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  1. Shatel's article was a favor to Trev Alberts to, little-by-little, influence and mobilize public opinion for Scott's eventual firing this year. Alberts is around the program enough and knows what it takes to win. He realizes Frost isn't the one to turn the program around and needs to garner more support and continue to build a case to make a mid-year firing.
  2. Jekyll and Hyde between last night's game and today's. Good starting pitching; good defense; and timely, 2-out hitting with power. Wonder which team shows up tomorrow.
  3. wow! Might as well let Schanaman keep going for a couple of more innings and regroup for Saturday and Sunday.
  4. Matthews has been an error machine this year. i guess it would be somewhat tolerable if his hitting hadn't fallen off so much this year.
  5. when the best thing the team's announcers can say about the team after the first two innings is that they made the opposing team's pitchers throw slightly above average pitches (32), i fear it is going to be a bad night.
  6. unless Gomes is injured, i can't understand why Steil is still starting. continuing to play a ~0.190 hitter on a team that can't hit for sh** with runners in scoring position baffles me.
  7. does anyone know if Gomes is injured? if he's not, then why in the hell is he not starting at 1st over Steil?
  8. obviously, don't ask me to choose lottery numbers.
  9. the Huskers have already committed 3 more errors this year then they did all of last year. Matthews has 11 errors! already this year. also, hope Boldt considers benching Steil for Gomes. Gomes has improved his hitting and this team desperately needs offense.
  10. 3-run deficit going to the bottom of the 7th. don't see the Huskers making up the deficit. Hopefully better results tomorrow morning.
  11. Relief pitching continues to be a problem. Hopefully they develop, but not bullish on the pitching future for the Huskers.
  12. 5th inning was brutal. Boldt is livid right now on the Radio. will be interesting to see how the team competes in the second game.
  13. Finally! Everitt doubles followed by a Wimmers single to score the run. 1-0 Huskers.
  14. Koty has been pitching great and the infield defense has been outstanding. Koty has a no hitter through 6 innings unfortunately, Nebraska has no hits and 7 SOs through 6. 0-0 score going to the 7th.
  15. Anderson walked. Huskers on 1st and 2nd with Everitt up and he grounds out to end the game...with the game on the line and a chance to be the hero they don't have anybody who is clutch.
  16. Chick at 2nd. 2 out and Anderson at the plate
  17. 5-4 Rutgers. we had bases loaded with 2-outs and Gomes at the plate. he struck out swinging like the other night against UNO in the same inning Chick was thrown out at home trying to score on a double by Everitt
  18. reminiscent of the Omaha game. 3-run homer followed by his next at bat to potentially win the game and he gets struck out. i guess this was his sequel.
  19. just one hit and we can blow this open
  20. Do you have to get it out of the park? I would assume so.
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