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  1. They keep them in the Aumni center, you can check out the bell whenever you'd like. I don't think they ever put the chair in there though cause it's not officially recognized by the University.
  2. I mean I kinda get where he's coming from. After beating UCLA it really doesn't feel all that different from the end of the 10-4 seasons. No serious hardware but a little something to hang our hat on as we get excited for next year.
  3. I love this post so much, people are ignoring the fact that we just played the no. 4 team in the country and were basically a QB away from winning...and still only lost by 8. If we had done this against Michigan State and not Iowa people would be acting a lot more optimistically right now.
  4. I mean I like running QB's but we've also had our butts kicked several times this year by immobile QB's. Simply choosing not to run with the quaterback isn't an offensive flaw it's an offensive style that teams have had success with before(Alabama just won three national championships with a guy who couldn't run), when we hired Riley and an NFL position coach we knew that's what we were getting so it's not really a surprise. This is what these coaches do and they've had success at it in the past but just because we're recruiting pocket passers does not automatically mean our offense will be we
  5. It's very amusing to me how aggressive people who say yes are being....It's a thread asking for peoples opinion, if you can't handle differing opinions then get off the internet.
  6. I actually gained a lot of respect for Eichorst after today. Not only him saying the contract extension was inappropriate but also how he stood on the sidelines next to the team and watched the entire game from there. He could have hid up in his press box like Peterson did every week but instead he stood there, showed his support, and took his boo's look a man.
  7. We've made offers in the past to top coordinators and coaches. Urban Meyer turned us down in 2003 while he was at Utah and then took the Florida job. His kids also went on social media laughing saying their dad will not be going to Lincoln back in 2007 and Mark Richt even laughed at the idea back then and AGAIN on a radio program after Bo was fired. There's been rumors we've made offers to: Houston Nutt, Bret Bielema, Mike Zimmer, Jim McElwain, Greg Schiano. And reportedly all turned the job down. The job is not as prestigious as you think BUT... out of all rumored candidates in the past, I do
  8. I only miss it because even during our down years like this one we could still feel good about beating rival schools like KSU/Kansas/Mizzou/Oklahoma. Maybe it's just because I grew up in Kansas but football just isn't as fun without playing them every year, so if we're not competing for the conference I have little reason to get excited. That said Wisconsin is the best rival we've had since the 80's.
  9. The fact that Minnesota use to be a lesser opponent is completely irrelevant to what they are now. They were a team that lost to #4 TCU and their vaunted offense by only 6 points. Not saying TCU played their best game but how do you think we would have fared in that game week one or really any of the last couple years? Minnesota has a decent program now and really the entire landscape of college football has changed and you're just gonna have to get use to that. In fact this was one of the better wins we've had in the last three years and I'm not embarrassed to say that. This is Riley's fi
  10. Just because the Saints defense/kicker sucks doesn't mean it wasn't the right decision..
  11. Auburn hired Chisik after a horrible record at ISU didnt they? Then he won an NC. Was Malzhan a big hire? I dont remember on him They won that NC because of Malzhan and Cam Newton, which became painfully obvious as soon as both of them left.
  12. Does this include the fans that take to twitter and smack talk to these guys when they make a mistake on the field? Like DPE after the Minnesota game? For every one person attacting them on Twitter there's a hundred others defending them. If they're letting those few fans get in their heads then they need a coach who can teach them to toughen up and deal with it, especially the ones that want to go to the NFL....
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