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  1. I think Nebraska will win out. Sad thing is you're in a down Big 10 conference and your strength of schedule will prevent you from getting into the final 4. I wish you would of stayed in the Big 12. You'd be in a much better position by playing better teams and having a chance at the CFB playoff. The Big 12 currently has TCU, KSU and Baylor still alive for the playoff.
  2. Hey-looking to purchase 2-4 tickets to Nebraska VS Miami Football game on Sept 20. Really not picky on where the seats are. Just want to experience Memorial Stadium with my family. Let me know. Really appreciate it. -JGS30
  3. I like the Miami Hurricanes helmets.
  4. JGS30

    Beer sales in Memorial Stadium?

    I'd prefer to keep it how it is. Nebraska has the best stadium with great fans. Adding alcohol might damage that image, cause there's always a couple idiots that can't handle their boos.
  5. Zac Taylor or Eric Crouch. Eric wasn't a big dude, but was fearless and took his fair share of shots. Never forget the hits he took against Miami in his last game. Dude was a warrior.
  6. JGS30

    Favorite aspect of Nebraska football?

    Everything!! Wish KU still played you guys. Great team, great stadium, great environment. And you fans are seriously top notch!
  7. Hello Husker Nation!! Glad to be back where the cornfields are plentiful. Congrats on a solid season in the big 10. I'd say your team is in great position to compete for the Big 10 Crown next season. But enough about that.....has anyone heard any rumors about former KU Head Coach Turner Gill returning home to coach your QB's?? I ask, because there has been some grumblings that something might already be in the works. I wish Coach Gill nothing but the best of luck wherever he ends up. He is a great mentor and teacher of life. However, I feel he was in over his head as a head coach in the big 12. Just curious if you all have heard anything. -JGS30
  8. Nebraska has to make it first!!
  9. JGS30

    Niles Paul

    Good Post. Too bad to hear the quote unquote "best fans in college football" followed Niles Paul to his car after the game and verbally taunted him for playing poorly. At least that's according to a radio guy in Kansas City. I sure hope that wasn't the case. But if so, real classy Husker Nation.
  10. JGS30

    Gameplanning for Mizzou

    Here's my advice on gameplanning. Consider forfeiting and leave for the Big 10 early. Best case scenario really.
  11. JGS30

    I just wanted to put this out there....NE/MU

    Nice post fro daddy. Good luck to your Tigers this weekend. Hope you guys win. (wow, never thought I would say that about MU.....strange really).
  12. JGS30

    Why we will lose to Missouri

    I agree. Nebraska seems to be a different team at home. I hate Missouri, but they appear to be the best team in the Big 12. So be prepared for heart break Saturday Husker Nation.
  13. JGS30

    Cy's Infallible Predictions - Week Two!

    I think FSU beats OU rather easily this weekend. Also, Cy, You're right on with KU football. We may go 1-11 this year. The defense looked average at best and the offense was a complete disgrace to the Big 12 Conference. I realize this is Gill's first year and that he's putting in a new system....but the talent cupboard is far from bare. The team looked unorganized, un-disciplined, and lacked any intensity the entire game. The players looked almost if they were just going through the motions. Very dissapointing site at memorial stadium. Gill better get his act together or his time at Kansas will be short lived.
  14. JGS30

    Husker Great Turner Gill

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Husker Nation and thank you for cursing my Jayhawks with one of your own. Turner Gill has officially dropped a BIG FAT TURD on the Jayhawk program and helped us achieve the most embarrassing loss in our school's history. Not that we were lacking in those....ha ha....but this one ranks up there. A loss to a 1-AA school is awesome stuff! Do us a favor. When you leave for the Big 10, will you take him with you? What a joker! Ok, GT is coming to Lawrence this Saturday. Can't wait to go 1-11 this year! Better go refill my glass of Yaegar....gonna be a long season. Cheers!!