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  1. I'm endlessly amazed how well the conservative media discussion tactics have so heavily permeated things. Find an exception, and claim that the issue does not exist. There is a difference between what an individual does, and what an organization does. But when individuals continually, blindly, support an organization, in this case the GOP, they will be lumped in together. Everything I have said, holds true for the GOP talking points. We can just look at the stated stances of the Presidential candidates. And that I where I am having the discussion. With those that are making policy, support t
  2. XBox One will have full PC mod support as well--just announced at E3 yesterday, FWIW. But yeah, play it on a PC. They even have full (XBox 360/One) controller support now if you're wanting to play it on a HTPC or just prefer controller to keyboard. The consoles may get mods, but it will not be the same. Both MS and Sony have never let anything onto their closed systems that did not pass an in house check. So, while its a good step, it won't be quite the same. For controllers, PC has always been able to use 360 controllers, and PS3/4 controllers can connect wirelessly through
  3. For the most part, yes. Many to most businesses would do anything to increase profit, it only gets worse if they are publicly traded. We have endless examples of it. Businesses are doing fantastic, record stock prices, CEO and exec pay skyrocketing. Meanwhile, everyone else is just trying not to fall behind, and mostly failing at it. We have sickening wealth inequity that could literally be ended tomorrow if businesses and the greedy bastards that ran them gave a crap about anyone else. But they fight against every single min wage increase. They swindle people out of pensions, and give people
  4. What platform? PS3 had a mess of a time with Skyrim at release. PC is the best way to play anything from Bethesda when you really get down to it. Full Mod Support.
  5. If a police officer tells you to leave private property and you dont, then yes.. it is illegal. That is how they were being disrespectful. They were not listening to a command given by an officer. The video was taken from a sidewalk, next to a street, which would appear to not be private property. And there is still an amendment in the Bill of Rights allowing people to congregate. Officers can not remove your rights.
  6. Re: your last paragraph: When I think of smaller or 'right sized' govt I'm talking about efficiency without compromising duty (Justice, general welfare). Cutting govt just for the sake of cutting govt to fulfill a campaign pledge(or downsizing across the board) often compromises the concepts of justice and general welfare. It takes much more work to make govt efficient (efficient maintains justice and general welfare) than it does to just cut the size. (1)Regarding less rules for business - that should not be a goal in and of itself. Govt needs to protect the general welfare of all - thus
  7. We can bicker about the random lunatic who avoided society having, or not having more freedoms, but that's a waste of time. Now, I agree with you on the later parts. Most people, either Americans, or from anywhere else, don't even understand their rights, or why we as Americans have different expectations. I have gotten into arguments elsewhere on the internet over how Americans have a different standard for Freedom of Speech and Expression that anywhere else on earth. Europeans get really pissed. But the simple fact is our system is different, and even while we do have a crapload of issue
  8. That was more towards Enhance. The term would be Deist. The belief in a god of some sort, but not adhering to any holy book. Most of our Founding Fathers fell into this category, though many can't seem to grasp the concept, as somehow God must always equal their own God.
  9. Meh...I thought the same thing about Obama and some of his past friends. And, as for the red. Ummm...no. If I were sitting out here as a mountain man/trapper in the mid 1800s, I'm pretty dang sure I was free to do whatever the hell I wanted, whenever I wanted to do it. That's just one example. The context between Obama and some of his pictures are pretty different that the situation with Dugger. Some of the candidates have actually defended his actions, that included molesting his sisters! Your scenario is a white, Christian man, living alone on a mountain? Seriously? Not when
  10. As long as it keeps happening, there should be a national debate about it. Notice that the kid shooting the video was completely ignored by the police officer. Why was he not being told to either leave, or get on the ground? He was white. The fact that you want to sweep institutionalized racism under the rug, I find very disturbing.
  11. Tone shifting does not work anymore. That is a hold over from the pre-internet age. Nothing a politician says ever goes away. Romney tried it last time, and failed epically. And all of the candidates so far have a very, very long list of statements and videos that will prevent them from drifting back center. With a running video of the things a candidate has said, its pretty much impossible for them to back peddle and say "You know, all that stuff I have been screaming for years to anyone who would listen? I didn't really believe any of that, it was just politics to get elected." All it does
  12. This will probably be pretty long. I am an atheist. I was raised Lutheran, church many Sundays and confirmation as the Lutherans call it, Catholics call it Catechism. I have always had an analytical mind, and annoyed the hell out of my mom with "why?" and that is where things start. Asking "why?" in any of the parental free teaching, which is nearly everything outside of the services, got me more of a shame and derision response from whomever was 'instructing' than an attempt at a real answer, at best the response of "God/the Bible said so" to at worst making me feel stupid for asking
  13. In all honesty, no one in the GOP clown car is capable of winning a national election. They are all pandering to the far right, making sure they are seen and heard being anti-LGBT, and just about every single one of them has nice cozy pictures next to an admitted child molester, who somehow is still some sort of conservative hero. With the impending SCOTUS decision on gay marriage,generally expected to legalize it, there is going to be a political firestorm for conservatives. Add in that every last one of them want to expand Middle East wars, another position the general public wants nothing
  14. My coworker has been catching up on the Witcher series, I've heard good things about it from him. I should get back into PC gaming more, seeing as that's what I actually built my computer for in the first place... You should. Witcher 3 is a great excuse to. Plus, it has full XBox 360/XB1 controller support, if you'd rather play that way. Seriously, though--Witcher 3...barring some unforseen Zelda or Metroidvania title from Nintendo or Halo 5 being some glorious revival of the FPS genre...Witcher 3 is game of the year, hands down. Haven't had this much fun in a sandbox since S
  15. I don't think you quite understand why the term is used. No one is telling people they need to give away all of their money and become paupers. No one. What the issue becomes is the wealthy using their greater influence rig the system. Why does a millionaire get to pay a lower percentage income tax than I do after all is said and done? Why are raises good for the execs but not the worker? Break unions, so the corps can make more money by taking away from the people doing the work. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN AMASSING MONEY. But that is the end all be all with the GOP. Everything is either ab
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