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  1. Man what Erstad did to Michigan is more amazing by the win.

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    2. STL Husker

      STL Husker

      I think alot of it had to do with how Michigan was playing at the time.  They were in the middle of a 2-6 stretch.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I don't think it's amazing or a sign of anything at all. It's baseball. Anyone can catch another team at an opportune time. Just because Michigan is where they are now doesn't indicate anything that happened months ago.

    4. hskrfan4life


      It's baseball wasn't able to be an excuse when we lost to Oklahoma State in the regional? But it applies here? Why? 

  2. Big Ten is a crappy baseball league

    1. funhusker


      Baseball is a crappy sport to base the strength of a league


      edit: before this is taken as a "serious" comment, I'd like to clarify that I don't feel baseball is a fun sport for spectators (outside of overexcitable mothers....)  But I do understand that there are people who find fulfillment in watching paint dry and grass grow.  I don't wish to ruin their joy.  Carry on :)


    2. hskrfan4life


      Oh I know I was as needing around

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Baseball is a sport where 1 player (a pitcher) can keep the most mediocre of teams in contention. Not that Michigan’s lineup is mediocre. Just so happens Michigan has two pitchers just dealing and peaking at the right time

  3. hskrfan4life

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    One thing that I hope that continues and needs to continue is tough non-conference scheduling. I know we are returning the favor with Arizona State next year, but in the Big Ten which doesn't have a high conference RPI as ACC, Big XII or SEC we will need it.
  4. hskrfan4life

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    Could be NW's due to being a private school, I don't think they have to release that type of information. Could be entirely wrong though. From what you stated though it does make a bit more sense, but will be interesting to see if he'd still handle mechanics and what not, and spending so much time as a catcher does lend itself to seeing things a normal fan/non-pitching coach can't see.
  5. hskrfan4life

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    To be honest, why in the actual F&** is he handling pitchers? Just because he caught previously? Honestly I would've been fine with keeping Silva but this is something I don't understand.
  6. Erstad did such a horrible job this year beating Michigan three times.

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    2. knapplc


      I think the "hate" he gets is because he burned out on the job sometime in the two previous seasons and the product on the field reflected that. People were disgruntled over it - and chief among those was Erstad himself. He was very clear in his departure that if he felt he had done a better job, last year would have been his final season.

    3. hskrfan4life


      Thank you @knapplc hopefully Bolt can improve on a solid foundation.

    4. VectorVictor


      Erstad's unevenness during the season was maddening--we've have a team that was able to go down to Baylor and win that series, but we couldn't win a series against Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, or Northwestern this season?


      I'm hoping we get a more even keel, high energy team from Bolt. One that dropping a series to a lesser team is more of an aberration or fluke, and not the standard. 



  7. hskrfan4life

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    All the people mentioned previously. The only issue I have is the no HC experience. Moos said he wanted someone with HC experience. So going back on that sucks. Erstad was a first time head coach too. We have some good ball players and I hope none of them leave due to the coaching change.
  8. hskrfan4life

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    Don't like it but will support the team.
  9. hskrfan4life

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    Yep, I honestly felt the team started to feel the pressure of what they were so close to achieving boneheaded mistakes. I just hope with the right kind of coaching we can stop the issues in the big games.
  10. hskrfan4life

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    Still to this day was the right call. Never going to back down from it. It is in the rules that such an instance could be reviewed and it was. Either way glad it happened because I feel it helped spur everything.
  11. hskrfan4life

    Baseball Coach Search

    2019 - .251 2018 - .287 46th 2017 - .273 146th (ours was .281) 2016 - .311 15th 2015 - .299 21st Definitely the lowest out of the 5 years, however no head coaching experiencing which is what Moos stated he wanted.
  12. hskrfan4life

    Baseball Coach Search

    Why did Hoiberg come here? Don't have to rectify someone coming. Money talks.
  13. hskrfan4life

    Gomes Named First-Team Freshman All-American

    Yep never going to amount to anything. In all honesty I want him to get his hitting game improved so he could Be a consistent option both on the mound and in the box.
  14. hskrfan4life

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    Is it weird if this is a fetish?
  15. hskrfan4life

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    I'm not concerned about weed smoking and I won't be. Just hope we get a conclusion to his court case soon.