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  1. redone

    Official University Press Release etc

    right on husker rob!!
  2. redone


    hey huskerrob why dont you try beer on your wife!??
  3. redone

    How Men Talk To Wives

    honey, your right!! LOL love you
  4. redone

    Have a safe trip

    husker rob im watching our little husker!!!
  5. redone

    Have a safe trip

    HuskerRob you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. redone

    Have a safe trip

    stay safe my husband!! i love you!
  7. redone

    2007 Recruiting Index

    go huskerrrrrsssss!!!!!!!!
  8. redone

    **Lou Tech pre-game thread**

    hey new here on the board! But a BIG husker fan!!! ive been reading alot of the message board, you guys rock! husker rob is awesome!! so if your reading this husker rob you rock!!! Funny!!!!!!! KEEP THE WIT COMING!!!!