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  1. Necava Husker

    Chances at CU?

    Huskers win 62-36. Wouldn’t that be great?
  2. Necava Husker

    The Biggest Embarrassment...

    I'm a bit late to this party--but robsker, you hit the nail on the head. Sadly, this is very true.
  3. Necava Husker

    If you play this position you're happy BC is going.

    Too bad Cally didn’t manage the recruiting of TEs Martin Rucker (Mizzou) or Joe Jon Finley (OU). These guys should have been a lock to play for the Huskers, since both had big brothers at NU (Mike Rucker and Clint Finley). What kind of a head coach could screw up a couple of recruiting slam dunks like this? Also, I don’t think anyone above mentioned Johnny Mitchell, a pretty good TE by any measure.
  4. Necava Husker

    Think about the TO and LP situation

    TO handled the LP situation in an appropriate, humane manner. Phillips had little promise of success in life other than on the football field. What was Osborne supposed to do, cast LP out just because that’s what a bunch of media creeps wanted? Regardless of which option he chooses, let's hope TO handles the BC situation in an appropriate, professional manner as well. One way or the other.
  5. Necava Husker

    If you would have told me

    Do you think Bill Callahan failed on purpose?
  6. Necava Husker

    Spencer Tillman on Callahan, et al

    So our problems are due to Gen Y kids on D? Aren't they playing against Gen Y kids on O every week? Stick to the wishbone Spencer.
  7. Necava Husker


    I heard the same thing. But first they are going to make him go back and coach Nebraska high school ball for another 10 years. Because he forgot the Nebraska way during his stay in Ohio.
  8. Necava Husker

    Why the demand for former Huskers?

    I hope we get the very best coach for the job, regardless of NU ties. Any ties to the Huskers would be a welome bonus, but not a prerequisite. JMHO
  9. Necava Husker

    Would you pay $1200 for inside Husker info?

    Ha ha. Coach Fran got busted by $Bill.
  10. NU 39 ISU 19 Passing 375 Rushing 200 GBR!
  11. Why don’t you move threads started for the obvious purpose of trolling into the Woodshed? These threads are started just to get a rise out of people anyway, and they would get a better reaction in the Woodshed. Moving these troll threads would be the opposite of censuring them—it would allow Husker fans to more freely speak their minds. Plus, it would clear out the Husker Football forum for more useful topics. Like football. Here is an example of what I mean: Any chance Solich would come back? Anyone else think it would be a good idea to clear the trolling threads out of the Husker Football forum?
  12. Necava Husker

    MIcrosoft outlook ???'s

    Ha ha! Hey, I’m way cuter than that (but probably not as bright.)
  13. Necava Husker

    MIcrosoft outlook ???'s

    You could try testing your outbound and inbound servers, assuming you have a POP3 server. Under the “Tools” drop down menu select “Options”, then select the tab “Mail Setup”, then select the button “E-mail Accounts”, then check “view or change existing accounts” and hit “Next” button. This will get you to a window with a section labeled “Account Settings” and a lot of different parameters. Hit the “Test Account Settings” button to test your outbound and inbound servers and other things. I am not a computer geek, but sometimes I can fiddle around here to fix a problem. Hope this helps. Oh yeah. Sometimes MS Outlook just sucks.