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  1. 2023 Schedule is here! Feb 17-20 @ San Diego Feb 24-26 @ South Alabama Cambria College Classic Mar 3 Vanderbilt Mar 4 Hawaii Mar 5 Ole Miss Mar 7-8 Northern Colorado Mar 10-12 Illinois State Mar 14 Omaha Mar 16-19 Nichols Mar 21 @ Creighton Mar 24-26 Illinois Mar 28 North Dakota State Apr 1 @ Texas A&M & Abilene Christian Apr 4 @ Kansas State Apr 7-9 @ Michigan Apr 11 Omaha Apr 14-16 Northwestern Apr 18 Creighton Apr 21-23 @ Iowa Apr 25 @ Omaha Apr 26 vs South Dakota St Apr 28-30 Minnesota May 3 North Dakota St May 5-7 Maryland May 9 @ Creighton May 12-14 Penn State May 18-20 @ Purdue Not a bad schedule
  2. In this situation, all Nebraska had to do was beat Northwestern and we'd be in the CCG
  3. He had oconnoll in his arms twice.
  4. October 13th is a Friday next year. Friday night home game???
  5. How about you get rid of them. We don't need 5+ ads on every page. Plus two on top and bottom of the screen. Figure it out
  6. Who cares if the sellout streak ends.
  7. Hopefully we can get more than just the students to boo opposing teams.
  8. I'll be at Purdue and Iowa. I'll be at the games as well. Love Nebraska.
  9. How was the second half offense though? Polar opposite of the first right?
  10. Is it though? Drive Summary: ND - 11 plays punt NU - 8 plays touchdown ND - 3 plays, punt NU - 1 play, fumble ND - 3 plays, punt NU - 3 plays, punt ND - 7 plays, punt NU - 12 plays missed fg ND - 16 plays touchdown So tell me again how it's the defenses fault when Nebraska had 2 possessions that went 3 or less plays? Offense didn't help them.
  11. That no matter how much people b1tch and moan about the football team. People still show up.
  12. Does the OP know we can move on to North Dakota?
  13. I don't know, we will see this year but Chryst can't recruit a QB.
  14. You can't find anything because it's another crappy rumor.
  15. I feel better knowing our kids won't be just arriving on Wednesday.
  16. I remember one of his sacks got called off because of a bs rigging the passer call
  17. Trey Palmer was also not seen. Worried about that
  18. Nebraska will be apart of a B1G-SEC tournament. Well be huge for the conference. Rather have Michigan than Minnesota repping the Big Ten
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