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  1. Nebraska will be apart of a B1G-SEC tournament. Well be huge for the conference. Rather have Michigan than Minnesota repping the Big Ten
  2. I'm not reading this whole thing. The season hasn't even started yet lolz
  3. As long as we get more volleyball and baseball televised I don't care who has the rights.
  4. I wouldn't say routinely. There was 2009, 2010 and 2012. '13 (3rd), '14 (3rd). It fell off a little after 2012.
  5. He posted an article in the afternoon congratulating him on being all business. Screw Shatel
  6. I agree with Iowa, unless they figure out offense. Wisconsin I don't know what's going to happen.
  7. And I know someone will comment saying well at least he beat them. He peaked in 2009-10, yes there's consistency and he won but I think he needed to make some changes to get to the next step. He wasn't given that chance unfortunately.
  8. Getting boatraced by Wisconsin was fun.
  9. Who cares when high school plays
  10. In my opinion screw rivalries. I hate everyone. I want the Big to keep divisions so we don't get constant rematches...
  11. Plus why would we want to see rematches...
  12. Also Cameron Jordan, Desean Jackson, Alex Mac,
  13. The Watt brothers carrying water for Wiscy? And soon J Taylor
  14. Man I wish I could get paid just under 3 mil for being bad at my job.
  15. Last year was the first they didn't get over 300 yards since frost took over.
  16. So what you're saying is we aren't in disarray?
  17. You know what would be funny? If they used him as an RB in the NFL
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