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  1. He stated he would have a payment for ad-free viewing.
  2. 2020 Westside ATH Grant Tagge walking on! #GBR #RollSide

  3. It was, now we just need consistency. And things should get better.
  4. We didn't have any turnovers and also for those who keep saying he gets paid $5 mill for this. Well no sh1t everyone know his salary just have some damn faith he'll figure it out. This is their first bye week in over two years. He is tired of the product on the field and that's why there were changes in the game and and he got after the players during halftime and even had them running plays during it. He's not clueless. Also chinader adjusted and went to a four man front. You can put the players in that position but they have to execute. It's on both sides. IMHO
  5. Add in the snaps and there ya go. Weren't any for Vedral which is weird.
  6. Ope, here's the negative nancy The last time we went overseas was in 1992 right?
  7. Developing players and S&C can fix that
  8. I thought you jumped? Color me disappointed.
  9. Coming from a guy whose username is "bosolich"
  10. Bench Martinez! Our offense sucks... Wait...
  11. You too bud, comparing Frost to a coach who got fired after 3 years. I understand we want progress but making comments like that are idiotic I'm sorry. Nowhere near the same situations.
  12. How did that season end? And what happened in the third year? And we are regressing? Offense yes but defense has been better. Not in this game but overall. You guys expect things to happen overnight and it's going to take time. People don't understand that. Just calm the hell down.
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