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  1. Updated first post and added poll! Nebraska has never won seven straight conference series to start a season.
  2. Yep, TBF if Nebraska & Michigan keep winning, the series at the end of the year might determine a regional host.
  3. https://d1baseball.com/postseason/projected-field-of-64-april-20/ Nebraska still projected as a 2-seed in the #1 overall seed Arkansas regional
  4. I'm going to be interested in seeing what the seniors do. I would like to think they'd like their season to end on a way better note.
  5. Only reason Ohio State's RPI is high, is because of they've played Michigan. For some reason Michigan has a high RPI. But RPI isn't going to be a great indicator for Big Ten teams, since the conference screwed us over.
  6. Friday, April 23 (4 PM) Pitching: LHP Cade Povich (3-1) vs. RHP Mason Erla (3-2, 3.02) TV/Streaming: BTN & FOX Sports App Radio: Husker Sports Network Saturday, April 24 (2 PM) Pitching: RHP Chance Hroch (3-0) vs. LHP Nick Powers (3-2, 4.15) TV/Streaming: BTN+ Radio: Husker Sports Network Sunday, April 25 (11 AM) Pitching: RHP Shay Schanaman (4-0) vs. RHP Wyatt Rush (1-1, 3.07) TV/Streaming: BTN+ Radio: Husker Sports Network Michigan State is currently hitting .261 (5th) with 9 (12th) HRs, 99 (5th) BBs, with 217 (7th) Ks and a .972 (6th) fielding percentage.
  7. Then Kendall deleted said tweet about their midwest coverage.
  8. Bottom of the 6th: Fly out Error Double, runner to third Runner out, run scores, run to third, 5-3 Huskers Fly out 1 run, 1 hit, 1 left on base Heading to the 7th, 5-3 Huskers!
  9. Top of the 6th: Hallmark flies out Schwellenbach strikes out Chick walks Chick to second on wild pitch Anderson singles, Chick scores! 5-2 Huskers! Roskam strikes out 1 run, 1 hit, 1 left on base
  10. Bottom of the 5th: Pop out Bunt single Wild pitch, runner to second Strikeout Double, run scores, 4-2 Huskers Strikeout 1 run, 2 hits, 1 left on base Heading to the 6th, 4-2 Huskers!
  11. Top of the 5th: Chick doubles Max singles, Chick to third Anderson to second on wild pitch Roskam walks Banjoff singles, Chick scores, Anderson scores, Roskam to third, Banjoff to second on error. 4-1 Huskers! Matthews strikesout Everitt strikesout Acker grounds out 2 runs, 3 hits, 2 left on base
  12. Bottom of the 4th: Single Double play Fly out 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 left on base Heading to the 5th, 2-1 Huskers!
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