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  1. A lot of guys got better and turned a corner. Too bad none of them play offense.
  2. Yes and no. He replaced games with Miami and Cal with games against WMU and EMU then and beat Iowa State, Northwestern and Minnesota. 3 teams that won a combined 4 conference games that year. If Frost had replaced Colorado with a sunbelt team and somehow traded OSU for Rutgers on the schedule. He'd have done significantly better than his predecessor last year too.
  3. Except literally the guy who followed this exact blueprint Frost is following. And that guy built his program doing the the same things Frost is doing because that guy was taught by the same guy that taught Frost. Barry Alverez took the Wisconsin Job in 1990. More than 50 players left the program over the next three years while he spent interview after interview talking about culture and pointing to what worked where he came from as he rebuilt the program from the ground up. In year 1 he went 1-10 In year 2 he went 5-6 In year 3 he went 5-6 In year 4 he w
  4. There isn't a single team in the country that is giving up less than 200 yards per game. There are only 2 that are even giving up less than 250 this season. Wisconsin - who has played 2 games against Illinois and Michigan. San Diego State who has played Utah State and UNLV. Two teams that currently rank 124 and 119 in total offense this season good for 3rd and 8th worst in the country.) Both will rise as they actually play more games against literally anyone. Last year Ohio State was the best defense in the nation in terms of yards given up. They gave up
  5. Finally getting Manning on the field after missing him against OSU is a major help. 34-24 Nebraska.
  6. JD was running away with receiving records because he was the first WR that played his entire Husker career in an offense that threw the ball 35+ times a game and every offense he played in featured the slot receiver as a primary target. JD had seasons of 55 66 and 49 catches. He totaled 2546 yards but had just 15 Touchdowns. His best receiving yardage year was 898 yards in 2019. His best touchdown year was 8 Touchdowns in 2018. Jordan Westerkamp as a comparison had 1 season with 66 catches. His other seasons were 20 catches, 44 catches and 38 catches. He ended wit
  7. He likely wasn't going to play here regardless if the Big Ten was playing this season. He wasn't willing to do the work needed to be part of the team.
  8. No. The draw was Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan against each other. They put those 4 teams against each other as often as possible to maximize ther tv contract negotiation. For example, Michigan was in our division and they played @ Ohio State and @Penn State in 2013 as cross division games and had Nebraska at home. They would have had the inverse the next year if the divisions didn't change in 2014.
  9. Money. Nebraska's brand draws national attention and ratings so the Big Ten wanted to completely maximize the amount of drawing power they could put out in Nebraska's first 5-10 years in the conference. - especially considering doing so is one of the reasons the last TV contract was so lucrative.
  10. Penn State is likely a top 10 team this year, Leaving Ohio State aside for a second Penn State (as of now) gets Iowa, Northwestern, Michigan State and Maryland at home and their road games are @ Michigan, @ Nebraska @ Rutgers and @ Indiana. That is a very, very winnable home schedule and they should be favored in every road game except maybe Michigan. It's not as much of an easy schedule as Ohio State has but it's not extremely treacherous either. Of course it all would come down to that head to head with Ohio State, but that game is in Happy Valley and give
  11. No it doesn't. The POINT is that the fact that Nebraska hasn't won a championship since 97 is as irrelevant to Nebraska recruiting well as it is to those other programs. They recruit better than us now because they've been good. But they are good now because even when they were bad they put in the resources to keep investing in the players to be able to recruit well enough till they got a better coach who could win games and turn that into great recruiting. Nebraska has done the same. Nebraska recruits well despite being awful BECAUSE the program invests in the players and programs
  12. Oklahoma hasn't won a National Title in 20 years. Notre Dame hasn't won a National Title since 1988 Penn State hasn't won a National Title since 1989 - when they were still independant. Georgia hasn't won a National Title since 1980 Michigan hasn't won a National Title since 1948. All of them were bad until they got a good coach and then they weren't. Players go where the programs invest in them. Nebraska invests in the players as much as anyone. We will get talent. Gotta have a staff who can evaluate and coach it.
  13. Benhart is better than Farinok at tackle by the simple fact that he can actually move his hips like a tackle and this move actually gives us enough flexibility that we aren't hamstrung into running to one side or the other depending on the call simply because the backside doesn't have an effective puller. One of the biggest issues the past 2 years is that a huge chunk of the Scott Frost run game relies on having multiple offensive linemen pull on the same play. Nearly 3/5'ths of Frost's run game playbook relies on at least 2 pulling linemen. (generally pulling both guards when run
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