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  1. hskrfan4life

    What's the song before kickoff?

    imo I prefer the Joker and the thief.
  2. hskrfan4life

    2019 Baseball Schedule

    You're totally correct. Again Big Ten Tournament is in Omaha, need to show up in postseason... AND MAKE IT to postseason
  3. Game One Nebraska will play in the Frisco Baseball Classic, first game against Texas Tech, who advanced to the 2018 Men's College World Series. Rosters haven't been updated Texas Tech finished 45-20, and 15-9 in the Big XII and finished 8th in RPI Game Two Next up is Sam Houston State, who finished 39-20 overall and 24-6 in the Southland conference, winning the regular season title, but lost the conference tournament Finished 55th in RPI Game Three Nebraska's last game in the Frisco College Baseball Classic is against Mississippi State Mississippi State finished 39-29 overall, and 15-15 in the SEC good enough for 5th in the West. Mississippi State went 2-2 in the College World Series losing to the eventual national champions Oregon State in the last two games.
  4. Next up is Oregon State, the winners of the 2018 Men's College World Series. Nebraska is 1-5 since joining the Big Ten against Oregon State, including losing 1-10 and 3-9 last season. Oregon State returns their leading hitter in Adley Rutchman, who hit .408 last year. They also return a starter from last year Bryce Fehmel, who went 10-1 with a 3.19 ERA and they return their closer Jake Mulholland who had 16 saves with a 2.20 ERA
  5. hskrfan4life

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    What if you don't have a coat but you wear a red hoodie in place of said coat? I'm a real Husker fan?
  6. I'll be attempting to do the same sort of thing that's done in the football and basketball forum. First up UC Riverside: Nebraska split a two-game series with UC Riverside last year in Tempe, winning Friday's game 8-3, but losing Saturday's game 1-8. UC Riverside finished last in the Big West coming in at 7-17 in the Big West and 19-33 overall. Their hitting and homerun leader Connor Cannon (10) (.282 avg) is also a pitcher. Cole Percival was their leading pitcher with 5 wins, 4 losses, 3.20 ERA, 87.1 IP, 79 H, 31 ER, 15 BB, 63 Ks. I will update this page once more information is released
  7. hskrfan4life


    Really like the way Ozigbo has turned it on this year. Really glad he did.
  8. hskrfan4life

    Huskerboard members game list

    Updated 1999 - Southern Miss (first home game 8 yrs old| W) 2000 - Colorado (W, remembering my dad saying Brown would miss FG, he made it) 2001 - Troy State (W) 2002 - Utah State (W) @ Iowa State (L, first road game, my birthday) 2003 - Troy State (W) @ Missouri (L, Brad Smith enough said) 2004 - Western Illinois (W) 2005 - Maine (W) Iowa State (W first overtime game) @ Kansas (L) 2006 - Louisiana Tech (W) -Nicholls State (W) Kansas (W) Texas (L) Big XII Championship (Oklahoma) (L) 2007 - Nevada (W) Ball State (W)@ Missouri (L) 2008 - Western Michigan (W) San Jose State (W) Missouri (L) Baylor (W, RGIII frosh year) Colorado (W) 2009 - Florida Atlantic (W) Arkansas State (W) Louisiana-La Fayette (W 300th sellout) Texas Tech (L) Oklahoma (W) Kansas State (W) 2010 - WKU (W) Idaho (W) SDSU (W) Texas (L) Missouri (W) @ Iowa State (W) Kansas (W) Colorado (W) 2011 - Every home game (6-1) 2012 - Every home game (7-0) 2013 - Every home game except SDSU (4-3) 2014 - Every home game including @ Wisconsin (6-2) 2015 - Every home game except Wisconsin (3-3) 2016 - Every home game (7-0) 2017 - Every home game except Ohio State and Northern Illinois (2-4) 2018 - Missed Minnesota, BC, went to @ Wisconsin and @ Michigan (1-5) Total - 66-27 (71% Win Oct, 93 games)

  10. hskrfan4life

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Shouldn't they zoom in?
  11. hskrfan4life

    2019 Baseball Schedule

    I will have the 2019 schedule posted here as well as updates to times, tv and opp records. *ALL TIMES CENTRAL 02/15 @ UC Riverside 8pm 02/16 @ UC Riverside 2pm and 5:30pm 02/17 @ UC Riverside 3pm Big Ten/Pac-12 Challenge (Surprise Stadium) 02/21 vs. Oregon St 2pm 02/22 vs. Oregon St 2pm 02/23 vs. Oregon St 6pm 02/24 vs. Oregon St 11am Frisco College Baseball Classic (Dr. Pepper Ballpark) 03/01 vs. Texas Tech 7pm 03/02 vs. Sam Houston St 2pm 03/03 vs. Mississippi St 11am 03/05 vs. Omaha 1:35pm 03/08 vs. Baylor 1:35pm 03/09 vs. Baylor 2:05pm 03/10 vs. Baylor 1:05pm 03/13 vs. NDSU 1:35pm 03/15 vs. New Mexico St 6:35pm 03/16 vs. New Mexico St 2:05pm 03/17 vs. New Mexico St 12:05pm 03/19 vs. Air Force 1:35pm 03/20 vs. Air Force 1:35pm 03/22 vs. Michigan St* 6:35pm 03/23 vs. Michigan St* 2:05pm 03/24 vs. Michigan St* 1:05pm 03/26 vs. Creighton 6:35pm (TD Ameritrade Park) 03/29 @ Minnesota* 3pm 03/30 @ Minnesota* 1pm 03/31 @ Minnesota* 1pm 04/02 @ Kansas State 6pm 04/05 vs. Purdue* 6:35pm 04/06 vs. Purdue* 2:05pm 04/07 vs. Purdue* 12:05pm 04/09 vs. Creighton 6:35pm 04/12 @ Penn State* 5:30pm 04/13 @ Penn State* 5:00pm 04/14 @ Penn State* 11am 04/16 vs. Kansas State 6:35pm 04/17 @ Omaha 6:35pm (Werner Park) 04/19 @ Iowa* 6:05pm 04/20 @ Iowa* 2:05pm 04/21 @ Iowa* 1:05pm 04/23 vs. Creighton 6:35pm (TD Ameritrade Park) 04/26 vs. Illinois 6:35pm 04/27 vs. Illinois 2:05pm 04/28 vs. Illinois 11:05am 05/04 @ Northwestern 2pm 05/05 @ Northwestern 1pm 05/06 @ Northwestern 3:30pm 05/10 vs. Arizona State 6:35pm 05/11 vs. Arizona State 2:05pm 05/12 vs. Arizona State 1:05pm 05/16 vs. Michigan 6:35pm 05/17 vs. Michigan 6:35pm 05/18 vs. Michigan 2:05pm
  12. hskrfan4life


    I don't think he said that all but okay....