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  1. So I guess we won't be adjusting the posts per page... Great.

    1. knapplc


      HuskerMax could learn a lot from the Romans. The Pax Romana lasted so long because when Rome conquered another country, they didn't try to erase that people's culture or beliefs. They just let them be who they always were as long as they paid their taxes.

    2. Husker in WI

      Husker in WI

      In this case our "taxes" are related to the number of clicks, if I understand correctly - or at least individual page views, which is increased with fewer posts per page. So it's more the lower posts per page/ads are the implementation of "taxes," and being free to post is still being huskerboard. I do think it hurts the quality of conversation though, things get missed when new pages are added so quickly.

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