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  1. huskers13

    Kody Spano is back

    I need to look again, but I thought Kinnie was a 3/3 guy and Gomes is a 3/2? You are correct
  2. huskers13

    QB Blake Bell

    Great article but that is a premium information on Rivals and you cant post that here.
  3. huskers13

    DT Myles Wade

    He wont be signing tomorrow. He has decided to take an official visit to Nebraska this weekend and then he will make his decision.
  4. huskers13

    SIGNED: LB Eric Martin

    N per rivals
  5. huskers13

    Wallpaper Request

    I dont care. Maybe it could have the Devaney Center and a few of the players on it, with "Nebraska Basketball" at the top
  6. huskers13

    Wallpaper Request

    If anyone has some free time, could you make a Nebraska Basketball wallpaper. I havent seen any around here for a while.
  7. huskers13

    SIGNED: LB Eric Martin

    His visit is still going on right now. All the "insiders" on Huskers Illustrated say he committed to Nebraska today. I will hold off my excitement until it is official.
  8. huskers13


    Yeah, I think a few guys got slight upgrades. Today was the new offensive rankings, tomorrow will be the new defensive rankings. That could bump us up a little more.
  9. huskers13

    SIGNED: WR Antonio Bell

    He counts towards last years class and he is still has 5 years to play 4. No, I dont believe so since he did not go to school this year. He took all of his classes online.
  10. huskers13

    WR/ Cobi Hamilton

    Not really, since we just got Antonio Bell
  11. huskers13

    SIGNED: WR Khiry Cooper

    It sounds like he has been very impressive so far but if I had to guess I would say he would be the 3rd or 4th receiver at the start of next year. He will probably be behind Meno Holt and Niles Paul for sure. Plus, you throw Chris Brooks, JUCO Brandon Kinnie and even Curenski Gilleyen with his speed into the mix.
  12. huskers13

    SIGNED: WR Antonio Bell

    Due to a backup in the grading process, he wont find out until Thursday.
  13. huskers13

    SIGNED: ATH Rex Burkhead

    Yes he did play QB. But im not sure what year. It might of been his sophomore year because im pretty sure he has played RB the last 2 years.