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  1. those lists are a joke. a defensive player should want to be on the list. courtland finnegan? dudes a baller and a hard hitter.
  2. ccm420

    DT Lavon Hooks [Ole Miss Commit]

    who cares about the services. 16.5 sacks. big time offers. 6'5'' 290.
  3. ccm420

    DE Christian Lacouture [LSU Commit]

    you dont have 100 tackles AS A LINEMAN being a slouch.
  4. ccm420

    CB Priest Willis [UCLA Commit]

    is he part native american? looks like it
  5. ccm420

    PJ Smith....

    haha jp or how bout john baptist lol
  6. ccm420

    DE Christian Lacouture [LSU Commit]

    dude has a blackshirts tattoo lol
  7. ccm420

    "The Physical Aspect"

    alabama is the most physical team in the nation. teams give up because they are in your face, hitting you, all game. they are ruthless.
  8. ccm420

    SIGNED RB Terrell Newby

    david williams>kemp>newby imho
  9. ccm420

    RB Jojo Kemp

    ink'd thugs = good marketing for all the others. jojo is a baller.
  10. ccm420

    Absolutely wrong approach

    hes still gonna be a player in the nfl for a long time.
  11. ccm420

    Absolutely wrong approach

    tyrann mathieu is about effort and toughness.....dude is 5'9'' and is relentless. relentless=tyrann matheiu
  12. ccm420

    RB Jojo Kemp

    we cant close the deal.
  13. ccm420

    Absolutely wrong approach

    absolutely right approach. effort=always putting pressure on the offense to execute perfectly, bend but dont break toughness=relentless pursuit of the ball, hard hits/ripping at ball/getting off blocks/etc.
  14. ccm420

    RB Jojo Kemp

    at nebraska we dont "slow play" anyone. who are you kidding? we have to pull out all the stops. we arent texas, bama, usc, etc. this kid is much better than newby and its not even close.
  15. ccm420

    5 LB's vs Northwestern?

    um.....northwestern has possibly the most wide open offense in the big ten. we dont even have 5 good linebackers...what is this nonsense?