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  1. Game time is at 1:00 on April 15th. There will be a lot of kids I can't wait to see on the field including the QB competition.
  2. I'd like to give credit where it's due to Pelini and I am in no way an apologist for his tenure in Lincoln. But he did recruit overall good student athletes and had the Huskers not had the highest Academic Progress Rate among the schools otherwise not eligible for bowls last season, we don't get the opportunity to upset UCLA. IMO, that game was a positive and a springboard to where we are at this season. When I was able to attend coaches presentations during the Pelini tenure, academics weere always mentioned. I succinctly remember Carl Pelini talking about one of their coaching duties w
  3. I'm pretty confident, as well. It will be a fun game to watch.I wish I was confident like you two. I've been unimpressed with they way we have played against mediocre competition compared to who Wisconsin has played againstI don't care what Wisconsin has done against other competition. I see the game as a matchup of NU vs. Wisconsin. I think NU has a lot of players that can cause issues for the Badgers. Of course I could be wrong, but that's how I see it right now. I see the Badgers having players that can cause problems for us. I could also be wrong. We struggle in Madison, our last two
  4. I agree Mark Phillip has made the big difference but I'd like to give Boyd Epley an assist. Boyd identified the problems from the past regime in the weight / conditioning by testing all of the athletes according to his specs. He blew the whistle on the sloppy shortcut habits that had been developed and got some push back for de-emphasizing the 'new' records that had been set. Boyd was also on record as saying it was going to take a year to get the department back on track - now we are finally seeing some results under Phillip's leadership.
  5. Mike Riley is on the path to 'Making Nebraska Great Again'. Baby Steps
  6. Colorado is pretty good this year....don't know how that happened. Universal law of physics, eventually everything is possible, that and got some better recruits. No, Oregon simply isn't that good. Nah, loosing by 3 to a good team doesn't make you bad and Colorado is a good team with some talent. Played us hard had a good D line and their starter was impressive before he got knocked out. Ducks D is mediocre no doubt, but they can score and give anyone a game. Colorado coach is going full idiot however Come on, man. Colorado beat Oregon AT Oregon with a backup QB. Last week pe
  7. So far as I know, knock on wood, TA hasn't checked out of a play that had a high chance of succeeding this year. It was my understanding it was drilled into him in the off season that the plays sent in were part of a series to set up the 'home run' and this analysis is a testament to that philosophy.
  8. I agree. I was thinking that play should have been reviewed. EDIT: I saw the still frame posted after I added my comment. This explains why he didn't make a more animated argument to the ref after the whistle.
  9. And Peeelini never left any points on the sideline? But you counted all of his wins.
  10. No, you smell the animals and all the 'debbie downers' are jumping back on the bandwagon as the Circus big tent is back in town. I am so pleased we have a new Sheriff on the sidelines. Restore the order!
  11. Fasten your seat belts and bolt down anything you can throw at the tv LOL We got this!
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