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  1. With a good PR guy he's a hero for not hitting the cat ! He could Tebow his way to the heisman with that!
  2. on the ric roll, I'd come to Lincoln. knock you down and wet your face if I could ID you, not cool. Grow up sonny.
  3. I dont totally disagree, but take it with a grain of salt. Jason Peter is certainly a bit full of himself, and his remenisent view of how great he/they was sometimes conflicts with reality. It's always easy to look back and remember the good things, while forgeting the negative.
  4. I was doing some surfing and came across this site.You can take a interactive virtual tour from various locations.Pretty cool. http://www.redrocksonline.com/pages/visiti...our_middle.html
  5. Just got tickets for my 3 college age sons(and 1 daughter in law) and I to go to a Jethro Tull concert in August at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. It will be the culmination of their Jethro Tull 40th aniversary tour that just began in February, and is in Russia at the present.The tour only plays six venues in the USA, with Red Rocks being the last night of the tour.I was wondering if any other posters on here have attended a show there.I'm familiar with the area, but have never been to the theater/park.Any Tull fans out there? To put things in perspective for you, the first rock conce
  6. Under Kennedy, but overseen by Callahan. Kennedy did as he was told.Callahan micromanaged everything else, I have no reason to believe that he had a hand in the S&C as well.
  7. zoogie, sorry my post wasn't clearer.Cody is a top 5 rated 145 pound high school junior.He is being recruited pretty hard by Manning, and Will has been quoted as saying he is down to Illinois,Missouri, and Nebraska because those three schools have wrestling teams, and are recuiting Cody to one degree or another.The brothers want to end up at the same university.It was reported on another board That the Compton's mom really liked coach manning when he met with them.
  8. Anyone know what weight class Cody is projected for in college? I'm guessing 157 to replace Chris Oliver who is a senior next year. BTW, Nebraska is so fricken tough in wrestling recently.1 senior on the team this year is heavyweight jon May.He'll be replaced next year by redshirt Tucker Lane who is like 22-2 in open tournaments this year. After next year, we lose 125 Paul Donahoe,157 Chris Oliver, 174 Brandon Browne, and 184 Vince Jones to graduation, but there are guys waiting in the wings to replace them. NCAA's are in St. Loius for two years, then in 2010 when the guys like Kenny Jorda
  9. I would have loved to get this guy on our wrestling team.Probably a factor in choosing the Hawks, as i know the coaches from Iowa had been discussing it with him.
  10. a year or two from now each of those recruits will have a " oh sh.t" moment where they realize how stupid their decision was.
  11. I want to puke in my mouth every time I see any NFL footage.Haven't watched an NFL game in several years.Rules changes didn't ruin the game, it was guys like Dion Sanders, Terrel Owens, the jerkwit reciever from marshal who I've fortunately forgotten, etc. They make asses of themselves on a regular basis, and the fans tolerate it. The start of it was when john Elway was drafted , but threw a hissy fit, and wouldn't sign.Should have told him to get f...ed, and let him go undrafted.
  12. Just a thought, but if he signed his contract to Nebraska, would the NCAA frown on his coaching the bowl game?
  13. Was at a highschool wrestling meet in Yankton today where several opposing coaches were saying U of Iowa wrestling coaches are in this kids ear.Would he be allowed to multi sport at NU if he wanted to?
  14. Both interception returns for touchdown happened because he was pathetically out of position, and chasing the play!
  15. I haven't said much about this whole deal, and I doubt TR or his family gives a crap what I think,but here goes.....I want him at Nebraska, and I'll be his biggest fan if he comes back on board, and I hope he becomes the valued leader of the future Olines over his career, and a bonafied hero to all young kids in Nebraska,.....and if he's truelly a red blooded Nebraska kid, then that is how it will play out, and he'll get to be a big part of aNational Championship team, sometime during his 4 or 5 year Husker career. If he doesn't , and he ends up at Notre Dame, then I'll think his team sucks, j
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