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  1. Blackshirt316

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Of all the dumb comments in this thread this may be the dumbest I've seen and that's saying a lot.
  2. Blackshirt316

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I'm perfectly aware of this spin. I'm also aware of how our AD treats Darrin Erstad. So excuse me while I laugh.
  3. Blackshirt316

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    If you know absolutely nothing about basketball then yes it's a great post. Anyone who actually thinks Miles is on the hot-seat right now is nuts or has zero idea of what Nebraska Basketball looked like 8 years ago. It's very likely if we're looking for a new coach next year, it's not because Miles was fired but because he took a different job due to the amount of people in this fanbase who have zero idea what reality is.
  4. Blackshirt316

    Redux fixes the playoff

    Sorry, G5 teams need not apply. They has a choice between playing for a championship or getting a slice of the P5 pie. They chose the cash. They are more than welcome to stop taking the money and play for a G5 championship if they want, until then they get the deal they signed on for. You also don't need 8. No need for a full round of extra games. 6 teams is all we need, 5 champions and 1 at large. Committee ranks the conferences to determine the at large and the seeds. Top 2 seeds get a bye.
  5. Blackshirt316

    Big announcement coming?

    This is one of Eichorst's biggest failures. We should have started planning the next upgrade project at minimum 2 years ago. Now not only are we not ahead of the curve we're in real danger of falling behind it.
  6. Honestly I don't know how Iowa's entire administration hasn't been arrested for this yet. Forcing sick children to watch Iowa football has to be illegal in at least a dozen different ways.
  7. Blackshirt316

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    No and they never will be. Iowa is what Missouri used to be. A team we played for a trophy noone cared about that just irritates us but is not ever going to be a real threat nationally. Wisconsin is our new Colorado. A rowdy fanbase who's program has tasted some national success but has yet to prove it can take that big step up. We don't have a rival right now. It was starting to be Penn State till the conference screwed up the scheduling system last expansion. My guess is that when expansion happens again in a few years we will see a Rival for Nebraska emerge. But right now it isn't there. FWIW: Northwestern is a more likable ksu. Guess we always have do deal with the purple kitties in some form. Illinois is ISU with less condiments. Purdue is Kansas and they are currently in their Mangino stage until Brohm leaves.
  8. Tina's is so far though to walk on gameday. They really need to find a bigger shop closer to the Stadium.
  9. He's Tommy Armstrong with a weaker deep ball and no Jordan Westerkamp.
  10. Just to put the numbers out there: Over the past 10 full years (2008-2017) Nebraska had a record of 85-47 and a winning percentage of .643. That is the 22nd most wins and 24th best win percentage in the country over that span. Teams ranked 25-28 in win percentage over that span are in order - Navy, Notre Dame, Auburn and Iowa. Over that last 10 year span Michigan State had 93 wins (+8) Penn State had 89 wins (+4) Notre Dame had 82 wins (-3) Texas had 78 wins (-7) and Michigan had 74 wins (-11).
  11. Riley yes. Nothing short of a scandal sees him not get a full season with his own QB at the helm. Eichorst on the otherhand, very likely would have been fired within a few weeks.
  12. Blackshirt316

    What if Nebraska has TWO games canceled this year?

    How the heck do you justify building a dorm costing $300M with only 4,000 total students?
  13. Blackshirt316

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    We didn't have much choice. He was already the 3rd string player for that grouping. Reed and Smith were both hurt. They tried to cover the deficiencies in coverage by blitzing with 6 or 7. The Pass rush simply wasn't quick enough.
  14. Blackshirt316

    Pass Rush?

    Recruit Defensive Ends who can rush the passer? Our current DE's are a converted Tight End and a guy who was recruited to be a run stopping base end in a 4-3. We have ONE actual recruited rush end on this roster right now (Alex Davis) because the ONLY other one Riley recruited is Quayshon Alexander and he's out for the season.
  15. Blackshirt316


    Jackson and Lindsey are a start (though not a youth movement and it isn't like that is new for them (especially for Jackson) to be replaced for bad play.. But Conrad was due to injury and illness not because they wanted to make a change. Do you really expect the starting line to not just go right back where it was to start the season when all five are available? None of this excuses the fact that there is a senior linebacker who can't tackle and is constantly out of position because he has zero concept of eye discipline. One player who play after play makes everything his teammates do irrelevant because he hands the opposing offense the ability to do whatever they want when they get themselves into the right match up where he has to make a play. When that one player continues to start and play virtually every snap the mantra of accountability falls flat. Even Mark Banker, who had far less investment in the program than this staff benched Daniel Davie. I HATE calling out a specific player but Listen to Frost's press conference going on RIGHT NOW.. Hard to take it seriously when Dedrick Young is STILL your starting linebacker and plays virtually all of the snaps.