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  1. I too am interested in the defense. An attacking one I hope
  2. For those of us that haven't watched any of Frost's teams, can someone with a higher football X's and O's knowledge than mine break down his offensive scheme? What would it look like? What could we expect? What makes it so prolific? Thanks!
  3. I take offense to this post. Art degrees are very important. Look around you, everything you see has had some sort of art degree involved.
  4. lay off weis for god's sake. not very nice to make fun of him especially after what he went through trying to lose the weight. this thread is for talking about one of our next great linebackers michael rose.
  5. what positon did we offer him for?
  6. Thanks for checking them out guys/girls. huskersals24
  7. I live in Denver and am a freelance sports photographer. These shot are from the past 2 games that Nebraska had played here in Boulder. Check them out. Enjoy! Nebraska vs CU Suh senior year Nebraska vs. CU all white uni's There are numerous other photo's on that page, I hope you like them. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. huskersals24
  8. My wife and I... Sorry I'm 4th grade teacher and it's a habit.
  9. Seems to be a lot of rumors...from he's ok to he's out for the year??
  10. this would be an awesome addition. anymore news on it? the thread kind of died early this afternoon??
  11. he is now rated as a 5.4 2 star on rivals. for those of you who care
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