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  1. It's not even. They are better than us. It's cherry-picking stats.
  2. 0/5 would not refresh page again.

  3. Everyone is going through this so this isn't a worthy excuse.
  4. Why does it if we win or do well it can never just be improvement. Not everything has to be justified.
  5. So do we get good snaps consistently this year?
  6. Class A State Tournament now is all 24 instead of 16. Top 8 seeds get a bye.

    1. teachercd


      Pretty much makes sense...teams with 3 wins got in all the time before might as well just let more in.



  7. Yep, I vaguely remember the 1997 National championship game. But I remember the 2001 NC game/sCUm game...
  8. First time I can remember in my lifetime that there is actually a sense of unity with everyone at the school.
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