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  1. They're trying really hard to hire Vince Morrow. Considering how brazenly he was trying to cheat as soon as he got a chance when he was here and as much as he cheated at Kentucky this is a BAD move for MSU. That program simply cannot handle a recruiting scandal right now.
  2. 2 and 3 are completely irrelevant to a timeframe and apply to ever school in the country. Take those two away and every one of those apply to pre-Saban Alabama except #1. Hire an elite coach and you win. It isn't that complicated. Finding that elite coach first is the part that is hard.
  3. He's a really good defensive coach. I think what you are asking is if he a really good Coordinator? He took an awful defense to being not awful. But he's never put together an elite defense even against weaker conpetition at WSU or with elite talent at OSU or OU. He's also never been anywhere for more than 3 years. I would say no he's not a great DC but he's above average. My question back would be do you think Chins is a really good defensive coordinator? Statistically he's on par (if not better) than Grinch. Personally I think it's close, but I would say if Nebraska's defense is better this year than last year Chins is better than Grinch.
  4. So you are going to take a guy who has been a head coach for 20 years and because he had a fairly good defensive coordinator for 2 years a couple seasons ago, he cares about defense all of a sudden? Please. Especially considering the way Grinch got the job with Leach in the first place. Grinch had never been more than a defensive backs coach before then, and was hired by Leach almost completely on the recommendation of/as a favor to his buddy Gary Pinkel, Grinch's uncle. Also a part of the reason Grinch was seen as such a good DC was because of how bad Leach's Defenses usually are. Under Grinch they still were 74th, 50th and 58th in defensive points against in his 3 seasons there. He's a really good Defensive coach, but look at him compared to someone else. Namely our Defensive Coordinator. Grinch took the 117th worst defense and got them to 74th his first year. Against a Strength of Schedule of 74th Chin took the 116th worst defense and got them to 88th in his first year. Against a Strength of Schedule of 26th Grinch got WSU down to 50th in his 2nd year. Against a Strength of Schedule of 34th Chin got Nebraska down to 66th in his 2nd year. Against a Strength of Schedule of 25th Grinch in his 3rd year regressed. WSU finished 58th in ppg against a Strength of Schedule of 56th. Chin is going into his 3rd year. If next year Nebraska's Defense regresses and Scott Frost fires Chin and gives the Defensive Coordinator job to Barrett Ruud and told him to run the defense and call plays, would you say Frost is showing he cares about turning around his defense? Last year after Clayes resigned with the 107th ranked defense in the country, Leach instead of going out and hiring an actual replacement gave the job to co-defensive coordinators: CO-DC A had a single year as a quality control intern at North Texas, a single year as a quality control coach at WSU and a single year of actual coaching experience as a DB coach before getting the WSU Coordinator job. CO-DC B had 25+ years of coaching experience and had been a pretty good Defensive Coordinator at 3 different schools while moving up the coaching ladder from D2 to CUSA and then the MAC before getting the WSU Linebacker/co-dc job. Leach gave the primary DC title and play-calling duties to C0-DC A. Think about that. His Defensive Coordinator was so ashamed he resigned after blowing a 49-17 lead at home to UCLA in a game where the UCLA QB threw a record 9 touchdowns, and Leach's brilliant decision to fix his defense was to turn that unit over to a guy who had literally a single year of coaching experience at any level. Ruud has more than double the coaching experience right now than the guy Leach gave that job to last season.
  5. Is he? He was innovative 15 years ago but he doesn't prioritize recruiting when he hires assistants, he doesn't do much to help his players be ready for the NFL off the field and has no idea defense is even a thing you should try to be good at. If I'm a WR or RB maybe, If I'm a QB absolutely, but if I'm a defensive player I'm looking for a way out of town.
  6. Well Deantai started the season as the starting safety and got hurt in the first half of the first game. When was Farmer hurt? He played against NIU, OSU, Wisconsin and Iowa * so basically one game per "quarter" throughout the entire season, and was on every travel roster except one.
  7. You mean Deontai Williams. Farmer played special teams in 4 games and red-shirted.
  8. Cold weather teams have won nearly double the number of Superbowls as warm weather teams and almost half the warm weather Superbowls are by 2 teams, Dallas and San Francisco.
  9. For at least the 4th time this year another pathetic coaching failure loss.
  10. How can a coach preach this to their players when on your most pivotal offensive drives you call plays that are full of charmin soft fear?
  11. This is the least talented team we've had since the late 60's
  12. The problem with doing major renovations in South Stadium is 2 fold. 1. the current foundations there aren't strong enough to support any more significant weight than currently exists without completely removing most of what is in the space and starting over as you would have to remove the current pilings and dig new ones (likely deep enough that they reach bedrock) and as you can see in the picture would need to go right through the middle of that building. 2. That building is the Schorr Center. The basement of the Schorr Center is a climate controlled, state of the art facility which houses the universities 5 supercomputers. Moving those to a new location would be incredibly expensive and difficult, just the act of shutting them down for any extended amount of time would likely be extremely cost and resource prohibitive.
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