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  1. I want everyone to know that the teams are running Mike Riley's playbook and it is pissing me OFF
  2. Offseason and fall camp coaching. Fix turnovers and return game issues, and that's the difference between 4 losses and 2, in my opinion. Everything else will get these kids to the promised land.
  3. Does "wheels spinning" mean he's "stuck in mud" or that he's starting to understand?
  4. In addition to linking to the threads at the top of the page, make a subforum for Xs and Os discussion. Thoughts?
  5. That split back trips formation against So. Miss last year was totally out of left field.
  6. Auburn gave up roughly 430 yards to Wazzu. A&M had a bunch of defensive suspensions and gave up 500 yards to Rice. That game was close until JFF came in. Spread offenses can put up huge points. Nebraska's does. It did it to an incredibly stout defense in Michigan St. Did Narduzzi all of a sudden forget how to coach because Nebraska torched them?
  7. Alabama runs it. They had a bitch of a time handling JFF and their air raid
  8. And he's played what 3 or 4 months? It's not like they're wasting the whole 2 mil
  9. Speed is nice, but if that and athleticism is all they have, we will get exploited in other spots. These guys have to have football smarts, along with the athleticism and speed to get on the field. Bo just released a presser and just said speed isn't everything. I agree with you, its going to be a good year. I just hope we have two players who can step up at DT and give us that push up front we have needed since '10. The Huskers won't see a non-spread team that is worth a damn until the last four games of the season. I'd rather have Gerry until it shows that we need more beef on the field.
  10. Nebraska likes to use 12 personnel, they did it a ton in the spring game, so this is a little concerning. It presents a matchup problem because if they go base defense, a capable TE can spread the formation out and vise versa against nickel. Where do natural formation problems come from with this offense?
  11. For those of us that take losses really hard, you're putting way too much expectation on 17-22 year old kids. That's the bigger picture here. We all love the brand, the tradition, the stadium, the what-have-you, but in a normal circumstance would you trust kids that age with getting your coffee order right 100% of the time?
  12. It was more of a feel thing for me, but we're on a message board. I apologize if I made it seem like a fact than just an opinion based on feel. If I knew a way to look this up (and I've tried) I would. I'm still researching. The feel that I have is that going empty on early downs have a small success rate in yards produced. Third and long situations, I've seen have more success as they have to shoot for the marker obviously. Again, if I knew where to find yards gained by play call/formation, I'd verify that feeling.
  13. I find this very hard to believe. Is there a way to look up stats by formation? I'll look it up if so
  14. I think that Bo is the one that started the mystique of "this is a privilege, you gotta earn it" thing with the blackshirts. There is still a starting 11 Nebraska defense and according to tradition, they are blackshirts because of that. That doesn't mean someone can't come up and take that spot from a starter. I think they should be given out early to motivate those who didn't make the starting 11. Then they'll push the starters to keep it. It's almost as if the shirt were a symbol for starting or something.
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