100 junior, 6-7, 295-pound lineman Dan Hoch of Harlan, Iowa, has also committed to Nebraska, as has Omaha Westside running back Collins Okafor. The Huskers have offered a scholarship to Millard North junior safety Sean Fisher. Additionally, NU has revoked its scholarship offer to Omaha Central junior Ronnell Grixby. Grixby, the brother of Nebraska cornerback Cortney Grixby and former I-back DeAntae Grixby, was offered by the Huskers in September with Robinson and Steinkuhler. Ronnell Grixby recently did not play in two Central basketball games for what was believed to be disciplinary reasons. He has returned to the court. Central football coach Jay Ball declined to give specifics on the situation involving the NU scholarship. "My loyalties are with Ronnell and his family," Ball said
  14. This is uncomfirmed. I got a text message from a student. Just said he has a bad back and can't play any longer.
  15. Chad Roark leaves the team because of back trouble. This doesn't free up a scholly though, as he was not on scholarship. He will be going back to OK.
  16. In light of what is going on over at the Travis Lewis thread, I sure hope we didn't stop recruiting him. He had us as his favorite for the majority of the time. Some are saying he won't qualify so if that is the case I understand. But why would he then go to Baylor...isn't that a pretty tough school to qualify? I am asking because I don't know but I always thought Baylor was very tough academically. I'm almost positive Baylor is a pretty good academic school?! If you have grades to get into any NCAA institution then you can get into Baylor if they want you to. Each school sets their own admission requirements above and beyond what NCAA mandates the kicker is every school can make an exception to their admission requirements (within NCAA standards) for an excepional talent (if you were the greatest math mind in the history of the world but you didn't have the grade in english that Baylor says you need are they going to turn you away? No because you will bring notoriety to that school which means more money). The talent can be anything that the school wants it to be. Great musician, bandmarcherguy, nudebodychick, and yes football player. Not every school does it (Harvard, I believe, does not give any athletic scholly's out so they aren't inclined to make any exceptions), but every school can.
  17. I believe this to be a complete list as of now. I think BC only wants 10-15 walk-ons a year. Anyone who has a greyshirt promise is really a walk-on with the stipulation that if they make the two-deep they are put on scholarship. Cassidy (Lincoln Southwest) Lingenfelter (Plainview) Caputo (Millard North) Masin (Lincoln Southeast) May (Imperial Chase County) Hays (Papillion) Donahue (Fremont) Schulte (Norfolk) Thomsen (Elkhorn) Escamilla (Fremont Bergan) Grove (Arlington)
  18. "Wow" factor? Are you kidding me? We took Dillard out of their backyard. We ripped a hot JuCo QB from them when they had no QB's for the coming year and we had an almost given as a starter in Sam Keller. Oklahomo is fresh off of several BCS games and we haven't had one in forever (5 years?) Oklahomo is closer to Texas which is where he is from. I cannot believe you just said our coaching doesn't have that "WOW" factor..........UNBELIEVABLE. Are you a closet Stoops fan? I cannot believe you just posted that...I'm speachless, I think I'm gonna go puke now. Yeah thats it a closet Stoops fan! The "WOW" factor I was gearing towards is how coaches WIN kids over!! Not too mention the possibility of being a potential first year starter. If you wanna talk about BCS crap then explain why teams like Pittsburgh or South Carolina are AHEAD yeah that's right I said AHEAD of us in the recruiting game???? Can't use the excuse of BCS games there! Not too mention that both of those schools landed recruits out of Florida, which the last time I checked were NOT close to either of these two states! Also, explain "Oklahomo is fresh off of several BCS games and we haven't had one in forever (5 years?) ". Last time I checked we played 2 BCS teams last year. (USC and OU) I am however assuming that you meant BCS Bowl games. Sorry about the misunderstanding, I did mean BCS bowl games. I thought that was a given because I am pretty sure we play against BCS teams every year. Just off the top of my head I can think of every Big 12 team, I think are BCS teams? Maybe I am assuming too much there? Our Florida recruiting has fallen off with the increase in emphasis of Texas and Arizona. I think they realized it is awfully difficult to recruit FL as compared to Texas. Rank the average of the last three classes of the above schools you mentioned then we can talk about how this staff has no wow factor.
  19. "Wow" factor? Are you kidding me? We took Dillard out of their backyard. We ripped a hot JuCo QB from them when they had no QB's for the coming year and we had an almost given as a starter in Sam Keller. Oklahomo is fresh off of several BCS games and we haven't had one in forever (5 years?) Oklahomo is closer to Texas which is where he is from. I cannot believe you just said our coaching doesn't have that "WOW" factor..........UNBELIEVABLE. Are you a closet Stoops fan? I cannot believe you just posted that...I'm speachless, I think I'm gonna go puke now.
  20. Actually this year we might get a "good" surprise. Granted the T. Lewis decommittment probably hurts more than the good surprise but hey, we'll take what we can get. I think Ross is firm to NU now. His coach is practically promising that he will stick with his NU pledge. So now we need to kick the crap out of Oklahomo for the next few years so we can tell Reggie and Travis how dumb they are.
  21. A guy on the free board on brr has said Travis Lewis is our decommit that Amie had referred to. I have heard rumblings that he is heading to Norman. Not saying it's a fact that's just what I saw.
  22. It sounds like he will be going juco. Too bad.
  23. Again I say... I did not see this coming at all...I knew we might lose him but thought it would be to Alabama or West Virginia...not lose him to a Big 12 school...Baylor? Just for good measure... See my post earlier in this thread. For convenience I have pasted here.
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