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  1. nice job by Koty. we are still even. Koppes has got to be tiring
  2. i still feel good about this game. Wynne came back after that HR and got a groundout. this team does not get fazed by momentum shifts. should be exciting the rest of the way. if you had told me at the beginning of the weekend that we would be playing on Monday night tied with Arkansas going to the 7th i would have taken that in a minute.
  3. 23 runs on 29 hits today. not a bad day's work.
  4. that's ok. won't need him until the super regional
  5. just keeps getting worse. disastrous start to this game.
  6. Huskies came to play. i think we'll have to out score them like Arkansas had to earlier
  7. over the last 21 innings of the weekend, the Huskers only allowed 1 run and scored 21. That is dominant pitching and hitting
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