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  1. Daniels is getting tired. he is being handled 1 on 1 now
  2. won't have any effect on their play. they will continue to make the same mistakes
  3. smother's doesn't have lawrence philips to hand the ball to
  4. anid Solich, and Calahan, and Eichorst, and Pelline, and Riley
  5. "...healthy tension..." This can mean a couple of different things. while i'm sure there is always turn over when a new AD takes over, i bet there will be significant changes within the department.
  6. nice job by Koty. we are still even. Koppes has got to be tiring
  7. i still feel good about this game. Wynne came back after that HR and got a groundout. this team does not get fazed by momentum shifts. should be exciting the rest of the way. if you had told me at the beginning of the weekend that we would be playing on Monday night tied with Arkansas going to the 7th i would have taken that in a minute.
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