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  1. Blackshirt316

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Illinois (Game 4) **

    I mean sure but 4 of those were At Michigan, At Wisconsin, At Iowa and At Ohio State. The only "bad losses" were at Colorado and at Northwestern, both losses went to OT where we lost by a field goal.
  2. Blackshirt316

    Which type I-back do you prefer?

    In today's game? Marshall Faulk.
  3. Blackshirt316

    DT Voi Tunuufi

    Can I just say, the edits this year are fire. BIG props for the graphics guys this season. Steppin the game up.
  4. Blackshirt316

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    The best thing you can say about Minnesota this weekend is at least they aren't Purdue.
  5. Blackshirt316

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    They play like they did tonight on the road next week and Fresno State will destroy them.
  6. Blackshirt316

    Lightening Again!

    Rain will be fine. The humidity is gonna suck though.
  7. Blackshirt316

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I care about what is right, not about how it looks. You either sit him till his case is resolved or you play him. IMO until it is determined he even is accused of something that is actually illegal or not he should be allowed to play. Besides if you care about optics, sitting him against So. Alabama and then playing him against Colorado would look worse. We arent just talking one game here.
  8. Blackshirt316

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Which is why you play him until something changes.
  9. Blackshirt316

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Generally I'd agree but it seems to me in this case there is a lot of question on even if he did everything they say he did, whether he even committed a crime at all let alone a felony. This is a test case for that entire law.
  10. Blackshirt316

    ***Official USA Look-A-Like Thread***

    yes it's obvious, but it had to be done.
  11. Unless Haggerty is fully healthy all season I don't think Wisconsin wins this. Rettke is a monster in the middle but Duello and Loberg aren't strong enough on the pins to win the conference. I'd flip Wisconsin and Minnesota and give Nebraska a good shot to steal it.
  12. Blackshirt316

    New Huskers.com website

    I like it, it looks good on mobile too unlike the last one. The only problem I have with it is that you can't jump right to sub pages with a google search. not that big of a deal though.
  13. Blackshirt316


    Miller and Duval look like a before and after of what happens when you hit your 30's
  14. Blackshirt316

    JUCO WR Omar Manning

    I don't think we take that many, also we will probably end up way heavier on D this class. There are 12 scholarship defensive seniors (8 on 2 deep) and only 6 offensive scholarship seniors (just 2 on 2 deep) this year. Also, we loaded up offense on last year. (16 on O to 11 on D last class) 8 of those defensive seniors are in the back 7 so we need extra DB's and lots of LB's to go with 2 if not 3 more DL. Our luxury pick on offense was either a 4th WR or a 2nd RB and they went RB.
  15. Blackshirt316

    JUCO WR Omar Manning

    We could but it would be tight. We already have 10 commits and have 2 RB and this would make 3 WR. We still need a TE 2 DE's 2 LB 3 DB's and an OL for sure. That puts us at 20. We're probably only taking 22 this class so if we take another WR on top of Manning that means we are either not taking an extra LB or we are sticking with only one more OL recruit in the class. Edit. That should have been one more OL not just one OL.