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  2. So we just gonna let this keep happening? All these pointless threads?
  3. Remember when Bo Pelini beat Dabo and people thought Dabo was in over his head? Man those were the good ol' days.
  4. I just want to see touchbacks back in Lincoln. So important, and we've been so spoiled.
  5. Sounds like what I thought until they played my Ravens. Also we thought Chiefs were the team to beat last year. I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. I love bowl season. After the regular season it's the best season.
  7. Early reports said yes, but recently it's been a no. So the final answer is no one knows.
  8. I did some research as to FGs and XPs, mainly because of Nebraska's struggles, but then also Alabama's. Because even though they can win games and titles, they have difficulties with kickers. Since Nick Saban went to Alabama he hasn't had one kicker attempt either all fgs or all xps. Saban's teams have missed over 100 fgs, 250/350 since 2007. They have missed 24 xps. Nebraska over that same time-frame is 207/257 which is 9 % points better than Alabama. We have missed 10 xps. So what does this mean? You need a damn kicker. But you can still overcome kicking woes to an extent. Also Nebraska's worst fg% was this year during that time span. Coincidentally this is the 6th time Alabama has finished under 70%.
  9. IT'S THAT TIME! I'll be posting a light preview of Nebraska's season opener against the Baylor Bears! Baylor has one player named to the third team preseason All-America team: Nick Lofton Baylor finished with a 34 RPI last year, and was 35-19 (14-8 Big XII). They were knocked out in the regional round as a two seed. Nebraska won the series against Baylor last season winning 12-4, 2-0 and then losing the third game 3-10.
  10. could we do a special teams analyst?
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