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  1. G_Rock

    Stewart Mandel

    Their votes may not really matter, but they really do watch a whole lot more football than any of the coaches do.
  2. Its gotta be Lucas Oil in Indy. Centrally located, no December weather, and you don't have to go to Detroit.
  3. G_Rock

    reality setting in

    I feel your pain but my situation is almost exactly opposite. I currently live in Indianapolis and rarely get to go to games. That all changed for me today and I can't even describe how excited I am!! Several Big 10 schools are within a few hours of me. IU, Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Columbus, and even East Lansing and Ann Arbor. Also, it will be awesome not having a regional Big 10 game on ABC have priority over the Huskers anymore! Go Big Red!!!
  4. G_Rock

    Gerald McCoy > Ndamukong Suh

    Looks like Vanden Bosch will be 93. I'm guessing the veteran gets it over the rookie.
  5. G_Rock

    What really annoys me

    I'm also a Nebraska and Tulsa fan. I grew up in Nebraska and lived there from birth to 18 years old. I was born a Husker fan and I'll die one. I, however, went to the University of Tulsa because I wanted to play soccer in college and NU does not have men's varsity soccer. During my time there, I grew to be a diehard fan of all Tulsa sports the same way that I am with all Husker sports. So to say that someone can't be a diehard fan of two schools is absolutely ridiculous.
  6. Brandon Rigoni because of his huge effort on and off the field. Being only 5' 9" myself, I have to support the smaller guy that played big!
  7. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=4764843
  8. G_Rock

    Tyler Gabbert withdraws commitment

    Best of luck to him...he's going to need it if he plays anywhere else in the Big XII. He may want to watch videos of what the Blackshirts did to his brother, McCoy and the other QBs in the league!
  9. G_Rock

    Fiesta Bowl

    double post
  10. G_Rock

    Fiesta Bowl

    Agreed! Higher ranked and made it to the CCG. That loss shouldn't be allowed to count against us for conference standings.
  11. G_Rock

    Coverage map for OU game

    This is the best news I have heard all week, I don't have to PPV it and it will be In HD!! life is good.... I just hope we can make a game of it. Even though it pisses me off, this coverage map actually makes sense for Indianapolis considering we're only 90 mi from Cincy. Looks like I'll be at the bar.
  12. http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/story/12357902
  13. G_Rock


    The reason that didn't work against CU was because we'd used it successfully earlier in the year and LSU had used it successfully the year before that. That's one of those plays that you use once in a lifetime and then, once its on film, just put it away and forget about it.
  14. G_Rock


    Exactly. They put 'Swine' in front of flu and people went, "OH NOES, WE GON DIE!!!!" I couldn't agree more. There will be around 30,000 deaths from regular flu this year in the US as opposed to the couple hundred from H1N1. The media can make the American public believe whatever they want.
  15. G_Rock

    NU - Texas Tech @ 2:30

    If history serves me correctly (NU/VT weekend), in Indiana we'll get the Big 10 game and the Pac 10 game and no NU game. Its pretty ridiculous to think that the midwest cares one bit about the Pac 10.