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  1. I too am interested in the defense. An attacking one I hope
  2. For those of us that haven't watched any of Frost's teams, can someone with a higher football X's and O's knowledge than mine break down his offensive scheme? What would it look like? What could we expect? What makes it so prolific? Thanks!
  3. I take offense to this post. Art degrees are very important. Look around you, everything you see has had some sort of art degree involved.
  4. lay off weis for god's sake. not very nice to make fun of him especially after what he went through trying to lose the weight. this thread is for talking about one of our next great linebackers michael rose.
  5. what positon did we offer him for?
  6. Thanks for checking them out guys/girls. huskersals24
  7. I live in Denver and am a freelance sports photographer. These shot are from the past 2 games that Nebraska had played here in Boulder. Check them out. Enjoy! Nebraska vs CU Suh senior year Nebraska vs. CU all white uni's There are numerous other photo's on that page, I hope you like them. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. huskersals24
  8. My wife and I... Sorry I'm 4th grade teacher and it's a habit.
  9. Seems to be a lot of rumors...from he's ok to he's out for the year??
  10. this would be an awesome addition. anymore news on it? the thread kind of died early this afternoon??
  11. he is now rated as a 5.4 2 star on rivals. for those of you who care
  12. Nebraska is on their list. Talks about how Reeves and Moore are 2 of the top lineman in the country and that Turner is a "do it all athlete" that could end up at any position.
  13. Since he's already committed and didn't have a ton of offers, he'll likely be a 4 star. Need those 5 stars to be uncommitted or going to schools with large populations of fans to drive up subscriptions. Not true. See Baker Steinkuhler. Well Baker did start out as a 4 star so who knows. Anyway who else do you guys think will be on the list? Some of the offers handed out for the 2011 who should make the list Aaron Green, James Turner, Christain Westerman but he is a USC fan Ryne Reeves, Alex Dixon DB Florida, Brodrick Lee DT Florida, to name a few There's a Colorado kid
  14. any one see that he is rated as a 4 star on scout? I personally like rivals better but thought that was interesting.
  15. Ok thanks. Glad to see that one of offensive recruits was there live to see that great performance. Hope he left that came very ready to be apart of something special beginning next year!
  16. I have read somewhere that there were 2 recruits at the game tonight, one of the being Jamal Turner QB 2011, who apparently committed before the game. But who was the other one? Anyone know? Thanks.
  17. Well I'm not sure if it's that Hawkins has a bad relationship with the coaches, or that not many people in general support him out here. But I'd guess the later. Whether it is on the talk radio, or in the local magazines/newspaper, most people don't know why he was retained other than the money aspect. With such instability and lack of support for their program, if I was 18 I wouldn't want to go into such a negative atmosphere. Also, and this is just my opinion, but with so many transplant families/people in Colorado, kids grow up rooting for whoever is best, or for the team where eve
  18. Any new news on this guy? I am really hoping that he ends up being N.
  19. Living in Denver and covering some High School football for Mile High Sports magazine I've seen this kid play a few times. He is a playmaker, not as a QB though. He can't throw the ball all that well but can definitely make plays. He's quick and shifty, and if you ask me he is better than Donny Spond a 4* ATH/QB out of Columbine HS that some of you were interested in after he decommited from Colorado. Would be great get as a slot guy, maybe a returner.
  20. those three is all. wish Lavonte would have made it but he will be here in the summer. Thanks EZ-E. I wish he could have made it as well, but it's great to have Hardrick there to improve our poor O-line.
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