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  1. Nebraska will have 2 games against Indiana and 2 games against Rutgers this weekend. Will post more as we find out about probably pitchers.
  2. 4-0 Rutgers top of 7 Gonna have a lot of work to do this coming week. A lot of tough games coming up
  3. Definitely, offense has been bad late innings and bullpen hasn't been exciting. Going to need to perform better tomorrow, especially we have two games against them this coming weekend. Gonna be a tough month. Don't worry about hosting or making the tournament, let's focus on winning games right now.
  4. a 2-run homerun and a solo shot, 5-4 game Nebraska leads, Schwellenbach is in
  5. bases loaded 2-outs. Groundout, After 4 and a half, 5-1 Huskers
  6. Better to get this game out of the way tonight and go on a tear tomorrow and sunday.
  7. He was fighting it too, bullpen has seen better nights. Time to see if we can do better with our bats. Good thing is them beating Michigan helps their RPI, but we can win the series and be fine.
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