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  1. His scollie was basically pulled. He took visits after he committed and NU decided to pursue other prospects. The other prospects only came into the picture when Mr. Harris started wavering.
  2. The tight-end spot has a lot of players at it but very very few gamebreakers. Guys Like Jacob Amie and Coby Fleener fit that bill so yes I would add them, as apparently the coaches would. the spots you speak of, d-line and linbacker are being recruited aggressively.
  3. The staff backed off of him. They want to take only high school linemen in this class. Bad luck with jucos.
  4. if we get Fleener or Amie than I agree. Harris is still a potentially viable deep threat at the TE position. I'd still like to have him if we can't get the one of the other guys to sign.
  5. I believe his 5.8 40 or whatever it was...he ran that while he had the flu. Recruiting interest has really started picking up for this kid. he has over 10 offers now and Notre Dame and some of the big dawgs are on the verge of offering. I think the staff may not be taking any juco lineman this year, instead looking to take 2-3 high schoolers. This may be the right move from now on.
  6. Witt does not play for a particularly good team. Beck's stats from his senior year were not that great either. They will not pull his scholly but will definitely keep pursuing solid qb prospects. That position on the field is too vital not to.
  7. It is Grant but I am excited about this guy. Pretty lanky frame and probably weighs closer to 200 pounds than the 220 Rivals has him at. But he has run 48.5 in the 400 and is just a terror coming off the edge. Jenkins might commit in the near future too, along with more than a few visitors from this weekend. Here is the link where I found his 400m dash time: http://www.milesplit.com/meet/15406. Scroll down. GBR
  8. I doubt Jeremy Kerley comes either. I think he is now pretty solid to TCU.
  9. TCU commit Jeremy Kerley may be visiting per scout. 4 star per scout and rivals. He wants to play defense I believe.
  10. Don't think it is going to happen. Some people are blown away by visits, others just do not feel at home and he may be one of those. GBR
  11. I've read reports from a few people who were at the game that found some serious faults in Rudd's play. For example, he never takes blockers on directly and lacks any sort of physical presence on the field. Anyone have thoughts on this? He was in on 9 tackles though. Jones and Grixby each had something like 7 and that is because they kept getting picked on, so I don't know if tackle totals tell the whole story of someone's play.
  12. they already have 3 secondary commits and are looking to take 3 more I would imagine. If they get someone like Travis lewis, I think he moves to linebacker. So, yes, this is an issue they are addressing. GBR
  13. he's on the participation report, or was this morning when i checked it. I hope it is just a mistake. He should redshirt.
  14. Bo did come away impressed. Both he and Patin had great visits. Neither committed but it looks like we lead outright for both now.
  15. I listened to parts of the game and personally heard the call on 2 of those fumbles. They were both entirely his fault according to the announcers and they were definitely talking like they did not understand why he was fumbling on some of those plays. Fumbling is a problem that can be fixed ( I hope). Kid still has a nice big accurate arm. GBR
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