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  1. Didn’t Moos say to hold onto your Akron tickets if a new game is added?
  2. Akron tickets going to be valid?
  3. Huskerballz


    Has Lee audibled out of the initial play once this season? I can't recall it at all unless it's super subtle.... Just seems functional offenses with competent QBs quite regularly (and obviously) change the play up if they read something on the defense. It seems to me Lee isn't capable of reading the D to know what to check to. Has this been the case or am I just missing it? And if so, how big of a problem is it to have a QB that always runs the initial play called?
  4. Huskerballz

    Kieron Williams?

    Someone more football savvy, school me here. Do the safeties in a 3-4 have differing responsibilities than safeties in a 4-3? If so, could the reason for his descent be from Diacos assessment of his new players and how their current skill set translates to what a 3-4 safety needs to do? Perhaps Williams doesn't possess those skills, thus burying him on the depth chart. if not, I take no ownership over the previous words typed as I blacked out during.
  5. Huskerballz

    Time Change or Locations change? Hmm

    Umm yep, they do. Still doesn't take away from the fact it would suck and affect a lot of people, not to mention university and tv revenu. CFB season is short as it is, taking away a game would be no fun for all involved.
  6. Huskerballz

    Time Change or Locations change? Hmm

    I just don't see any way this game is played this weekend if they can't play it in Oregon. Relocating is an option, but then you're forcing season ticket holders to make last minute travel arrangements to see their team play at some place hours away since there's nowhere close by to play it as a failsafe. Would they relocate and also refund them for that game? The more I think about it, if the air doesn't improve, I'm just thinking no game.
  7. Huskerballz

    Time Change or Locations change? Hmm

    What are the chances this game is never made up and both teams just play 11 games? That'd be.....awful.
  8. Huskerballz

    Huskers secondary steppin' up big

    While I agree that the secondary has been solid - does it bother anyone else how far off the WR they play pre-snap? If they're truly lockdown corners like they say they are, I don't see why they aren't playing bump and run with the WRs at the line. We played stout against Indiana, but those 8 to 10 yard passes were way too easy for Lagow to complete.
  9. Huskerballz

    Camp Randall

    I've never been, but I can tell you to expect to be treated with hostility. Badger fans take pride in treating opposing fans like s***.
  10. Huskerballz

    Possible Hint at Alternate Uniforms for Oregon...

    If memory serves - we usually only wear alternates for BIG 10 games anyway, right? If that's true, then there's no discussion. You'll see the Huskers run out onto that field with the classid red jersey and white pants. THE best uniform combo in my opinion anyway.
  11. Huskerballz

    Huskers on the "Mentalist"

    Apparently everyone is forgetting (rightfully so) the AWESOME one season series of when Tommy Lee went to college at Nebraska. Ugh, that was awful. The tutor however, was sexy as hell.
  12. Well that's like....your opinion and stuff....man.
  13. Is this a pay league?
  14. Huskerballz

    Michigan tickets on sale from michigan athletic dept.

    My Dad and I are trying to get to this game. If anyone has the hook-up, please let me know!!